NYC & Hamptons Vacation!

July 1, 2018

A couple weeks ago, we took a vacation to New York City and the Hamptons! This was a dream vacation with the combination of city life and beach life! I had always wanted to see the Hamptons so this was very exciting for me!

The trip started with a trip to NYC! John and I have both been here before but it’s always fun to see the Big Apple! John’s cousin Tom (owner of Tommy John – must check it out!) and his wife and kids live there in the Battery Park area, so we stayed with them and checked out the city and had fun with cousins.

Thursday morning we walked to Sarabeth’s restaurant for brunch and I LOVED THIS PLACE! Gorgeous black and white and tan furniture everywhere, it was a really beautiful space. And the food was delicious! Nothing better than getting a meal served to you that you didn’t have to cook or clean up from!

Next, we hopped on the subway and headed to Central Park, which Leo LOVED! Total NYC experience! Minus the rats ;)

Central Park was AMAZING. I always love strolling around there, seeing the sights and people, and exploring the area. Leo and Ivy were super curious about the people sleeping in the grass – Leo went up to all of them to see if they were “dead” haha. They also loved to chase all of the pigeons everywhere! Later, we hopped on a carriage and took a guided bike tour around the park, so that was fun to see more than we would by walking!

He then dropped us right off at the carousel because the kids HAD to ride it! It was a gorgeous carousel with all beautiful horses and wood detail.

We jetted towards the financial district and headed to Tommy John headquarters. So cool to see his office and space!

Later that night we let the Nanny take over and us four headed to Nur for dinner, which was delicious! We called it an early night and prepared for the drive to Hamptons in the morning! We were so excited!

Now on to MY COUSIN! Andy and his wife and new adorable little baby live in NYC but have a place in the Hamptons for the weekends, totally ideal! I couldn’t wait to get out of the city to breath some fresh air and relax! Their place is right up Hamptons alley with wood shakes and a huge pool in back! Loved it all!

Kids couldn’t wait to get into their matching lemon swimsuits and jump in the pool the second we got there and the rest of us cracked open a Montauk beer!

It was so nice to just hang out and chat with our cousins and family at the cabin while the kids played. We did lobster one night from this cool little road side shop and it was AMAZING!!! Bright red, juicy, and YUMMY. I wanted seafood every meal!

The next day we ventured into East Hampton which was my FAAAAAVORITE!! I have an extreme obsession with black and white (thanks Joanna Gaines) and EVERYTHING was B&W. Loved it all! And there is rosé wine everywhere! Couldn’t get enough of trying all the rosés! We started with lunch at Moby’s and I had a delicious lobster roll sandwich. This restaurant was right next to the marina on the water and had the coolest beach vibe and decor. This was John and Leo’s place with all the boats!

We then headed into the town of East Hampton and checked out the scene. We had ice cream at Scoop Du Jour and cruised around to see all the shops. Loved the cool hip vibe of every store!

The next day we were going to head to the Beach!!! I was so anxious to see what it was like and it really was incredible! White soft sand and beachy waves. It was perfect! Since it was a little on the cloudy side we had the whole beach to ourselves!

Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better vacation! Even though we had the kids with (except Faye was with Grandma Betsy), it really did feel like a vacation! Again, I loved the combo of city/beach and will DEFINITELY be visiting the Hamptons again! Such a cool place!








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