Baby Number Two is…!

February 3, 2015

Gender Reveal-1

Today we had our 20 week ultrasound and gender reveal and we were SOOO excited!! I love to see the baby at the ultrasound, make sure the baby is A-OK, and to find out the gender. Last time, we found out in the room, and it was so boring and anti-climatic! This time, we made it a little more special :) We decided to do the whole envelope thing and open it together as a family when we got home.

I purchased a couple of signs from The Lion and the Lark on Etsy (boy’s sign and girl’s sign) and had my trusty paper store Paperwerks print them for Ivy to hold. I also had my friend Alana from Engage Paperie make me two cards, one for each gender, for the ultrasound tech to put in an envelope. It sure was hard to turn our heads when the tech was finding the gender!!!

Sooo – here we goooo, baby Koch #2 is a…

Gender Reveal-7


That little penis picture just CRACKS ME UP!

Gender Reveal-5

Ivy will have to hold off for her sister on our third kid! (Hopefully!) But I definitely wanted a boy in the mix at some point, so we are both ecstatic! ESPECIALLY JOHN! He was getting used to the whole two girls idea, but now that he has his boy to hunt and work with, he’s very excited. And I’m already imagining a stud athlete! Grandpa Dan can hardly contain himself!!

But more importantly than the gender, BABY IS PERFECT. Weighs 14 ounces (53rd percentile) and checked through all of the checklist with flying colors! 10 little fingers, 10 little toes :)

SO VERY BLESSED to have a HEALTHY baby BOY on the way!!!

 Gender Reveal-16 Gender Reveal-17

Ivy is already saying “brotha” haha – we are still working on the -er endings :)

Gender Reveal-13 Gender Reveal-23 Gender Reveal-27

We had my parents and brother over, and my Mom and Joe guessed a boy, but my Dad said a girl. Mom and Joe win!  Reactions… haha, LOVE THEM. JOE IS PUMPED!

Gender Reveal-19

 Mom even brought over a girl and boy present, so Ivy got to open it up. She loved the little blue squeaky bunny :) Gotta get some blue in this house now!!

Gender Reveal-22

Well, I’ll have to say, I’m 0/2 on guessing my children’s gender. But, really, this whole boy thing will be a new learning curve, so I’m anxious to see the differences! I really struggle with boy names, so send any recommendations my way! I have NO IDEA! And now I can start thinking about the nursery, woo hoo! The fun part! Which idea am I going to go with?! (Check out my last post for my nursery inspiration).

John brought out his inner manliness and poured himself a whiskey. He’s in heaven.

A boy and a girl. HOW LUCKY :)

Gender Reveal-34

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  1. Natalie's Mommy

    Yay! Congrats!!! So excited for baby #2! It’s going to be a great summer!!! Glad to hear all is healthy-enjoy the second half ;-)

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