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Easter Weekend 2017

April 18, 2017

Such a fun Easter weekend! And it was GLOOOORIOUS outside both Saturday and Sunday! I love when Easter is a little later into April, last year there was still snow on the ground in March! This Easter we had two days to celebrate. We went to lunch with the Easter bunny on Saturday and it was a huge hit! Leo was OBSESSED with the bunnies, following them around everywhere and giving them hugs. It was adorable. Ivy was more into the Easter egg hunt, running around to gather as many eggs as possible. She definitely got some practice, that was the first of three Easter egg hunts they got to do!

Easter morning was filled with beautiful music and a sentimental sermon at Church, followed by the second Easter egg hunt. Leo would stop to see what was in the egg each time, so he never gathered too many, which we didn’t need more candy anyways! We headed back to our house with my family and my husband John’s family to be together for Easter brunch. It was beautiful outside for the third and last Easter egg hunt, brunch, then drinks and socializing on our patio the rest of the day. So nice to relax and enjoy some sunshine while the kids ran around on sugar highs! :)

Ivy… such sass with that hip pop!

Ivy’s dress // Leo’s shirt // Leo’s pants

And I celebrated 33 weeks with the baby! Feeling huge lately, but I know how much bigger I have yet to get!


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a day to tell someone how much you love and appreciate them! Holidays are always a good reminder to spread the love :) Our house shared LOTS of hugs and kisses this morning, great way to start the day! Love our family so much! So lucky to have a loving husband and kids!

Ivy couldn’t wait to wear her Valentine’s Day dress again (from Vivie and Ash)! It’s the cutest! These kids were all wound up on their Valentine’s Day candy Ivy got from preschool today! Thankfully that sugar rush wore off, naps ensued (praise the Lord!), and I gotta get ready for our date night tonight! Dinner and a movie… those words haven’t gone together in a LONG time! Can’t wait to catch a flick! Huge bag of extra buttery delicious popcorn for dessert please :) Hope you all have a fantastic and loving Valentine’s Day!

Love you hubs, can’t wait for tonight!



Valentine’s Decor

February 1, 2017

Hello FEBRUARY!!! I LOVE when February hits because January is one of my least favorite months! It always seems to go by so slow and it’s SOOOO COOOOOLD. Feb 1st and I’m all like, winter is almost done! Plus, not to mention Valentine’s Day and it’s a LOVE month!

Ivy will be wearing this dress and bow and I can’t WAIT for her to put it on! Soooo many cute clothes for girls! And Leo, well I don’t know yet ;) He’d look pretty cute in pink!

After having some boring colorless winter decor around, I couldn’t wait to pop out my pinks and reds to bring some life into our room! Love the pops of colors for Valentine’s Day decor! Color fills up the room now!

top garland | bottom garland | xoxo | votives from local shop (similar herehere, and here) |

Here’s some more Valentine’s Day decor ideas!

– Candles –– Pillows –– Kitchen –

– Cards and Decor –


New Years 2017

January 6, 2017

Hard to believe a week has almost gone by since the New Year! Goodness, already flying by! I hope you all had a fabulous NYE! We had sooo much fun last weekend. A few other couples and their kids joined us at our cabin to ring in the New Year. Love being with friends during celebrations! So nice to put the kids to bed, and enjoy time with each other!

While it was pretty cold to get outside Saturday and Sunday, Friday was SOO nice out! 48 and sunny and we took advantage of it by heading down to see the frozen lake and play in the sand.

We kept the wood-burning fire going all weekend. Leo was a big help gathering the wood for Daddy!

For NYE, all I could think about was the SEAFOOD FEAST we were going to be having! One of our friends had 3 live lobsters delivered, yaaaaaaas. The kids loved to see them, especially Leo who kept picking them up! And we all LOVED to eat them! :) MMMMM mmmm good!

We also had Alaskan king crab, shrimp, mussels, salmon, and add the lobsters and I was in seafood heaven! The crab legs were my FAVORITE. So delicious and such a delicacy!

We were all proud that we made it to midnight! We cheersed to the New Year and toasted to 2016 memories and making many more in 2017!

The next morning called for a dip in the hottub and bloody mary’s! I was really jealous of both! :(

Hope you all had a fun and happy New Year! 2017 is bound to be another busy and beautiful year!

Christmas Cheer 2017

December 28, 2016

What a Merry Christmas it was! So much cheer in our home as we got to celebrate the special holiday with family and friends and our kids! Best of all was seeing Ivy go crazy with all of the Santa stories and presents! So much fun. A very memorable holiday indeed.

This year was unlike any other! Ivy REALLY got the jist of Christmas and Santa and baby Jesus this year, so it was so much fun explaining to her all of the stories and tales about Christmas! We tried to make it extra special and I about died when she wanted to leave Santa a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. So adorable! She even wanted to leave Rudolph a carrot, buuut, with no carrots in the house, she picked a grape instead, ha!

Ivy was such a pro at opening presents! She can read her name (pretty easy, three letters! I-V-Y) and we also taught her how to read Leo’s name (another easy one, L-E-O), so she would go around all of the presents looking at I-V-Y or L-E-O, it was super cute and hilarious!

All she had been asking Santa for were these Anna and Elsa dolls and Santa delivered! She was beyond ecstatic to open them and she hasn’t let go of them since! Leo scored on some new boy toys, lots of cars and trucks.

Doll bed

We also had such a blast with stockings! We kind of ran out of time for them with a brunch with John’s family, then dinner with my family, so we did them the next morning and it was a fun surprise for them to get to open one more thing!

Such a fun holiday and tons of food and holiday cheer. Here are some of my favorite pictures from this Christmas season!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I can’t believe it’s 2017 in a few days!!!!