First Day of Preschool 2018!

August 27, 2018

Ivy had her first day of preschool today! Leo’s is tomorrow! I can’t believe summer is over and we are heading into fall and school already! Just crazy! We had such a fun summer as we opted for less camps/plans and more fun! We spent so much time outside swimming, playing, and swinging! So sad to have it over! But also sooooo ready for a consistent schedule again. The kids are ready to see their friends on a daily basis again too!

Ivy and Leo are both at Central Preschool this year. Ivy is a Playful Penguin M-Th and Leo a Humpty Dumpty T/Th. Only 9-11:30, just a little something! We’ll have Fridays off so that can be our fun day!

I’m excited for Ivy to get better at recognizing letters and writing! I can’t believe how much she learns each year! And Leo is ready to play he says! Ha!

I asked Ivy and Leo a few questions this morning to see how their answers will change as they go through the school year. I did this with Ivy last year (see that post here) and her answers were cute and funny!

What’s your name?
Ivy: I-VY
Leo: Leo John Koch

How old are you?
Ivy: 4 and a half
Leo: (Held up three fingers)

What’s your favorite food?
Ivy: Burgers, chicken strips, and steak, and chicken nuggets too. And fries. (All super healthy, ugh)
Leo: Lucky Charms (Seriously could eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

What’s your favorite color?
Ivy: All the colors except brown because that’s the color of poop (LOL!!!!)
Leo: Green and orange

What’s your favorite thing to play with?
Ivy: Well, I lost my lamby, so my American Girl doll. (Seriously, she remembers these answers! The first year she said lamby because she really did love it, the second year she said lamby too even though she hadn’t played with it for the entire year! Then now she’s trying to say lamby again! Haha! And pretty sure it’s not lost, it’s definitely in this house somewhere amongst the other hundreds of toys and stuffed animals she doesn’t play with, ugh #donate)
Leo: Trucks (obvi)

What do you love the most?
Ivy: Shannon! (her next door neighbor, she’s obsessed with her!)
Leo: My monster truck!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ivy: A teenager! (Oh gosh! haha!)
Leo: Be a MOOOOONSTER TRUCK DRIIIIIVER! (Of course he would! Haha!)

Ivy’s teachers – Mrs. Tarina and Mrs. Kim // Playful Penguins
Leo’s teachers – Mrs. Shellie and Mrs. Jackie // Humpty Dumpty

So fun to hear their answers over the years! Here are Ivy’s the first year then hers and Leo’s last year.

Hope these kids have a great year! Faye and I get some alone time!!


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