House Progress – Kids’ Bedrooms

November 14, 2018

Whew! Time for some house blogs! Today I’m going to share the progress on the kids’ bedrooms with some before pics and during remodel pics. The upstairs of the house is finally looking like an actual house instead of a complete tornado of demo and dust! After many hours of figuring out how to redesign the upstairs two apartments back to single family, we finally came up with 4 bedrooms (master, Ivy, Leo, and Faye’s), 3 bathrooms (girl’s shared, Leo’s, and master bath), a laundry room (previously an apartment’s kitchen), and a playroom (previously an apartment’s dining room). We combined some rooms, closed off some hallways and doorways, and even knocked down several walls to design the space to make it best liveable for our family. We got walls up and sheetrock and mudding going on this week! Excited to share this progress!

IVY’S BEDROOM – Starting with Ivy’s bedroom! This was an apartment’s living room but also had access to the closet, which was originally a closed in patio with french doors out to a little patio. It’s neat to see the old pictures, but, the patio is definitely not usable and the french doors (that were downstairs in the basement and we are reusing for our master closet!!!) were replaced with windows. The patio columns are still in her closet! It’s kinda weird but also kinda cool. Haha. Here’s a picture of the house back in the day! You can see the patio and french doors in the very top right corner of the house!

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A Day on the Farm in South Dakota!

November 5, 2018

Fun fact: I kind of always wanted to live on a farm! Minus the manure and farm work (the hard stuff!), I always admired a life of being close to our food, animals, and outdoors. I have always been curious about where our food comes from, how it’s produced, and learning more about healthy ways of living. That’s where I am so thankful for Hungry for Truth! I’ve been involved with them now for about three years and it has filled the gap between consumer and farmer to educate me and others about how our food is raised and its safety. And this last weekend, I got to take my family along with me for a tour of a farm! We had so much fun living like little farmers (without the messy hard work!) and got to see all the animals and beautiful green fields of alfalfa.

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So long, Black Rock Circle!

October 30, 2018

Today was a rough day! We are officially MOVED OUT of our house! We hauled our last few boxes out of the beautiful home, did a few loops and reminisced, slowly shut the door behind us, and I couldn’t even look back because of the tears in my eyes, such a bittersweet feeling.

As I was walking around the house, remembering a happy memory in each room, the hardest rooms for me to be in were the kids’ bedrooms. We brought all three of our babies home to this house. We grew into parents in this house. We have watched them grow up from babies to crawlers to walkers and to crazy spunky fun toddlers. We held them as they cried and hugged them as they were happy in this house.  We saw them all take their first steps in this house. All those memories within these walls. I think what is hardest is that these kids won’t even remember this house. They’re all so young. They won’t remember me rocking them to bed as babies in their bedrooms, or teaching them how to go potty in the bathrooms, or teaching them how to ride a bike in the driveway. That’s what’s so weird. All of our memories in this house are just that, memories. Memories we will take with us as we shut that door for the last time.

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Ivy Turns 5!

October 3, 2018

Ivy is 5! Our spunky and sweet little baby girl is 5! Ivy is seeming so mature and grown up lately and even so responsible. She is such a little caretaker to her brother and sister and she gives Faye a bazillion kisses and hugs a day. She’s constantly saying, “She’s just sooooo cute!!!!” It’s pretty adorable! She has been so responsible lately too, such a first child rule follower. A really good girl, albeit a tattle tale on Leo most of the time, but, she’s always trying to do the right thing :) 

We had so much fun celebrating her this past weekend! She has been wanting to go to the American Girl Doll store in Minneapolis, so we opted for a trip instead of a party this year and headed to the cities for shopping fun and riding rides!

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