Leo’s Big Boy Bed!

April 16, 2018

Leo has really hit some milestones these past couple months! First potty trained (whoop!!) and now a big boy bed! And an almost three year old (June 8 – we share birthdays!)! Our little man is really growing up!

He has never complained about his crib, nor tried to escape. He is perfectly happy at bedtime each night and really, he just lays in there waking up a bit before calling for us to come get him. I think he really loved his crib, oooor, actually, the kid just really loves to sleep – he still takes 2.5 – 3.5 hour naps and still goes to bed between 7:30-8pm! Amazing. So needless to say, I haven’t even thought up switching up to a big boy bed. But goodness gracious, the kid is almost three, he’s potty trained, and it felt kind of weird putting him in a crib lately, haha! Therefore, time to upgrade!

I knew it had to be trucks. The kid is OBSESSED. So when I saw the Crate and Kids (old Land of Nod – switched over to their mother brand Crate and Barrel) construction bedding, I knew it was a must-have! I was so excited to get him something I knew he would LOVE. We went with the whole set, the sheets, quilt and shams, and throw pillows. So perfect!

Leo had a white crib before, but I looked around his room and he had a lot of black and black metal decor, we even had a black metal nightstand already (similar here), so I decided to go with black instead of white.  I found a perfect black metal bed to match at Target! We went with a full size since his room is pretty big and won’t have to share. Boy sleepovers! :) Haha

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Leo is TOTALLY loving it! He FREAKED when we surprised him with the bed! He had to go through and name all the trucks on the bed, he knew them all! Sometimes he even wants to sleep on the bulldozer pillow, haha. Not sure how that is comfortable! But okay! :)

Plus, on Saturdays we let Ivy spend the night in there with him, and they love it! So cute. He looks so teeny in that bed! He doesn’t move an inch, just like in his crib. And he hasn’t tried to get out or anything, thankfully a smooth transition.

Such a good boy :) The kid sure loves his sleep! Love ya Leo!



Faye // 10 Months

April 13, 2018

Faye is 10 months old! Double digits! EEEEK! She had a well-check today and she is 21 lbs 4 oz (85th%), 29 inches long (87%), and head is 95%! Wowza!

She’s got so much personality and spunk lately. I love this age! She is so much fun right now and is a total goober with her weird noises! Ha!

Faye is E-VERY-WHERE. In to this, in to that, pulling this out, pulling that out… all over the place. She is a curious little rascal! :) She now opens cabinets too so no hiding anything! Ugh I remember this phase! LOL.

Faye has all sorts of tricks. She learned how to wave this month! It’s so cute how her fingers just move, no wrist action, haha. She can say nigh nigh, dada, mama, and dog, or “da” haha. She still growls all the time, it’s totally how she communicates and so weird! But so cute!

She really loves her walker. She’s been cruising on it all month and the little peg legs at first just get me! Now she’s good at it and all over the place! And also such a fast crawler! She walks along everything.

Faye loves to eat just about anything and I totally wish she’d stay like this! Ivy is so picky!! She LOVES spaghetti and yogurt and shovels really anything into her mouth. Still nursing just 3 times a day, morning when she wakes at 7am, at nap at 1, then bedtime at 6:45pm. Eats so much table food in between there! Almost done nursing, yes! Bittersweet, I guess. But I am looking forward to fully having my body back to myself!

She’s constantly getting wrestled with, squished, pushed, nudged, hugged, kissed, and loved on by all of us. Ivy and her are always playing. Ivy treats her like a little rag doll, wrestles and rolls around on the ground with her. Even picks her up and carries her around somehow. They talk together in the mornings when they wake up and it’s sooo cute. Love their girly sister bond!

Happy 10 months Faye Ophelia! We love you!





Black Hills Vacation and New Cabin!

April 8, 2018

We headed out to the Black Hills for Easter (see that post here) and to see the progress with the new cabin! Loaded up the fam and packed the car and trailer full of decor and furniture for the cabin. But first, a stop at Wall Drug! Such a fun place for kids!

Now on to Lead, South Dakota! John has owned a lot out there for 10ish years and finally decided to build last August! It was a fun process to be involved in and even more fun to see my husband’s mojo put to work! He really is amazing at what he does (johnkoch.com – renovates and remodels old homes for rent in Sioux Falls), and I was ULTRA excited to go see it in person after months of only getting photos!

We named it “Sheep Hill Chalet,” the street is Sheep Hill Gulch Road in Lead, SD. We decided on a “modern mountain” theme – a mix of modern with rustic chalet elements and decor throughout and it turned out perfect. LIT-TRALLY blown away when I walked in the door! UNREAL. John has such an eye for cool decor, furniture, and has a serious design eye. It’s so neat inside! The layout is perfect, with huge 16 foot windows and transoms above every door for extra light. Tons of natural sunshine beaming in through all of the windows. Incredible. It was so fun to get in there and see all of the progress! It will be for rent so check out our website for more photos, details, and to book! SheepHillChalet.com

Isn’t it the coolest! Good job Hubby!

Moving on…

We went to Terry Peak the first day since there was still so much snow everywhere. The sun was shining and it was so fun to get out for one last ski! And it was Leo’s FIRST TIME!! WOO HOO! Next winter I hope these two get much better once they’ll be older and we start going to Terry Peak and Great Bear more.

That night it snowed a TON and all the next day! Great to cozy into the cabin. Leo LOVES the snow and was begging to go on the snowmobile and sled. Totally his area out there!!! The cabin sits on 7 acres and connects to the Black Hills National Forest, so not another home in sight!

Later in the vacay, we ventured into Deadwood and walked the main street. Love it there! So much history and fun shops to go in and out of. The old historic buildings are the coolest!

We also did an Old Fashioned Photo. Ivy LOVED every second of it and she told us all exactly what to wear. She’s so good! Makes a decision so fast! Whereas I have to look at every dress before I pick one. I need her to dress me! :) She was in heaven in her cute little dress and Leo loved to be a cowboy. He wanted to ride the rocking horse and shoot his toy gun more than take a photo ;) haha

Ha! Leo nailed his look! And Ivy couldn’t help but smile :) So adorable. Framed that up at the cabin!

Overall, I’m so excited to get out there more often this summer. So much to see and do in the Hills! Now if only summer would come!! Can’t wait for our next trip.



A Black Hills Easter

April 4, 2018

This Easter, we headed to our new cabin in the Black Hills, Sheep Hill Chalet. I love hunkering into a vacation home with the family on holidays! And the Hills are gorgeous right outside our windows! It snowed a TON! We were definitely stuck inside two of the days, but it wasn’t so bad with the cozy fire and huge windows to look at all the beauty around you!

On Easter morning, Ivy woke up bright and early and was dressed in her Easter best the second she woke up! She couldn’t wait to do the Easter egg hunt and get her basket! It had snowed so much the day before Easter that we were forced to have an indoor egg hunt. Fun for them to explore the new cabin!

Ivy and Faye’s dress

Then we took a trip down memory lane and headed into Deadwood to St. Ambrose Catholic Parish. I love this church, it’s old beautiful woodwork and gorgeous stained glass is so pretty. It’s a small quaint little church with tons of charm. And it’s where John and I got married 5 years ago! We hadn’t been back since, so it was fun to walk down the aisle with three kids in tow now! Oh the memories!

This Easter felt like a new special Easter to me. Since finding my faith a few months ago (I grew up going to Catholic church, so did John, but we always just went through the motions. We were more of just a few times a year family to church – like Easter and Christmas, but since a few months ago and dedicating myself to God and needing Him in my life, our family has been every Sunday to Embrace since the New Year! WHOOP!) and diving into that, it’s really the first Easter where I’ve understood the meaning and all of the importance surrounding the special day of Jesus’s resurrection and that it’s so much more than Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Saying “He is Risen!” meant the world to me now. Understanding Jesus died for us and our sins so we would have eternal life and being able to share that with our children made Easter really special and of huge importance to me this year. I’ll always remember Easter 2018 as a special day for me. A day where I prayed and said thank you to Jesus. My first Easter with Jesus.

Easter Best // Kids Clothes

March 16, 2018

Easter is almost here! I’m hoping spring comes real soon! So windy and that chill in the air, ugh. I love when Easter is here with all the bright colors and pretty pastels! Perks me right up! And I’m in desperate need for some live flowers in my kitchen… tulips please!! :)

Yesterday, we browsed for what to wear to Easter mass for their Sunday best, and there are so many cute clothes out there! I cannot shop without Ivy. I used to, but I’d bring things home, things I thought she would like, and she would never wear them! I gave up, and now I always bring her with to shop, or I choose about 5 outfits or dresses online, then let her pick out her favorite. Ivy wants to match with Faye, so cute, and her favorite color is purple, so when I found this dress, I knew she would love it! Ivy is always so decisive, I’m envious, I have to look at like 29 different options before I pick one! She knew this one on the first look! They’ll be so cute together, can’t wait!

Here are some of our favorites for your kids’ Easter best! :)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

1 // This is from the new Sarah Jessica Parker line at Gap! Everything in her line is so cute!! I really wanted Ivy to pick this dress, but purple rules in her world! I love the bunny, birdie, and floral details and the hot pink is so pretty. Hope to see someone in this dress!!!

2 // Another from the SJP line, the sweater and embroidery detail is gorg! Perfect if it’s chilly!

3 // STUDVILLE for whichever boy pulls this off! :)

4 // Really wanted Faye to wear this adorable dress, but Ivy wanted her to match, and I actually did too. Close second!

5 // Tights are adorable! Perfect for under dresses.

6 // Gingham is too cool!

7 // Definitely have to have bunny ears! These glitter ones are pretty hip!

8 // Adorable little slippers for your wee one

– Here are some more of our favorites for Easter –
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Hope you have a Hoppy Easter!
Can’t wait to see everyone’s family pics!