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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! Hope you all had a spooky night and had fun trick-or-treating! We had a BLAST and the kids were like crazy lunatics going from house to house! Leo ESPECIALLY loved it. He was all over the place! Mostly dodging scary werewolves and other freaky creatures, but when there wasn’t something spooky in his way, he was running for candy. Kinda loving this age. So young and still scared, but enamored with all things festive and excited about Halloween and trick-or-treating! So much fun with these little goblins! Faye stayed nice and warm snuggling with Emmie and Papa Koch while we were out with the other two. She will be cruising with them next year!

Ivy’s pose, LOL. She’s got that princess thing down! Ivy wanted to be Belle this year so that was easy!

Leo struggled with his costume. I showed him about 57 different costumes he might like, took him to Target AND the halloween store, and he would NOT pick one out! He kept saying he wanted to be “nothing” and would never pick one out, uhhhh! The only one he liked was a DIY bulldozer one I found, but yeah right, never got around to that, NOR am I crafty enough for that to turn out right! So we finally found a Blaze (Nickelodeon show) costume with inflatable tires which was awesome because he’s obsessed with all things trucks, but one of the tires got a hole in it this weekend while we were at a Halloween party. Shoot! So, we had this pumpkin in their costume closet and he was happy to be it! All worked out! WHEW.

Me and mah girls!!!

A vampire and his witch. John even did his own makeup, good job!!!!

Koch Kiddos! Love those three little goblins

Now let the trick-or-treating begin!

Such a blast! Now time to dive into their candy buckets and steal all their sugar and anything sour! I don’t like chocolate (I know I’m weird!)! Nerds and fun-dips please!

How many stomach aches are we going to have in the next few days?! :)

Apple Orchard // 2017

October 19, 2017

I feel like this fall has already gotten away from me! WHERE did September go. And now practically October! Between starting school, Ivy’s birthday, and trying to get Faye on a schedule, it’s flown by. But with this indian summer this week (loving these 70’s temps!!!), we finally made it out to the apple/pumpkin orchard (twice!)! Gimme all the caramel apples!

We usually go to one of the three festivals each year so that the kids can ride the ponies and choo choo train, but since those somehow got away from me, I just brought them on a random day, and we LOVED it. Having the place to ourselves was a miracle and I didn’t have to give in to buying unnecessary pumpkins and treats just to dodge a complete hysterical meltdown from one of the kids in front of hundreds of people. So nice having the place to ourselves and the kids running amok (amok! amok! amok!) all over the pumpkin patch. And Leo loved that the train was there. He was climbing all over it! Had it all to himself.

The kids would run from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to pick up which one they wanted. Ivy kept asking which one was a magic pumpkin that would turn into a carriage like Cinderella! Loving her imagination lately!

Went on to the apples and Leo devoured about 8 of them! Ivy’s style is more like wanting to find a “baby apple” (aka a little teeny apple) taking one bite, throwing it on the ground with the 57 other apples under each tree, then asking for another baby apple.

Yes. That’s a rock she’s carrying. No idea.

Must make a stop at the ponies and goats, and apple orchard complete!



A Trip to the Stensland Farm

May 31, 2017

Today we took a trip to the Stensland Farm and the kids had a blast! The farm just opened up an ice cream shop in Sioux Falls, which is BEYOND delicious, so we have been anxious to go see the whole process and take a tour of the farm. Stensland Family Farms was established in 1915, and is a family owned and operated, multi-generational farm located near Larchwood, Iowa. They have almost 200+ cows and they also farm 1500 acres of organic cropland. All of the forage the cows eat, comes from the non-GMO crops they grow! Read more about the farm here and see more on their facebook page here.

Today was so nice to take my mind off of things with this baby coming! I’ve just been keeping busy keeping these kids busy… just waiting for baby! So this was a perfect opportunity to get outside and walk around hoping to induce some labor! :) Due on Sunday, June 4th! EEEK!

Leo could be a total farm boy after seeing him out there today! He loved to see all the cows, tractors, and there were tons rocks to throw around to keep him busy. He had so much fun! The kids got to pet and feed the baby cows a bottle of milk, so cute!

The tour also took us to see the cows getting milked, all by machines, which was crazy! The cows just go in there on their own when they want to be milked (I hear ya on relieving that pressure!!). The machine puts a collar on the cow and it begins sending information straight to the farm’s computer.  The collar identifies each cow and relays weight, temperature, activity, and rumination. So high tech! Then it cleans the utters and uses lasers to find the utters to milk them! So neat! Each cow produces about 9 gallons of milk each time! Wow!

Then we got to also see the cheese making factory. Cheese production wasn’t taking place at the time, but neat to watch the video, and I LOVE CHEESE! The curds are amazing!

Lastly, they brought us through to see where all the mama cows hang out. They lay on water beds and are very well taken care of with a self-grooming station in there too! The kids loved to try to feed them and get close!

At the end we got to go have samples of their milk, cheese curds, and ice cream! Their chocolate milk was amazing! And I don’t even like chocolate OR milk really!! Leo had three cups, haha. It was the perfect way to end the tour.

I think Leo would have preferred if I would have left him there! :) He LOVED it! Thank you for the great day Stensland!

Here’s a video to see more of the farm



Hello January 2017!

January 1, 2017

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! 2017! Whew! That went by fast! Literally feel like I was just chanting my graduation year “0-2! 0-2! 0-0-0-0-00000-2!” at my high school’s basketball games! Wow. Ok anyways, back to the New Year!

2016 was a really great year with so many spectacular memories, so I hope we just keep that cruising right into this year! We have so much to look forward to already in January, it’s sure to be a sensational year! (PS – I heard that word sensational on Good Morning America this morning and I realized I never use that word, so it’s been in my head to use it! Tell me that happens to you sometimes too… right??) Here’s my top things to do in January. Can’t wait for all of them!!

| New Calendar and Planner |
If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a stationery FREAK. OBSESSED. I love cards, notepads, planners, calendars, all of it. I get reaaaally excited each month just to turn over the page on the calendar (#itsthelittlethings), so breaking out a WHOLE NEW CALENDAR is ultra fun for me! I love Rifle Paper Company everything, their florals are absolutely beautiful and cheerful. I get their appointment calendar because I love how large it is to fill  It looks so very pretty on the wall also.

For a planner, I love the 1Canoe2 planners. They’re a little more funky/pretty and I love how this one goes week by week with very large spaces any no lines to fill in daily details. I’ve had it for a couple months now and am LOVING it. So easy and fun to use.

| Barre3 All In | 
Starting January 9th, Barre3 is starting a 4 week program called Barre3 All In to supercharge your body and mind. It sounds SO AWESOME. You follow the Barre3 All In digital handbook that includes a plan to workout 5 times a week, a guided meal plan with foods that look sensation (there’s that word again), and access to wellness experts as well as the online community. There are tons of videos online so if you’re can’t make it into the studio 5 times, you can complete the workouts in your very own home. I love goals and following programs, so this is right up my alley! I’m excited to get stronger, healthier, and feel more energized at the beginning of the New Year! Read more about my Barre3 love here.

| Gender Reveal!|
I REALLY love to know the gender. I think it’s a fun midway surprise and I’m way too much of a planner to wait until the end! I just really like to know what’s growing inside of me :) And I struggle enough thinking of one gender’s name, let alone TWO! So nice to eliminate one hurdle in my life. We find out on January 10th! I am so excited to see the lil baby and to know that (hopefully) everything is growing right and well and baby is healthy and A-OK. With Ivy, we found out right in the ultrasound room, with Leo, we brought a card home and opened it with just John and I and then family (see here), and this time, I think John and I will make a date out of it and open it on a nice dinner date that night and celebrate our healthy baby girl our boy.

| San Diego|
Last year, John and I took our yearly trip to the Bahamas, which was SOOO INCREDIBLE. The sand was unbelieveable and ahhh, I’m reminiscing and falling into dreamland again. So, this year, we were trying to think of something to do again, but with being pregnant and the Zika threat, I was a little scared to go anywhere out of the country. We decided on San Diego and I couldn’t be more excited!! We are bringing the kids with us since we wanted to make it a longer trip so we plan on having a ton of fun and hopefully some relaxation in there as well.

We chose the Omni La Costa and it looks so fabulous and family friendly. An entire family swimming area with slides and a sandy edge, plus the Kids Club so John and I can get a few hours to ourselves in the adults only edge pool or on a date at one of the fine restaurants. It looks so perfect for a family, I’m really anxious to spend a week there at the end of January!

And you can’t go to SoCal without seeing Disneyland! I realized we are only an hour away from there, so you better believe I convinced John that we WILL be going there for a day :) Ivy won’t even know what to do with herself! And I’m ready to soak in all of the Disney Magic!

Add in Sea World and the San Diego Zoo each a day, then the rest just hang out and relax by the pool, means it should hit all of our vacation needs :) So excited for this trip

| Colorado |
Call us crazy, but we are heading straight from San Diego to Colorado! Temperature whiplash! John’s uncle lives in Ridgway, Colorado and has invited the Koch family out for a few days to stay and vacation. I am so excited to go to the Ouray Hot Springs and see Telluride again, I love mountain villages! I unfortunately won’t be skiing due to baby belly, but I still love to ride the gondola and see the ski mountain while gazing at the majestic mountains!

Whew! That makes for a busy January! Really ringing in the New Year right! Lots going on already! Wouldn’t have it any other way to make winter go by AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Hate the cold!

I hope you have a fabulous New Years! Cheers once again! 2017 here we are!

A Day at the Apple Orchard!

October 9, 2016

What a gorgeous fall day it was today! I’m not ready to give up these 60’s and wear an actual coat yet, so give me all the cardigans and sweaters for a little while longer paaaalease! Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather and headed to the apple orchard to go to the Pumpkin Festival. I love these festivals with all of the rides, animals, cotton candy (FAVE), and of course the best parts, the pumpkins and apples! Ivy and Leo were so cute searching for their pumpkins and I think Leo had an apple in his hand THE ENTIRE TIME :) Adorable!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

family apple orchardfamily apple orchard family apple orchard family apple orchard

family apple orchard family apple orchard family apple orchard family apple orchard

family apple orchard

shawl | shoes | ivy’s dress | leo’s pants

And I just have to add this in here too because Ivy and I went to the Princess Ball today and OH MY GOSH. I think I teared up a few times with how cute she was hugging the princesses!!! img_8259