Back to School

August 25, 2016

Ivy starts preschool this fall! I’ve been SO LUCKY to get to spend this last year with her staying home, but I am excited to get her into something instead of relying on play dates all the time to keep us both entertained ;) She starts September 6th and she is so excited! We’ve been talking about school and behavior, because, well, my previous job was a teacher for eight years, so I’ve been telling her about teachers, and school, and all that fun stuff! She is pretty anxious!

I have already been seeing tons of pictures online about the kids’ “first day of school,” and I have to start thinking of ideas and what she is going to wear and the picture we are going to take! I remember this being SUCH a big deal as a kid and teenager, back-to-school shopping, filling my binder with organized mechanical pencils and gel pens and pretty folders, and looking all cute for the boys at my first day back, haha! Remember those days?! Kinda miss that! Well not looking good for the boys, but all the fun new school supplies! I was obsessed! A great pen still gets me :) Anyways! Ivy doesn’t need to look cute for dem boys yet, but we can start out with clothes and a backpack first! And OMG, the backpacks out there, GAH!!! 💔

Here’s some back to school inspiration, holding back the tears! ;)

Back to shool

Outfit Left: Dress // bow // backpack // shoes

Outfit Right: Dress // bow // backpack // shoes

And now what to do for “THE PICTURE.” I’ve been seeing tons of chalkboard ideas out there and those are soo cute! This one is cute, has a ton of info. Or this one is more simple, kinda like that. Or, if you have great handwriting, go for it and do the writing yourself! I just took a handwriting class and I might actually do this, if I get brave! Might copy these printables. Love this handwriting!

But I think I’m loving most, are letter boards! Look at this picture from @letterfolkco – LOVING THIS! Plus you can use the board afterwards for funny or uplifting sayings. Their insta feed is so funky!

Letterfolk Back to School Photos

So many fun choices!! Either way, it’ll be very proud MOMent for me and Daddy! Our little girl is growing up. Smarter and smarter (and sassier!) each day! :) We love you IVY!

Stay tuned for pictures!

Friday Finds // 8.12.16

August 12, 2016


Bow // Bla Bla Doll // Dress

MY goodness, it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these! Summer gets so busy, totally been neglecting this blog! SORRY!!!These Friday Finds are some of my favorite posts to do. I love seeing what’s out there in fashion, lifestyle, and news. Anyways! Our lives have been NUTS these past couple weeks. I’ve hardly had a chance to take a minute to myself! I love being busy and getting things done, but I’m also ready for a breather! We are having a big get-together with friends down at the Yankton Lewis and Clark Campground this weekend so I cannot WAIT to have some fun and relax a little! Hope you have a great weekend!

Fashion Finds

Summer sale at Coquette Couture! I’ve been eyeing this dress foreva and finally it’s on sale!

So maybe I’ll get on the pilot jacket trend this fall

LOVE this easy-going plunge dress. GORG

I want this shirt SO BAD

V-neck tops for life

This gingham shirt. AHHHH

ANTHRO sale! I want this and this and this and this… okay, the whole store please.

This fleecy raincoat for Ivy. So sweet!

I kind of HAVE to get this sweater for Leo. Hedgehogs!

Links I Love

I want, like, everything in my house to be covered in this fabric now! Obsessed with the new collection!

THIS signet bag! I want it in every color! I love how it kinda pops out and has the tassel. GAH. I really love the chestnut, red, and wine!

This fall bow trio is so cute! I’m imagining pictures at the Apple Orchard with these in Ivy’s hair!Pretty obsessed with Jillian Harris lately and all her style and home decor! AND she just had her baby boy… Leo! :)

Back-to-school backpack for Ivy

Living super vicariously through this family. Can I just go to ONE of the places they’ve been?

October. BAM. SO excited.

10 unexpected places to add paint. I love these ideas!

Instagram Stories – what do you think? I’m kinda liking it!

News on the Net

OLYMPICS!!! Obsessed with Phelps and the Final Five girls! Individual All-Around finals tonight. Go USA!

So sad about these jogger murders :(

Did you see the meteor shower last night?! Peak days to watch were yesterday and today!

August Goals

August 1, 2016

imageI could hardly write this title without my head spinning around. AUGUST?! Seriously? Where was June, and July, and how the hell is it already August?! Summer is flyyyyying by and this August is the bridge between soaking up the dog days of summer and anticipating the arrival of cooler temps and fall. I hate to even write the word fall yet because I’m sooo not ready for it! Long live summer!

This past weekend was so much fun as we wrapped up July. John and I traveled to Wyoming for my cousin Andy and his new gorgeous wife Rebecca’s wedding reception. Loved seeing all of my family and cousins! It was outdoors on the Horse Creek Ranch outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming and boasted an absolutely stunning scenery. Congratulations Andy and Rebecca!


Dress (reversible btw!!!) and necklace from Coquette Couture – use code PROMOKAYLEE for 25% off.

Perfect way to end July, celebrating with family and having a little vacay!

This month aims to spend EVERY weekend at our cabin! I’m ultra excited about that. Lots of lake and boating time to wrap up the summer.

Other than making sure I’m rubbing sunscreen in , my other goal for August is to get back on track with meal planning. I was doing so good at it this past spring and now since summer has hit, I haven’t been doing it at all! We are all over the place lately I feel like, so time to get back to the basics.

Last week, I had a deal for three free meals from Blue Apron, and they were so much fun! Super easy recipes to make and all of the ingredients were completely ready in the bag. And I really enjoyed each meal! Fun to try new things. I loved it! It got me really anxious to get back into a routine and get excited about cooking again.

So now I’ve found Gathered Table. I tried it a little this last spring and was really enjoying it. It’s an interactive weekly calendar that inputs recipes from their gallery into whichever days you want to cook, completely personalizable. I love that it picks recipes for you because that’s what takes me SO LONG with meal planning, is picking out what the hell I feel like eating! What’s nice too is that you can switch recipes if you don’t want something and can even input a recipe from other sites. Which is awesome because I love Pioneer Woman’s recipes! It then creates a grocery list for you, which if you have the app, you can check things off as you are shopping. I am really loving it so far! This site and app are making my life SO much easier!

So my goal for August is to get back into meal planning each week and start trying new recipes! I bought this lovely weekly planner from Rifle Paper Company to help me stay organized.

I am anxious to try new recipes. I’ve felt like in such a rut lately! Hoping our August is much more organized! I’m starting off my goal right this week, but ask me again at the end of August ;) The challenge is keeping up with it!

What are your goals for August? Hope you have a happy month!

Endings and Beginnings

July 25, 2016

Momma and Leo

This past week, it’s really hit me that I hardly don’t have a baby anymore. As I’m approaching my final week of breastfeeding Leo and how he’s days away from walking, I have all sorts of mixed emotions. In fact, I’ll prooooobably tear up more than once writing this post as we approach some recent somber endings but exciting new beginnings.

I’ve luckily had a great journey with nursing both of our children. With Ivy, I ended when she was about 13 months, which was plenty for me, my goal has always been a year. I was pregnant with Leo already so my supply took a drastic turn and while being at work, it was pretty easy to give it up, plus I also did baby-led weaning with her, and she was fully feeding herself. I don’t remember feeling too sad to be done. Although, it was a little sad because you realize that your baby doesn’t NEED  you in that way anymore, but I was definitely ready to have my boobs back! I breastfeed, but I’m not too passionate or attached to it. I just do it, because… well, I just do it I guess. Nutritional, free, and easy for me, thankfully.

With Leo, it’s been a little harder to give up and completely stop, mostly because I’m around him all of the time now instead of at work. I have only been nursing two times a day the past month, just morning and night, as Leo is  superman at baby-led weaning! He’s fully feeding himself and drinking milk on his own now. So I definitely don’t need to be nursing him anymore, but it’s been a little more sad this time as I am weaning him completely. Especially as John and I are having the discussion about two or three children, if he’s our last child, it’s been pretty difficult to swallow that I could be completely done nursing. So begins the complete weaning process anyways. Leo is 13 months, just like Ivy was when I stopped, so I’m feeling better about being done and matching how long I did it with Ivy. And also when your husband keeps asking you when you’re done breastfeeding, I guess it’s time ;)

Last week, I stopped the night feeding so I was just down to once in the morning. And the first night I stopped, I let John put him to bed, which is something he really hasn’t done at all since I’ve been nursing and I don’t exactly do bottles since I stay-at-home (#lazy #hatetopump). When I handed him off to John, he started screaming and crying and looked at me like he knew what was happening and how he wasn’t going to be comforted to sleep by me anymore. GAH. It was heartbreaking. I teared up as I watched him walk away with John and cry as he reached his little arms out to me. But, it was a step that we needed to take, and nice that John is able to get in some snuggles at bedtime now too. It’s just hard to release that attachment from each other as your baby is growing up too fast. And I actually love those snuggles together before bedtime. So sweet.

This week will be my last week as we are leaving our kids at home this weekend for a wedding. Friday morning will be tough as it all comes to an end before we hit the road, but I’m watching Leo grow up into such a toddler right before me and ending nursing concludes the cuddly, sweet, needing Mommy stage, also known as – the baby stage. I’m ready though, as much as I’m sad. But as Leo is taking 3-5 steps in a row lately, I can tell he’s about to leave his own baby stage behind also. He will be fully walking any day now and as I end nursing sessions, we are entering new beginnings together. And that’s attachment enough for me… together.

Photo Jul 25, 1 59 27 PM

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

July 22, 2016

nordstrom anniversary sale

Nordstrom is kicking off their birthday with their HUGE ANNIVERSARY SALE today! So many good picks and SUPER deals! Here are my picks, and happy shopping everybody! Get em before they’re gone!


Love that Topshop green crossover blouse (top left)! It’s such a gorgeous color and that military green is still so on trend! And still a sucker for anything lace up like that Lush back lace up top.


That colorblock cardigan… OBSEEEEEESED! And that Free People green coat is so hip. Always love anything Free People


AHHH, already fantasizing about wearing leggings again! :)


I am SO in need of a good clutch!

Dining Room Furniture Update

July 18, 2016

Since painting our walls white (gah, still need to do that blog post!) from a beige last winter, some of our furniture just really didn’t match anymore. I LOVE our white walls (we chose Benjamin Moore Simply White, their color of the year for 2016) and now we just needed to update some furniture to keep up with the modern look of the white we have in our home now.

Starting with the dining room!

We have a FABULOUS West Elm reclaimed wood table that we have had since we moved to our house. I LOVE the table and all the rustic wood and masculinity of it. But our old chairs were hiding the table and didn’t match well with our white. I love Kailee Wright and she has the same table (see her dining room post here) with some really cool white chairs. I also saw some inspiration that I loved on the Glitter Guide featuring Colby Tice Jaimerena’s home (see that post here – bohemian LOVE!!!), where she also had some cool white chairs around a rustic wood table. So I have been loving that look! I searched out some similar chairs on Amazon and found the ones that work perfectly! Click on the picture!

                                                            Armless white Eames chair                                        White Eames chair with arms

The chairs arrived this past weekend (Amazon Primed it! WHOOP!) and I couldn’t wait to put them together!

I got around to it today and set up the whole table (follow along on Snapchat… kaylee.koch), and I’m OBSESSED with it! The dining room looks sooo much better! I LOVE how the white flows through the room now and I mostly love how you can REALLY see the table now! I didn’t realize how hidden it was from our big chairs before. The table is the focal point now, which it should be because it’s such a gorgeous table.

Here’s the before picture!

Photo Jul 18, 3 50 10 PM

And after!

Dining Room Update-6Dining Room Update-11 Dining Room Update-14 Dining Room Update-12 Dining Room Update-1

Dining Room Update-10 Dining Room Update-3 Dining Room Update-5 Dining Room Update-9

I think it’s SOOO much better. And the chairs are actually comfy! I am pretty much obsessed with all the white and our table is like a whole new table! The room looks a million times better. YAY. Love when things work out :)

Shop our look here!

 Dining Table // white chair // white chair with arms (similar below) // white vase // white geometric texture vase

Here are some similar looks – Shop more here!