Baby Boy // 30 Weeks

April 9, 2015


How far along: 30 Weeks

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 22 lbs. EEEK. I gained 28 lbs with Ivy, so we will see how close I get to that with a boy. Again, I ran almost every day when I was pregnant with Ivy, and have only ran catching up to Ivy this pregnancy, so I might gain a bit more, and that’s ok!

Last Doctor’s check-up: March 28th at 28 weeks – I had my gestational diabetes screening and passed! WHEW. I hate drinking that nasty thick orange drink! Also, baby’s heart rate was 150 and he was moving all around. My mom said, “are they sure it’s a boy?” His heart rate has always been much higher than Ivy’s! But he is constantly moving! Next baby appointment is April 28th.


Maternity clothes: I love my new pink maternity pants! I wore them for Easter and got a lot of compliments :) Plus they’re stretchy and soft. I love the pale pink and with spring here (minus this nasty gloomy weather we’ve been having the last few days) it goes with my pastel obsession right now! I paired it with this floral print cardigan for Easter and loved the combo (here’s another similar one). I’m into layering with a long tank and cardigan for spring and Forever21 and H&M have some cheap long tanks that come in a bunch of different colors. However, I’m jealous of all the cute maxi dresses out there right now! I wish I was wearing this gorgeous ikat maxi dress or this pretty watercolor maxi dress! Might have to buy myself one and hang it in my closet for some motivation to lose the baby weight afterwards : /

Sleep: Sleep is a tad more uncomfortable. I’m a side sleeper and this belly is getting in the way! And I hate when I wake up on my back because I know I’m not supposed to be! Ugh! I am putting on this Aveeno creamy moisturizing oil and this elasticity oil still each night. I love the lotion and the oil feels so good! Soaking in every good nights sleep that I can.

Best moment this month: Getting the crib sheets and changing pad cover! I chose this bowtie bear fabric for the crib sheets and this alligator fabric for the changing pad cover. I had Iviebaby custom make them because she’s pretty much the best!

Worst moment this month: I’m having weird numbness in my leg! GRRR!  That darn sciatic nerve baby is sitting and growing on! It’s only been a few times, but it certainly feels strange and annoying!


Miss anything: My ab muscles. I feel like a beached whale trying to roll off the couch or bed lately. NOT attractive.

Movement: LOTS. At night he is just craaaazy! I hope this isn’t any indication of how my nights will be when he’s born. I might try googling, “sleep training your baby while pregnant…”

Cravings: All that Easter candy!!! I am not a fan of chocolate (weird, I know), but all of the other sweet and sour candies we got were inhaled. And, I LOVE popsicles! I got some Freezies (my favorite, other than bomb pops) and have had probably two a night the last couple of nights. Ok, maybe three if I have to finish Ivy’s. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Queasy or sick: Ivy got a bad cold a few weeks ago with a hacking cough and we BOTH still have that nagging cough and tickle in our throats. I’ve had more colds this winter than ever! Otherwise, no sickness from pregnancy.

Looking forward to: Getting some artwork for the nursery! We had a blast on our trip to Minneapolis to get the dresser we wanted from Ikea, so now all the big stuff is done. Time to focus on the details! I want to do a gallery wall with several art prints because there are so many fabulous ones out there and I love the look of it. I like this gallery wall with big and small simple frames and I’m eyeing several prints to fill them with! I want them all! See my baby boy nursery pinterest board here.

Art Prints

panda abc // abc // chevron name // mountains // rad // eat you up // bear // fox

To do list: Register to donate our baby’s cord blood at Be the Match. We donated Ivy’s cord blood and plan to do it with this one as well. You have to be between 28-34 weeks pregnant so I’m just in the window now. This is something very special to us as John’s sister Becca underwent a cord blood transplant to battle her cancer, so we are very passionate about this donation! I encourage everyone to do it! It’s very easy and can save lives!!! Read more on the blog about donating here.


floral leggings // neon orange cardigan // white long tank // rose gold watch

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