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Easter Best // Kids Clothes

March 16, 2018

Easter is almost here! I’m hoping spring comes real soon! So windy and that chill in the air, ugh. I love when Easter is here with all the bright colors and pretty pastels! Perks me right up! And I’m in desperate need for some live flowers in my kitchen… tulips please!! :)

Yesterday, we browsed for what to wear to Easter mass for their Sunday best, and there are so many cute clothes out there! I cannot shop without Ivy. I used to, but I’d bring things home, things I thought she would like, and she would never wear them! I gave up, and now I always bring her with to shop, or I choose about 5 outfits or dresses online, then let her pick out her favorite. Ivy wants to match with Faye, so cute, and her favorite color is purple, so when I found this dress, I knew she would love it! Ivy is always so decisive, I’m envious, I have to look at like 29 different options before I pick one! She knew this one on the first look! They’ll be so cute together, can’t wait!

Here are some of our favorites for your kids’ Easter best! :)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

1 // This is from the new Sarah Jessica Parker line at Gap! Everything in her line is so cute!! I really wanted Ivy to pick this dress, but purple rules in her world! I love the bunny, birdie, and floral details and the hot pink is so pretty. Hope to see someone in this dress!!!

2 // Another from the SJP line, the sweater and embroidery detail is gorg! Perfect if it’s chilly!

3 // STUDVILLE for whichever boy pulls this off! :)

4 // Really wanted Faye to wear this adorable dress, but Ivy wanted her to match, and I actually did too. Close second!

5 // Tights are adorable! Perfect for under dresses.

6 // Gingham is too cool!

7 // Definitely have to have bunny ears! These glitter ones are pretty hip!

8 // Adorable little slippers for your wee one

– Here are some more of our favorites for Easter –
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Hope you have a Hoppy Easter!
Can’t wait to see everyone’s family pics!

Faye // 9 Months

March 13, 2018

Fay is 9 months old today! She’s getting to be a little ball of energy lately and I swear she might be as psycho as Ivy is at times! EEEK! We are going to have our work cut out for us keeping up with these two girls! They literally talk and giggle at each other at nights in their room until Faye eventually passes out. It’s the cutest thing. Happy 9 months Faye! You’re growing too fast right before our eyes!

This month is all the babble! She is saying “Da da” and “nigh nigh” and I’m trying so desperately to get her to say “Mama!” :) Love the babble phase and when they’re getting to know words. SO CUTE. Love hearing her voice.

She also popped another tooth! Her third one up top. Three on the bottom and three on the top now. Big girl! They’re coming in handy as she devours through everything I give her to eat! She literally INHALES spaghetti, and last night I made braised short ribs and I couldn’t even chop the meat up fast enough to feed her! Seriously, WHERE DOES THE FOOD GO? HOW DO YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR TINY BELLY. Always fathoms me! For little tiny babies they sure can eat! Or is it that they just don’t have an impulse to stop? Kind of like me sometimes when the meal is that delicious! Faye also loves yogurt, pancakes, eggs (which is amazing, Ivy and Leo HATE eggs!!!), peanut butter sandwiches, turkey, basically everything I give her. She’s still nursing 3-4 times a day, but is eating so much other food too!

Faye is pulling herself up on everything and is also walking around the table now. Just pops her head up to see what’s going on around her, so cute each time.

As far as sleeping, I finally decided to have her cry it out :( I really wasn’t minding going into her room once at night, it was peaceful and I loved to see her, plus, I liked that she would sleep in a little bit then! But, I was finally sick of the 4am feeding, so I had Ivy sleep with me last weekend when John was out of town, and Faye cried only for like 3 min the two nights in a row, and now hasn’t cried at all the last 2 nights! WHOOP! So that was not too heart-wrenching. Hate making them do that :(

Faye is into crinkling her nose right now and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. She’ll do it all the time, then smile! So adorable. She loves to giggle and be silly and is just the sweetest thing ever. Faye loves playtime and is always wanting Ivy and Leo’s toys, not her own!

She is getting obsessed with her blankie! I bought the same blankie that Ivy and Leo both have! I’ve had such good luck with it, and it washes so well and is soooo soft, that I got it for Faye too! Ha! Ivy ivory, Leo blue, Faye pink! I love how she’s started pulling the blankie up to her face when I lay her down to sleep, gah! ADORABLE. She also sucks her three fingers! Goodness, Leo all over again! : /

We love you sooooo much Faye! xoxo

Potty Trained!

March 11, 2018

Never thought this day would come!!! I literally didn’t think I would even try to potty train Leo till he was three (he’s 2 years 9 months), but HERE WE ARE! WHOOP!

I happened to take out the potty chair a few months ago, just to see… and he wanted NOTHING to do with it. So I was like, okay, not gonna push it. But every once in a while, I would mention the potty to Leo, and he’d say, “No Mom! I want you to change my diaper!” UMB. But, what about MY wants LEO! He didn’t care. Anyways, so, we didn’t bring it up again for a while, until another month about a month ago, and finally he was like, “Yah!! I got on da potty!” So he pulled his pants down, took off his diaper, and WENT! WHAAAAAAAT. I was like, LEO!!! All while rejoicing thinking this is gonna be easy to train him!!! But also thinking, you little shit, you could have been potty trained months ago!!!

We dove straight into the 3-day potty training method. Naked and hunkered into the house. He picked it up pretty easy, which was SO DIFFERENT of an experience than with Ivy (read here). Ugh. Can’t even go back there. Leo only had 1 accident the whole three days, but pooped in his pants the second day, haha. So we were pretty good to go! So proud of him!!! I hate that first time out in public where you are full of anxiety and are asking your kid every other ten minutes, “Need to go potty? Need to go potty? Need to go potty?” How annoying are us Moms!!!! But the good boy told us when he needed to go and he went! WHOOP! Go LEO!

Now, this was about 3 weeks ago and since then he’s only pooped in his pants once and has only had one more accident! Such a big boy!! So nice being back to only one kid in diapers! Another milestone completed! Holla! Proud Mom!


March Favorite Things

March 9, 2018

So someone the other day was saying that they do a purge for Lent. Literally, pack up one bag a day, for forty days, and haul them off to Goodwill (or wherever, I prefer a non-profit – like the St. Francis House in SF!). Sounded BRILLIANT to me. I could totally do that!!! But then, something is seriously wrong with my brain, I thought about everything I could replace with all that stuff gone! Ugh! So not the point Kaylee! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyways, you get the idea, time to ‘spring clean’ and get rid of some old! I love to go through my closet. I feel like I do it at least once a month! Now if only I could do that in our office cupboards… meh. Anyways, here are some of my favorites for March that I have in my cart! SO ready for some more springy tops!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

1 // Kristin Ess is a hair goddess! She’s a celebrity hair stylist for lots of celebs – Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale among them, two of my faves! She has a line of hair styling products at Target and I LOVE THEM.This texture spray is so fab – makes your hair kind of piecy, and I love that look. I have the shampoo, conditioner, texture spray, beach wave spray, and mousse, and they’re all GOLD. Follow her on Instagram! @kristin_ess

2 // This bag. Do I even need to explain. The terracotta color… OBSESSED. Comes in antiqued purple too

3 // Stripes and ruffles! So pretty. Could be casual and/or flirty for date night. More stripes (similar here) – want it! And I’m kind of totally into all the button up tops right now.

4 // Glossier Cloud Paint. I LOVE IT. It’s blush as a paint. I got the dusk and puff colors and they are so fabulous. Easy to dab on and what’s so nice is you can mix the colors to get your perfect shade. I also have the Phase 1 set and I am loving the face wash and priming moisturizer!

5 // We love to entertain – holidays, friends, parties, girls, whatever. This punch bowl would be so fun to have at a gathering! Matching swan glasses as well

6 // Really love these Mary Jane mules. The buckle clasp is super cute and the heel is perfect. Adore the color too. These loafers too!

7 // Love flirty date night tops! The lace around the open back is so pretty. Also loving all the trumpet sleeve styles like this top!

8 // Always drawn to black or white home decor. This black tray would look so good on my table I’m trying to fix up right now! Comes in other colors (gold, copper, and silver), and shapes (oblong (weird word) and round) too

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Awake My Soul

March 6, 2018

Sometimes, ya just need a break.

From work, from kids, from life, from social media, from… whatever. I’ve been in that phase for a few weeks (maybe months!) now. Just needing a break from everything. I needed that time to get recentered with my soul and mind and character, explore new spiritual callings in my life that are fulfilling me in ways I never knew, and to have some private time with the family to just be together. It’s been weird, but good weird… discovering new thoughts and feelings I haven’t had before and being off the grid a bit with social outings and social media. I even read a book! A REALLY GOOD BOOK! I haven’t sat down to READ since, I swear, before I had kids (#embarrasing). Kinda loved spending free time nestled on the couch reading and learning instead of mindlessly scrolling instagram.

One thing that remains true and has sunk down even deeper during this break, is my wholehearted love for my kids and family and how that should be my number one priority. Being around them more instead of saying yes to everything and being pulled in 142 different directions bc I can’t say no (#FOMO) has completely filled up my cup of life. Loving on them is all I really want to do.

Turned into an old soul I guess! I’m feeling like such an old lady just wanting to be around my kids and husband all day! My post about Faye a while ago is really hitting home and I want to soak in every drop of our kids’ innocent young sweet love and also have more deep mind-fulfilling conversations with my husband more often. I feel like we’re always talking when the kids are vying for our attention and our conversations never get finished! Nor can I focus! More convos after the kids have gone to bed. Or just more date nights with no distractions!

Plus I’m constantly thinking of my relationships with people. Are they genuine, are they good for me, are they people I want to be associated with, am I feeling satisfied, am I being a loving friend, and most of all, do I feel like myself or a better version of myself around them… all so exhausting and tearing me into pieces.

My brain has been cluttered with so many thoughts and I’m trying to strain out all the bad and keep in the good. It’s made me really reflect on how to lead a more wholesome life and to reevaluate the important things in our lives.

Kind of made up a new family motto:

More family time, less obligations.
More husband/wife dates, less couples dates.
More memory making, less social media.
More presence, less multitasking.
More doing, less thinking.
More praying, less worrying.
More church, less excuses.
More intention, less clutter.
MORE LOVE, less of everything else.

Feeling like a better version of myself this month than previous months and have brushed off some cobwebs up there. Embracing this glorious mess that I am! My soul is yearning for so much more and I’m heading on the right track. Thanks for putting up with me friends, family, and followers! xo

m u m f o r d + s o n s