Baby Two // 20 weeks

January 29, 2015

20 weeks-5


Halfway to meeting baby Koch number two. Halfway to holding onto a teeny tiny baby again. Halfway to having that special silent moment when it’s just you and the baby, gazing in each other’s eyes. Halfway to smelling that sweet sweet smell of a newborn. Halfway to feeling that heart-warming skin-to-skin bond. Halfway to snuggling with another loveable baby. Halfway to swaddling with soft blankies. Halfway to rocking a peaceful baby to a sound sleep. Halfway to seeing Ivy love on her new baby sibling. Halfway to being mesmerized that we actually made this child. Halfway to giving baby a million tender kisses. Halfway to a big swelling heart when I see Daddy hold his precious daughter or son. Halfway to tearing up with so much love.


20 weeks.

20 weeks-4

Exciting that it is going so fast! But nerve-racking because I have literally NOT BOUGHT A SINGLE THING (poor baby two – so screwed – read here). Thankfully, I have 20 more weeks to prep. Seriously, 9 months. Well it could be worse. Did you know the African elephant has a gestation period of 22 months?! OMG. I would die. So like, how long do they get morning sickness? :/ hehe, jk.

20 weeks-3

I’m thankful to say that this has been an easy pregnancy, just like with Ivy. So, if the myths are true, same pregnancy = a girl again?! Who knows. We find out on Tuesday! EEEEEE! But really, I haven’t gotten sick at all and wasn’t ever too tired (hate me, sorry). My only thing is I never really crave anything. I could look at a menu all day and none of it sticks out to me (except sour Brite Crawlers, but that’s always, not just when I’m pregnant, major weakness). Ugh. So that’s annoying because I LOVE FOOD. Overall, still eating well and remaining healthy. Stay away influenza!!!! It will be interesting this time – I ran almost every day throughout my entire pregnancy with Ivy, and haven’t ran a step this time. I gained 28 lbs with Ivy, this time could be bad! EEEK. So far though, I’m on the same track with weight gain. Whatevs.

20 weeks-11

Well baby, I think about you more and more. I’m loving the little kicks you give me to let me know you’re there.  Ivy has been carrying around her baby dolls and getting in good practice. She loves to cover them with a blankie, just like she loves to be. I’m trying to teach her to not put it over the dolls heads, she still has some learning with that! I cannot wait to see you two play together and learn from each other. She’ll be the best big sister! You will love her! I’ll make sure she’s a good role model (can’t help the teacher in me).

We can’t wait to meet you! See you on Tuesday :)

xoxo times infinity

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