Baby Boy // 35 Weeks

May 15, 2015


How far along: 35 Weeks // Due date June 18

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 24 lbs and my theme song is “Lean Back” (Do the roc-a-way, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back) That’s how I look lately! Trying to get my center of gravity back.

Last Doctor’s check-up: April 28 at 32.5 weeks – baby’s heart rate was 150 and everything checked out perfectly! Doc said he’s already head down. (UMB WHAT, getting so close!) Next appointment is May 20 and then we are down to meetings every week.

Maternity clothes: Looking at making it through this last month. These weeks are the hardest because you’re just so big! I plan on living in dresses and shorts and tanks this month since it’s pretty nice out now. I love this natural white dress, so pretty and classy for a romantic evening with the hubs. This striped one looks fun to wear to a little happy hour date night. This denim dress is calling my name for a lunch with the ladies downtown. Once baby is out, I might live in these beach dresses. They look nice and flowy to hide the baby weight until it comes off, plus they’re ultra cute in five different patterns/colors. I bought these denim shorts, but might round up some more fun ones like these black and white ones, or these floral ones, or these white ones. And I NEED TO FIND A SWIMSUIT! We have a cabin by the Lewis and Clark Lake and it’s almost boating season! This tropical print one is fab, and this blue and orange chevron one looks pretty cute, but my favorite is this ikat tankini! So cute with the ruched sides and colors. Not looking forward to being a swimsuit super largo, buuuuut, I can’t miss out on the boat and beach! Palm tree crop top in these pics found here. And yes, that is a hole in my leggings. But they’re too comfy to get rid of!

Babyboy35weeksmin-16Sleep: I’m sleeping SO well lately. It’s like my body knows and is storing up all the rest it can get in prep for those late nights waking up with baby boy. Plus the cool weather at night with the windows open, my FAVORITE. I love the fresh air. Minus those birds chirping at 4am to wake me up to shut the windows, but at least it’s a pretty noise!

Best moment this month: We took some maternity/family photos on Mother’s Day last Sunday during a mini session (those are perfect! 30 minutes is about all Ivy and John can handle!) with The Photography Shoppe (website here, facebook here). It was rainy and gloomy, but those pictures are sometimes my favorite! I can’t wait to get them back! Last year we took maternity photos, newborn photos, 6 month family photos, and 1 year family photos with Finished Vision Photography and I LOVED them! (website here, facebook here). She’s SO great but has moved to the Chicago area (miss you Marie!). Photography Shoppe has always had AMAZING and such UNIQUE photos and I’ve known Anne since middle school! I can’t wait to see how they turned out and get some new family photos.

Worst moment this month: Procrastinating!!!! I need to get serious about washing all of his new clothes and blankets and finishing the baby’s room! All items have arrived that I’ve ordered and they’ve been sitting on the rug in his room for 3 weeks. Should probably get on that. He could be here any day! EEEEK! Second worst moment – sugaring! So I heard about this alternate method of hair removal and tried it and FAILED. Apparently it’s supposed to be less painful, but ladies, you know how it is down there when you’re preggo, NOT PRETTY, and swollen, and nasty, and yuck. Well, she did about half of the Brazilian and I had to tell her to stop it hurt so bad! Then I started crying!!! BAH! LOL. (How humiliating!!!) Such a wuss. I just wanted it GONE and since I can’t see anything down there, I thought this was a good idea. Not so much. So, back to shaving…blind shaving… ugh.


Miss anything: Bending over and reaching down without having to squat my legs wide open. SO AWKWARD and UGLY. This belly is IN THE WAY.

Movement: At 35 weeks, my app says baby is 18 inches and 5 1/4 pounds, so not much room in there anymore for his somersaults! I feel the jabs and kicks all the time still. I’ve gotten told three times this week that “He’s dropped!” Oh boy, oh boy, ooooooooooooooh boy

Cravings: Give me ALL THE ICE – smoothies, ice cream, slushes.

Looking forward to: END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!! Today is the last day of school! I can’t believe it! We have a teacher work day Monday, but basically done. It is so exciting but also really scary. I am staying home next year (read post here) to be with my babies and I am very very very happy about that! It will be so strange walking out these school doors for the last time, and I will probably cry, I really love teaching and working, but I know I will be SO SO SO thankful come August when school starts again and I don’t have to leave my 2 month old or almost 2 year old! I’ll miss my students!

Thinking about: Little baby boy Briar and his parents (read story here). This would be the amount of weeks Megan was pregnant and lost their baby. I’ve been struggling with that this week and making sure to acknowledge every single kick our little boy kicks. This pregnancy thing can be scary and it really is a miracle that our human bodies can do this. I’m thankful for every little jab that takes my breath away. Keep cookin’ little mister.



Love you to the moon and back embroidery hoop here

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