Baby #3 // 33 Weeks

April 15, 2017

33 weeks tomorrow! I am officially freaking out that this baby will be here very soon. Especially since Leo was 10 days early, I need to seriously get in gear with getting some things done with this baby stuff! Finally got out Ivy’s 0-3 month box of clothes to go through. She was October 1st and this baby is due June 4, so they’ll be a little off season, so I’m eyeing all the adorable onesies (like this one  in every color!) and rompers (this is so dang cute!) out there for summer!

Here’s a recap of my weekly photos (and hair styles, hehe) so far

20 weeks // 24 weeks // 28 weeks // 33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks tomorrow – due date June 4
Gender: Baby Girl
Weight gain: 22 lbs (gained 5 lbs the last month)

Names: Still don’t have one picked out! We have three we like, but can’t really choose one. My husband has a for sure front runner, but I’m not sold! Maybe it’ll grow on me. Still want to use May (my middle name) as her middle name if it goes well with what we pick. Taking suggestions that go with Ivy and Leo please! Doesn’t have to be three letters :)

Last Doctor’s check-up: Yesterday! Baby’s heart rate was 155 and she was moving around a ton! Measure right at 33 weeks

Maternity clothes: Full on maternity style! Loving that it’s nicer out to wear dresses. This chambray dress is so pretty with the detail around the trim. Or this dress, love the funky orange color! This dress is cute with the bow in front! For tops, this eyelet flutter top is so pretty, love it’s long like a tunic! I’ve been wearing this cheetah print top for a little flair on a night out. The fit is great and I like that it’s fitted. Totally gonna get one of these robes for the delivery and aftermath also!

Sleep: I’ve been so busy lately! So at nights I’ve been pretty tired. Two late night girl’s nights in one week has me pretty lazy today. I’m sleeping fine, basically just zonk out. My hips hurt a couple times this week, maybe because I went running then didn’t stretch very well, whoops! But otherwise, still sleeping well, thank goodness.

Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary – still obsessing over popsicles and shaved ice. They’re my favorite! Pregnant or not!

Best moment this month: Realizing holy shit the baby will be here soon. So anxious to add another sibling to the mix and to hold a little baby!

Worst moment this month: Realizing holy shit the baby will be here soon. ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO GET DONE.

Nursery: I’ve decided the two girls are going to share a room, and Ivy is really excited about it! We have Ivy and Leo and our bedroom upstairs and one bedroom in our basement (two-story home), so the girls are going to have to share for a few years. I’m pretty curious already about all the girl talk that is going to go on! Haha. I bought the same crib sheet that Ivy has as her twin sheet because I’m like, SO EXCITED, about the girl’s and all their matching outfits I plan on doing! So I started with a matching sheet so the room remains with the same theme. I don’t plan on changing Ivy’s room at all, just need to rearrange the furniture to make the crib fit in there. But I don’t really need to worry about any of that until baby is sleeping through the night and is out of our room. So Ivy has her freedom for a while longer! ;)

dress (non-maternity! just sized up)

 Just a short while to go! Can’t wait to meet you baby girl!

Friday Finds // 4.14.17

April 14, 2017

Happy Easter Weekend! We have a packed weekend ahead of us. Starting with lunch with Easter bunny tomorrow! I can’t wait to see Ivy and Leo with the bunny and run around chasing some eggs, should be adorable. Let’s hope neither of them are scared by the big bunny! :) Then we get to go to Peppa Live! Ivy just got into the show a couple months ago, and now Leo is walking around saying Peppa too, super cute. Ivy has the cutest Peppa dress to wear to the show. She even had to sleep in it last night when I showed it to her, she’s obsessed! Should be a fun day tomorrow. Ending with EASTER! I’m hosting both sides of our families and am pretty anxious to stuff myself with some delicious food and celebrate after church. Easter eggs are filled and baskets are made, anxious for these two little kids to roam the yard in search for their baskets and eggs! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Happy Easter! Here’s some pics from last year, oh Leo so cute!

Loved my table last year! Going to do basically the same again this year! TULIPS, LOVE

Fashion Finds

The detailed seaming on this biker babe leather jacket

Easy, breezy, beautiful… swing dress

This bootie, love the skin peep on the side!

Stripe swimsuit! One-piece, yaaaas

Ruffle sleeve striped top perfection

These bell-bottom white jeans! LOVE

Off-the-shoulder maternity dress, so summery and pretty

Got this romper for the new bebe and it’s sooo sweet and cute

The orchid color on these Vans! OOOOO

This airy chiffon dress with the tie in front

I plan on living in rompers this summer after babe

Perfect pointy toe pump (love the indigo fabric!)

Can’t handle this cuteness for Ivy

Links I Love

Obsessing over this light pink couch! Pretty sure the hubs would loooove that ;)

Still love the black and gold decor combo

LOVE these small pretty planters!

I’ve been using this mineral palette for eye shadow and I love the shimmer effect. So pretty! I have the opal glow and plum quartz colors

Along with makeup, have you tried any of the “mists” out there? Thinking about this one, seems so hydrating and nice!

Love this blog… always such great writing about everything on motherhood

Beautiful ideas for Easter centerpieces and bouquets and even more here

The most gorgeous Easter pastel brunch. Love Emily Henderson! And her home tour is also on her blog, obseeeeeeesed.

This recipe for the best Easter ham

Along with that, the BEST spicy deviled eggs…. mmmmm!

Your rights, if your flight is overbooked. United, grrrr! That poor guy, humiliating!

This would be so weird!!! Edible water bottle

Have a great weekend everybody! And Happy Easter! He has risen!

Spring Dresses for Your Mini

April 7, 2017

FINALLY packing away the winter gear and slipping into something much easier… dresses! Ivy literally could wear a dress every day, it’s always what she picks out! And now with the nicer weather, I’m not bugging her to put on tights or leggings and a sweater to cover up the cute dress! She loves to dress herself, and I LOVE that she is capable of doing that, so we made sure to pick out some of these dresses together because I’ve failed too many times with bringing something home that she doesn’t like… #threeyearolds #ugh. Here are some adorable spring dresses for your mini! :)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Ivy’s favorites are 1, 3, 6, and 8! She’s so funny. I love her random style – cute and quirky! 3 is a metallic stripe dress, kinda love it! And the pinafore style is so cute for the spring, like this dress! So many adorable dresses out there. Ivy picked out this dress for Easter when I gave her about 5 options – she always surprises me! Can’t wait to see all your mini babes in their cute spring and summer clothes!

Ivy’s dress | white jeans | pink maternity top | shoes


Swipe right to see more products, then click the arrow to view even more

Sibling Snapshot

April 3, 2017

With the new spring season, it’s time for another sibling snapshot! Totally meant to do one each season and already missed winter! WHOOPS! Anyways, WOW these kids have changed so much since the last one I did (see that post here), especially Leo with all his new words! Ivy’s become such a good big sister and I love to see siblings interact and play together. Anxious to add another in the mix in June! Here are the Koch Kiddos!

Ivy | 3.5 years

My, oh, my how she’s grown up! She is seeming so old and mature lately! She has full on embraced her role as ‘big sister’. Ivy can be so sweet to him and just wants to play together all the time and watch over him, on the other hand, she totally pesters him and wants him to talk and talk which doesn’t work out so well for either of them since Leo really only says 2-3 word sentences right now! She is in preschool two days a week and I’m so proud of her being such a good and well-behaved little student!

Ivy is COMPLETELY obsessed with Barbies and almost always has one (or five) in her hand. Her favorite show to watch is anything on YouTube Kids, where you usually find her watching other kids playing with their barbies, then she goes into her room to reenact it, which is hilarious to hear her talk with her barbies! :) She also loves to sing – Frozen, Moana, and “Ophelia” by the Lumineers, which is a personal fave. Her hair is getting darker and darker and she mostly loves to wear a bow, except occasionally asks for “two braids like Anna from Frozen.” Ivy dresses herself every morning and I love to see what she picks out (most of the time!)! Totally her own style and I don’t dare buy her anything without her approval bc I’ve mom failed on that too many times. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. She asks about a MILLION questions a day and is basically constantly talking. Ivy is sweet and sassy and couldn’t imagine her any other way!

Leo | 22 months

Leo, oh, Leo. My blue eyed blonde haired little boy. He’s still soooo sweet and LOVES to cuddle, totally unlike Ivy who will hardly give a hug or a kiss! This past month, he’s gone from about 20 words to I swear like 200 overnight! All of a sudden he just started saying everything we were saying! About time! So nice to be able to communicate with him. He’s learning so much every day. His favorite thing to do is anything with trucks or a ball. He loves to make noises with his trucks and vroom vroom them, and also loves to kick or shoot his basketball around. Leo is always hearing when a truck or plane are going by and pointing it out. His first words were Mommy, Daddy, and truck. Haha. He also LOVES to read. I tend to find him in his room reading books on his chair :) So awesome!

Leo has gotten quite the stubborn and hard-headed attitude lately though. He’s hard to forget something and won’t give in until he gets what he wants! He is usually totally independent and can just play and play all by himself, or with Ivy. He still sucks his last two fingers when he’s tired or gets anxious and I feel like he’ll never outgrow that! Humph! And we are literally having to tape the waistband on the outside of his onesies underneath his clothes so that he stays out of his pants! He is constantly trying to get down his diaper to play with his parts! He somehow shimmies his diaper down even with a onesie and zip-up pjs or clothes on then pees all over himself! So tape is doing the trick for now. Ridiculous! Must be another soothing thing for him or something, it’s gotten out of hand, and gross!!!

These two are so much fun to watch grow up! I really love having a boy and a girl, they’re so different, but so alike. Best of all is to watch them interact and have fun together, always a playmate! Thank goodness!

Spring Style | Fashion + Home

March 20, 2017

Hello first day of Spring!!! LOVE that winter is over with and we can look forward to warmer temps, longer days, and (hopefully) no more snow! Transitioning to spring in the house and in the closet is THE BEST. I love to get rid of the dark colors of winter and launch into some pastels, brights, whites, or just basically, COLOR. Winter gets so boring! Already dreaming about the first flowers popping up, pretty tulips draping over the vase, and a new wardrobe filled with flowy tops and trendy jeans!

I updated my favorite room in our house last week, a little ahead of spring, I just couldn’t wait! So nice to get some color in this room!!

And, I’m proud to say that all of my indoor plants are STILL ALIVE! Wooo hoooo! I totally neglected them over the fall and winter, and somehow they made it. Pretty pumped about that because I love a little greenery around the house in the nice seasons!

Now to update some of my wardrobe! I looooove this stripe off the shoulder maternity dress – so beautiful! I can’t wait to get into some dresses that show off the bump. Sick of wearing jeans! But will never be sick of wearing leggings :)

Here are some of my favorite spring fashion and home styles

blanket | clutch | sunglasses | vase | top | espadrilles | sneakers | white pants | denim jeans

Toooootally loving the embroidered jeans trend! They’re everywhere right now! Some are super embroidered and I don’t think I can do that, but I thought the ones in the picture were just a touch enough. Plus I love the frayed hem on the skinny jean! Channeling my (wannabe) inner hippie for those!

Loving all the summer sandals too! Espadrilles are so pretty, but can never go wrong with my yoga pants and sneakers look :)

Gimme all the flouncy tops and flowy blouses! Love the wide ruffle look on the sleeves and the romantic off-the-shoulder look. Finally get to show a little skin with these warmer temps!

Shop this post for my favorite spring styles and home accessories!

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Happy Spring! Hope you had a fabulous first day!

Shop Spotlight || Bloom Box

March 18, 2017

If you are from Sioux Falls (or really anywhere for that matter) and haven’t heard of Bloom Boxes yet, you need to! When Andrea from The Speech Mom reached out to us to try one of her Bloom Boxes, we were so excited! I’ve seen them all over social media lately and have been wanting to try one!

A little about Andrea (Instagram @thespeechmom) – she is a mother of two adorable boys, Hank and Gus, and she’s also a speech language pathologist who has a passion for speech, language, feeding, and kids! I swear, Andrea is like a wonder woman, she does everything and is soooo knowledgeable! We’ve worked together on a social eating post with our four kids (see that post here) and it was a blast – so much to learn from her!

Andrea has recently launched her new venture – the Bloom Box, a monthly rental program enhancing child development through play. Choose one of the various boxes (over 20 options! And growing!), and it will be delivered to your doorstep with an activity guide to help target your child’s development!  Enjoy a month of play while your child develops language, cognitive, social, fine motor, and sensory skills! Then at the end of the month, you just ship it back with the prepaid shipping label and if you purchased the subscription, then comes another to your door! AMAAAAZING!

Ivy chose the cupcake bloom box to play with and it was above and beyond my expectations! All of the items in the box were in terrific condition and were great brands like Melissa and Doug, Learning Resources, and Hape. All of the supplies were very high quality, very well taken care of, and the box was very well put together! I was blown away! You can tell Andrea put a lot of thought into choosing items that would fit her vision!

Plus, there were SO MANY things to play with! I was expecting maybe just a couple of items to play with for the month, but no, the box was FULL with several different hands on items and about 8 different structured activity lessons to go through with your child. And that doesn’t even count the free-play that Ivy and Leo loved! I just let them explore with everything in the box at first, and they sat and played for an hour straight before I had to pull them away for lunch!

The description on the activities and on the box says for children ages 3-7, but I’m telling ya, Leo almost loved it more than Ivy and he’s only 22 months!! He was all about making cupcakes, using the mixer, and attempting to master the tongs! Which was hilarious :)

Ivy, on the other hand, really got into the activities and lessons and loved making the cupcakes and playing the “Cupcake Shop” activity. She would make her cupcakes for her store (there were pictures of cupcakes you could make for a price amount to give the kids ideas, but Ivy was all about being creative and coming up with her own creations!), then I would be the customer and come choose and pay for a cupcake with the fake money that was included in the box. I’ll admit, even I was having fun with her!

There were pink, brown, and white fluff balls to represent the flavors of the cupcakes (I’m a white vanilla fan!!! She was obsessed with pink, of course!), then there were little fluff balls to top the cupcakes off with candy or cherries or whatever you wanted it to be. So many options to get creative with your cupcake making!

There were also two other sets of cupcakes to venture into – these Learning Resources cupcakes that separate and you could match the shapes to the shapes in the pan, then also happy birthday cupcakes with candles that you could attach. Ivy sang “Happy Birthday” to all of us each with a different cupcake, so cute!

Plus, she had never used tongs before and she had so much fun trying to figure it out before she finally mastered it. A great skill to learn, I think I’ll start using her in the kitchen more! ;)

Overall, you’ve got to give the Bloom Box a try – you can purchase month-to-month, or do the six or twelve month subscription.  It’s so nice to know you have it for the month. I’d pull it out every other day or so and it was like a brand new toy for them each time! Plus if your kids are like mine, it’s nice just ‘renting’ these toys because mine get sick of theirs so fast before they’re on to the next thing. Great opportunity to give toys a try then ditch em when you’re done. Love that idea! Tired of so many toys around the house anyways! Love that you can have fun toys for a month, then move on to the next thing. Totally fits kids’ 2 second attention span ;) Haha.

Good news! Andrea is offering blog readers a discount – use promo code appleofmyivy for $15 off your box! Head to now and pick your box to get started!