Baby Boy // 26 Weeks

March 12, 2015

26 weeks-7

How far along: 26 weeks

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 17 lbs. I have gained as much as I did with Ivy at this time. Last pregnancy, I was in shape and running 3-5 miles every day up until my due date (HOW DID I DO THAT). This time, I haven’t ran a step besides chasing Ivy around! I hate winter running and the treadmill! (Bad excuse) So I am glad I’ve gained the same weight, but we will see how that changes! With Ivy I gained a total of 28 pounds.

Last Doctor’s check-up: March 4 at 24 weeks. Heart rate was 157, pretty high! But he was moving around so much! He even gave the Doc a kick as she was finding the heart rate :) Everything else checked out perfectly! Glucose test up next on March 31. Ugh.

Maternity clothes: I have been struggling with maternity clothes! Last time I was large and pregnant through the summer and all I wore were tanks and maxi skirts. So this winter thing has been tough fitting the belly in anything. BUT! Nicer weather has come and now I can get out my things I wore last pregnancy. I vowed to try to look better this pregnancy and I have been eyeing this pretty shirt – I love the bardot neckline! And what the heck, I might actually feel sexy in it, which is hard to feel during pregnancy! At the other end of the spectrum, this shirt and this shirt look sooooo comfy and soft! I am all about comfy during pregnancy. Also, H & M just came out with some new items, these jeans and this denim shirt are ones I am loving. PS – too early to start thinking about a maternity swimsuit? NOT. Love this Jessica Simpson tankini. Gotta get ready for our cabin and boating on the river!

26 weeks-4

Sleep: Sleep is still good. It is getting a little more uncomfortable with my big belly though. I hate when I wake up on my back! I have never used a body pillow, but this one sure looks nice! Have you used one? I usually just put an extra pillow along my body for extra support. Also, my Mom got me this elasticity oil and I will have to say I am loving it. The smell is so fabulous and it isn’t greasy at all. I am putting it on before bed each night. I didn’t do anything with elasticity oils last pregnancy and only got a stretch mark where my damn belly button ring was. But I’m nervous this time! So hopefully this helps. Either way, it sure feels nice :)

Best moment this month: THE WEATHER! I love being outside and Ivy does too! She’s enjoyed 3 trips to the park already and a daily wagon ride with this wagon after work. So I’m happy to be getting in some Vitamin D and fresh air for baby brother too. Also, finiding this rocker was so exciting! We were going to switch Ivy’s rocker over to baby boy’s room, but when I found this, I had to have it! It matches perfectly with what I’m going for in the nursery. I’m bummed to not have a high back rest, but really, I doubt I’ll be spending the hours that I had to just sit and rock Ivy with this next baby. I think we will be more on the fly this time around! So, I went for style instead :) Hoping it’s a little comfy at least, it arrives on Monday!

Worst moment this month: I was congested with sinus pressure for 2 weeks! I hate taking any kind of medicine while pregnant, but I felt so defeated and exhausted from not sleeping, I finally had to take some Sudafed (sorry baby) and I did this disgusting sinus rinse every second I could. So I am GLAD that is over!

Miss anything: As spring is coming, it reminds me of lemonade and mimosas! I’ll be missing spiked lemonade and champagne in the mimosas. (BTW – this lemonade recipe is incredible – homemade lemonade, ahhhh) I love spring and summer cocktails! Definitely will be missing that.

26 weeks-8

Movement: I have been feeling movement since 16 weeks and this fella is an active one! At night when I lay down to sleep he has about five minutes of serious karate going on, like black belt style. John had his hand on the bump last night and couldn’t believe what he was feeling! It’s so fun sharing that connection. I love the kicks :)

Cravings: B & G Milky Way ice cream shop opened for the summer. UH OH. Strawberry slushwhip…. mouth watering. #babymademedoit

Queasy or sick: Never got queasy or sick thankfully! I have been feeling great! I have lucky pregnancies. Whew. Sometimes I feel like the waddling has already begun though.

Looking forward to: Our trip to Minneapolis! Next weekend, John and I are leaving Ivy with Grandma and Grandpa Koch and headed to the city to do some shopping, see friends, and to have some nice dinner dates. I am anxious to get this dresser from Ikea because it’s the last big piece we need for the nursery, so then I can set it up how I want, and get done with the little things. I’m going to have so much fun picking out what art prints and wall decor I want! See my boy nursery Pinterest board here.

26 weeks-2

On me // Similar dress // Similar cardigan //

On Ivy // Little Hip Squeaks Skirt // Floral Sweatshirt // Leggings

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