Faye // 7 Months

January 13, 2018

Faye is 7 months old today! She is such a bundle of joy and I pretty much just squeeze her all day! I could tooootally see how the baby of the family is spoiled… not speaking from experience or anything ;) I just love her so much!

Faye loves to play with toys! She is constantly grabbing at everything and playing with anything in sight. She is in that stage where she isn’t quite crawling, but is able to scoot her cute chubby butt all of the room. She was actually under our coffee table the other day, like, WHAT! Whoops! :) Another fact about the baby of the family, you tend to not have your eyes on them as often!

Faye hit the milestone of sitting and she also goes from laying to sitting. I love this stage where they just plomp their little tushes everywhere! She even started pulling herself up on things. Not all the way, but the girl is strong and gets herself up part way up the crib! I feel like she’ll start crawling any day! She rocks back and forth and scoots around everywhere. Even did the army crawl/downward dog position all this week!

Butt off the ground!

Faye LOVES to eat! She inhales any food  I give her, especially loves yogurt and avocado. We have done baby-led weaning with the other two kids and am doing it again. Thankfully she has an excellent pincer grip for picking up all the foods we give her that we eat too. She loves strips of steak to such the juices out! Even uses her bottom lil teethers to strip little pieces of steak off.

Still loves to suck her 3 fingers! Haha. Leo was a 2-finger sucker and now Faye is a 3-finger sucker! EEEEK! Love a self soother, but Leo still does it and he’s 2 and a half!

Faye is maaaaajorly teething this last week. She’s getting her two on top and one more on the bottom all at the same time. Tylenol all day err day a few days ago, poor little girl had a low-grade fever and wouldn’t let me put her down. The bottom one finally popped through today but the top one still won’t budge!

She’s still so curious about her siblings, always wanting to watch them and try to take their toys away from them. She’s almost always laughing at Leo because he always wants to make her laugh. Ivy is completely obsessed still and loves to hold her and read her books before naptime. Sibling bond is the best! So blessed with three healthy fun kids. We love you Faye, happy 7 seven months!



Christmas 2017

December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!! The best day of the year came and went and what a joyous holiday it was! This year was so memorable with three littles experiencing the magic of Santa and the love of baby Jesus! John and I said at the end of the night last night that it was our favorite year yet. Ivy and Leo are at such a fun age learning everything there is to know about Santa and baby Jesus. It was such a pleasure teaching them all the joy of Christmas!

Our fun started on Christmas Eve Eve when we were able to see Santa again! This got the kids so excited! Favorite photo with Santa! Except bummer he wasn’t holding Faye too! :( Oh well!

Christmas Eve was pretty easy going for us in the morning. We spent it watching Rudolph for the 100th time and I started prep for hosting Christmas Eve dinner. We enjoyed church celebrating Jesus and singing gorgeous Christmas songs (always tear up at the candlelit Silent night!), then headed back to our house for a prime rib dinner. YUMM! It was relaxing and so nice being surrounded by our families. Ivy and Leo got to open a few presents and their Christmas pjs from Grandma Betsy and Grandpa Dan and Santa even made a visit!

The next morning was CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Ivy walked ran into our room and said, “It’s CHRISTMAS!!!” She was so excited she could hardly stand it! She sat by the tree so patiently until Leo was up and ready. They ravaged through all their presents in about .2 seconds and were so happy with all of their new fun things to play with!! And Faye was so cute in her Baby’s First Christmas outfit!

Our last baby’s first Christmas :( :(  After the mess was picked up (yeah right, house is still a disaster), we headed to brunch at John’s parent’s house and enjoyed mimosas and a yummy egg bake! The rest of the day was relaxing and so nice to enjoy Christmas with our family. John and I even said at the end of the night how perfect the last two days were. So fortunate for our family and friends and getting to be with loved ones for the holiday.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!! He is Risen!




‘Tis the Season

December 23, 2017

TWO MORE SLEEPS! Our home is beyond excited for Christmas! The snow got me catapulted into the holiday spirit as I Amazon Primed the last of the gifts. So much nostalgia around our home! Christmas is so much more magical when there are littles around BEGGING to open a gift and singing Jingle Bells all day long. I feel like this is really the year to start traditions and make it as magical as possible for our children! Some of my best memories as a child are from Christmas with my family :)

We’re ready for Christmas, but I can’t help but laugh at all the craziness around our house lately. ‘Tis the season! Here are some things going on at our house to share for a chuckle – Naughty AND Nice!

‘Tis the season… for Amazon Prime. Thankful for 2 day shipping and every possible thing on the site. Forgot I need a thermometer for that prime rib I’m making Christmas Eve, prime it. Leo asking for a snow plow like the “BIIIIIIG trucks” that he watches out his window, prime it, and actually spend the extra $8 shipping to get it here in one day bc two days would be after Christmas. Like, AMAZING. Any reason to not leave the house with three children.

‘Tis the season… for COOKIES. I am not a baker, but I figured I better make cookies with the kids, bc, everyone else is. So, out came my hand beaters (should I add a kitchenaid on my list?), and we made the most delicious sugar cookies that looked NOTHING like the picture, but tasted so good. I’m not really a dessert lover but I may or may not have had 10 of these, or 15. But who’s counting. #winterweight

‘Tis the season… for Google. WHAT in the hell is a LOL doll? Is it a laughing doll? Is it for 4 year olds? Is it really a thing?? Oh, so like, you just unwrap it and there are layers of surprises? Oh, ok, weird, but, ✔️

‘Tis the season… for Frasier Fir candles! When your husband won’t let you get a real tree, you have to settle.

‘Tis the season… for no school. Oh Lordy, send help! Winter break starts today! All 3 kids all day every day for the next two weeks! EEEEK. Already getting hot sweats thinking about it. And I know that they’ll be over their new toys in, like, a day, soooo what do we do the other 13 days?!

‘Tis the season… for shopping… for yourself! Orrrr wait. That feeling you get when you feel guilty buying something for yourself since this is the “season of giving,” but you juuuuuuuust can’t turn down those new boots that were 50% off at J.Ella

‘Tis the season… for traditions! We’re starting a fun tradition this year! I’m going to have elfs deliver Christmas pajamas to our door on Christmas Eve! The Elf on the Shelf is going to disappear on Christmas Eve while he goes and makes the kids’ pajamas at the North Pole, then come ring the doorbell and reappear at the doorstep with Christmas pajamas! We also got this book to share with the kids about the tradition. I am excited! And we have a friend dressing up as Santa too, the kids will flip! In a good way I hope :)

‘Tis the season… for Santa!!! It’s been so much fun with Santa this year. No one cried, albeit Leo still skeptical, but it’s been exciting hearing them talk about Santa and really get into all of his magic. We see him again tonight! Can’t wait!

‘Tis the season… for gifts and giving! Leo wants “trucks,” and he already has a 100, but somehow I found some that I know he’ll love. Ivy wanted that LOL doll and Hatchimals (ok those actually look pretty cool), and some new clothes for her dolls. Then they all need some new clothes themselves (Ivy these and these shoes and Leo these slippers and this fire truck sweater and some other small little things), and done! John and I don’t share gifts on Christmas, we’re happy to make it special for the kids! And I bought myself those new boots, soooo :)

‘Tis the season… for FaceTime!!! All of my family that lives far away! Missing them all during this holiday. And my sister who just had a baby on Tuesday! Miles Elliott!!! MUAH!

‘Tis the season… for MUSIC! Ivy’s Christmas program, Leo’s Christmas program, and all of the Christmas carols in between! Love all the holiday music playing in our house right now.

‘Tis the season… for Christmas movies! When your Apple Itunes receipts come through your email and you’re like, whaaat. But you just couldn’t help it because Netflix or Amazon Instant Video didn’t have Home Alone, Elf, the original Rudolph, or Polar Express, and you just HAD to have your kids watch them. But thanking Amazon Instant Video for The Holiday, bc… JUDE LAW.

‘Tis the season… for LOVE! Realizing how special your family is and how much you truly love one another. The holidays always bring out the gushy in me and I’m squeezing everyone in the family a little harder lately. And friends! So lucky to have an army of girlfriends by my side to live this Mom life with.

Just some holiday thoughts and ramblings! Two more sleeps and then to celebrate Baby Jesus! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!



Faye // 6 Months

December 13, 2017

Faye is 6 months old today!! EEEEK! I just CANNOT believe that she is a half a year already! Lit-trally wanna cry that she’s hardly a wittle baaaaaby anymore :( I don’t want her to grow up so fast! This is our last little baby and it’s going by too quickly! I’m trying to soak up every moment I have with her. She’s so sweet and loveable and I just kiss her chubby cheeks all day! Ivy picked her outfit for this shoot – she loves to dress her up and help out!

This month, she hit some major milestones! She is rolling ALL over the place. Faye is in the stage where you put her on a blanket to play and she ends up way over on the other side of the room. Everywhere!

Plus, she’s already getting on all fours in crawling position! EEEK! She’ll rock back and forth all over! The girl isn’t even sitting up yet unassisted and already doing that! Slow down baby girl! I don’t need a mobile child… yet.

Faye also started eating foods in the last couple weeks. She’s really good with picking things up so she had no problem with her first meal – minestrone! Tons of roasted veggies and small noodles that she ate up. She also LOVES avocado, cheese, and cookies from the Grandmas! :)

She makes CRAZY hilarious noises! Basically a growl. Haha. I suppose she’s just trying to find her voice! It’s so weird yet so cute!

Sleep is pretty back to normal. Once she started rolling over this month we went through a bit of a regression when she couldn’t roll back over when she would roll onto her tummy. Took her a couple weeks to get used to sleeping differently (and no sleep), now all good! Mostly just gets up once in her 12 hour stretch at night and takes her two 1.5 – 2.5 hr naps during the day. Faye is a total finger sucker. Her left hand and the first three fingers. Loves em! Self-soothing, yes. :)

Lastly, she got two teeth last week! Her little bottom munchers are in! Thankfully, teething didn’t bother her, fewf! No fevers or fussy. Got lucky there!

Love our little Faye, I want to go in and cuddle you right now! Can’t get enough of her. Little baby. xoxo


Christmas Card 2017

December 12, 2017

Presents in your mailbox every day season! Or Amazon Prime boxes at your doorstep! lol! I love this time of year! It’s so fun to get Christmas cards from your family and friends. I love seeing everyone’s family photos and how grown up the kids get each year! And my favorite is to hang up all the cards so your loved ones are seen each day! It’s the one time of year to catch up on relationships and families, I love a little blurb on the back of cards!

This year (and every year), I went with Minted for our card. Minted is a design marketplace. They source creative content from a global community of independent artists, they have artists from all 50 states and over 60 countries! I always find my favorite design on this site, not to mention their cardstock is superb and the cards have exceptional photo quality. BEST OF ALL – is the address recipient printing, for FREE. Saves me so much time instead of writing all the addresses with my 4th grade handwriting. Plus, there’s a design that matches your card (or choose a different design), so it makes for a beautifully festive envelope.

We chose the Simply Serene design, it matched our photo perfectly and I love the minimalist design. I love cards where the photo does the talking, so this simple style was perfect. Here are some of my other favorites I posted a while back.

A tip! Always put the year on your card! I keep one of ours each year and it’s so fun to go back and see them all as we grow up.

Here’s our card! Merry Christmas! :)