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August 29, 2018

Now that we have our kitchen design down, time for some inspiration to finish the look! I told John, I GET THE KITCHEN, because I’m the only one that cooks! 😆 So it’s been really fun (AND HARD!) dreaming up my dream kitchen and how to achieve a timeless/antique/modern/character filled kitchen. I initially thought – WHITE KITCHEN. I’ve always loved the timeless clean crisp look of white, but it really wasn’t calling me with how the house is so rich and bold. I have been loooooving the navy and dark kitchens lately. So I scoured the internet and Instagram for all the inspo and I’m loving how it’s going to turn out!

CABINET COLOR: I’m all about the bold and moody colors for this house! With the rich stained wood beams everywhere I want some bold colors in it to match! I chose Farrow and Ball Hague Blue for the entire kitchen. I was going to do two-toned with white uppers, but was kind of hating how it didn’t match. Plus we plan on doing very white counters and white walls so I think we will be okay with the rich deep bold blue color.

Here is Farrow and Ball Hague Blue: isn’t it dreamy!
(Go Willow Homes)

CABINETS: I almost didn’t do upper cabinets and just wanted to do a huge slab of marble backsplash, but I decided I better have more storage and I LOVE the look of glass fronts with the latches. I think it’ll be so pretty!! Like this:

But in blue!:

(DeVol Kitchens)

Then I also want to do a breakfast cupboard! I love the idea of hiding the toaster, coffee pot, and having a breakfast station. We decided to have a counter in there as well so it’ll look something like this with the drawers for pantry storage, aka a million snacks:

(Humphrey Munson)

HARDWARE: Then gimme all the aged brass hardware!! I’m doing latches on the cabinets, pulls on the drawers, and then maybe a few glass knobs on a couple other cabinets as well. Because they’re so cute! I got about 5 different samples of each of the hardware and these were aged the best and matched the antique brass look I’m going for. Plus definitely the best quality! I’m obsessing over this navy, white, and brass look in the kitchen lately!

Love these brass pulls and latches! Plus definitely doing inset drawers and flat fronts on all the drawers. Also, going almost all drawers! More drawers than cabinets! YES!

(Emily Netz Blog)

And like this (pic below)! DREAMY brass and white and blue/green cabinets (actually Newburg Green Benjamin Moore).

(Jean Stoffer Design)

RANGE HOOD: Definitely this — obsessed with the blue then the brass around it!

(Allison’s Wonderland Blog)

COUNTERS AND BACKSPLASH: I really want to do a white counter with minimal grey veining (Carrera Marble maybe, if I’m brave enough…) for the counters and also the backsplash to match. The white and bold navy with brass will look AMAZING. So excited about it! Like these three pics below! Love how the backsplash and counters match!

Whew!! It’s CONSUMED my life lately! But in a fun way! I love seeing the kitchen design plan and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

I’ve posted a lot of stories on my Instagram (see profile here @kayleemaykoch) as I do tours and show the house. They’re all highlighted as “remodel” on my profile.

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