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Leo Turns TWO!

June 8, 2017

Leo man turns two today! What a celebration to share a day with his Mama (read birth story here)! Still can’t believe the rascal arrived ten days early to be born on my birthday :) Talk about a Mama’s boy! Ha! He’s grown up so much this year and gone through so many milestones, fun to think about everything he’s accomplished this year. He started walking, talking a ton, can count to ten, and is getting more and more independent every day. What a year he’s had! Love our little Leo man. Happy Birthday from Mommy and Daddy! We love you!

Leo is a total boy! He’s happiest with a truck, car, or ball in his hand. He loooooves anything that makes noise and I swear he can hear a lawn mower from a mile away. He loves to push his trucks and trains around equally loves to read about them as well. He LOVES to read! Huge plus if it’s a book with noise!

His personality is pretty much hilarious! He wakes up so happy and smiling and could just lay in his crib and talk to himself and cuddle with his blankie forever till we actually come and get him. It’s basically amazing. Then he always gives a HUGE smile and laugh and cuddles back into his blankie. He usually wants to be covered again and wants me to rub his back. Pretty cute! He seems to always be laughing at himself. So happy! And he is so proud of himself all the time. His favorite thing to say is, “I DID IT!!!!”

However, Leo can go from the happiest boy to a downright pain in the ass though! #twoyearolds #ugh He literally can just throw himself on the ground, butt in the air, crying over whatever he wants. TANTRUM. Then he wants to be consoled and cuddle even if it’s me who told him no. Haha. Again, pretty cute! But that’s rare to none as he’s usually a happy-go-lucky guy! So good at just playing and playing.

He loves to go wee-eww, wee-eww, like a fire truck. Says it all day long! Leo also LOVES his blankie still, so cute to see him cuddle with it. Oh and he still sucks his two right fingers. Never gonna quit that I feel like! Overall, total boy that is happiest with any boy toy! Especially riding his cars! Grandma and Grandpa got him this ride-on car for his birthday and I can’t wait see his face! He will love it.

Here are some pics from his two years, oh how he’s grown!

The day he was born! Oh what a little man!

Tehehe, Ivy! So proud of her new brother

Maybe my all-time favorite photo of him <3 – 2 months old

6 months

8 months! Photos by Amie Hansen – see more of this shoot here

8 months and crawling!

1st birthday! Leo’s Wild One – see party here

Leo walking! 14 months!

16 months – photos by Emily Mitton – see more photos from this shoot here

First haircut! 1.5 years

20 months

23 months

Birthday Buddies! 2 days before our birthday :)

Love you so much Leo!!!  You’re so sweet and curious about everything! Always wakes up happy and ready for a fun day. Couldn’t ask for a better little boy, LOVE YOU!


Last Day of Preschool // 2017

May 18, 2017

Ivy had her last day of preschool today! First year of school DONE! Looking back at her first day (see that post here) is such a tear-jerker! My how the time has flown by! It was so sweet seeing her walk out those doors and the teachers loving on her. She had so much fun this year and met some new spunky friends and learned so much! I was a teacher for 8 years before staying home, so I am passionate about learning and school, AND summer breaks :) Haha. I am excited to get her for the summer, especially since I think she’ll be a big help with baby girl on the way.

dress // sandals

Oh look how she’s grown!!! (TEARS!)

So proud of you Ivy! You were such a good student, never any complaints from the teacher and never in trouble, you are just as I hoped you would be! Love you baby girl!

I did the same questionnaire with her again to see how her answers changed. Here they are and here’s the video!


What’s your name: Ivy
How old are you: Three!
What’s your favorite food: Chicken strips (same answer! Obsessed!)
What’s your favorite toy: My lamb  (same answer again. But so weird because she hasn’t touched her lamb in months! I would have thought she would say barbies, because she plays with them ALL THE TIME)
What do you like to do for fun: Play with my babysitters (Haha! Hilarious! Because I had just gotten home from getting my hair done and the babysitter had just left! Sooo, I guess, whatever, haha)
What’s your favorite color: Pink and purple! (same answer!)
What do you love the most?: My purple teddy (I liked her answer a lot more last time! She said Mommy and Leo, adorable. I swear she was just picking things out in her room at this point)
Who was your teacher? Miss Sonya!

Love you Ivy!! So proud of you!

Sibling Snapshot

April 3, 2017

With the new spring season, it’s time for another sibling snapshot! Totally meant to do one each season and already missed winter! WHOOPS! Anyways, WOW these kids have changed so much since the last one I did (see that post here), especially Leo with all his new words! Ivy’s become such a good big sister and I love to see siblings interact and play together. Anxious to add another in the mix in June! Here are the Koch Kiddos!

Ivy | 3.5 years

My, oh, my how she’s grown up! She is seeming so old and mature lately! She has full on embraced her role as ‘big sister’. Ivy can be so sweet to him and just wants to play together all the time and watch over him, on the other hand, she totally pesters him and wants him to talk and talk which doesn’t work out so well for either of them since Leo really only says 2-3 word sentences right now! She is in preschool two days a week and I’m so proud of her being such a good and well-behaved little student!

Ivy is COMPLETELY obsessed with Barbies and almost always has one (or five) in her hand. Her favorite show to watch is anything on YouTube Kids, where you usually find her watching other kids playing with their barbies, then she goes into her room to reenact it, which is hilarious to hear her talk with her barbies! :) She also loves to sing – Frozen, Moana, and “Ophelia” by the Lumineers, which is a personal fave. Her hair is getting darker and darker and she mostly loves to wear a bow, except occasionally asks for “two braids like Anna from Frozen.” Ivy dresses herself every morning and I love to see what she picks out (most of the time!)! Totally her own style and I don’t dare buy her anything without her approval bc I’ve mom failed on that too many times. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. She asks about a MILLION questions a day and is basically constantly talking. Ivy is sweet and sassy and couldn’t imagine her any other way!

Leo | 22 months

Leo, oh, Leo. My blue eyed blonde haired little boy. He’s still soooo sweet and LOVES to cuddle, totally unlike Ivy who will hardly give a hug or a kiss! This past month, he’s gone from about 20 words to I swear like 200 overnight! All of a sudden he just started saying everything we were saying! About time! So nice to be able to communicate with him. He’s learning so much every day. His favorite thing to do is anything with trucks or a ball. He loves to make noises with his trucks and vroom vroom them, and also loves to kick or shoot his basketball around. Leo is always hearing when a truck or plane are going by and pointing it out. His first words were Mommy, Daddy, and truck. Haha. He also LOVES to read. I tend to find him in his room reading books on his chair :) So awesome!

Leo has gotten quite the stubborn and hard-headed attitude lately though. He’s hard to forget something and won’t give in until he gets what he wants! He is usually totally independent and can just play and play all by himself, or with Ivy. He still sucks his last two fingers when he’s tired or gets anxious and I feel like he’ll never outgrow that! Humph! And we are literally having to tape the waistband on the outside of his onesies underneath his clothes so that he stays out of his pants! He is constantly trying to get down his diaper to play with his parts! He somehow shimmies his diaper down even with a onesie and zip-up pjs or clothes on then pees all over himself! So tape is doing the trick for now. Ridiculous! Must be another soothing thing for him or something, it’s gotten out of hand, and gross!!!

These two are so much fun to watch grow up! I really love having a boy and a girl, they’re so different, but so alike. Best of all is to watch them interact and have fun together, always a playmate! Thank goodness!

Sibling Snapshot

October 17, 2016

These kids are growing up so much!! And so fast! I really can’t believe Ivy is THREE and Leo is now 16 months! They’ve changed so much the past couple months, there’s some things I want to remember from this age and I’m a total stat person, so I love to know their height/weight percentages. Ivy’s grown up from her terrible twos and Leo’s learning a new word each week it seems like! So much fun at these young ages.

Emily Mitton Photography Emily Mitton Photography

My shirt // my pants // Ivy’s dress // Leo’s shirt // Leo’s jeans

Photos by Emily Mitton Photography

Ivy || 3 years

Whew, the week Ivy turned three she was a FULL ON THREENAGER. I was like WHAT HAPPENED. After a few days of seriously pulling my hair out and wanting my two year old back, she’s now developed into her sweet spunky self again. What I love most about Ivy, is how she really tries to understand and learn. She talks and talks and talks. She’s not one to throw tantrums too often, but if she does, all we have to do is explain to her why she doesn’t get that, or what is happening. She’s so good at understanding and communicating. So thankfully, we haven’t had too many meltdowns… yet.


Ivy started preschool this year and she is LOVING it. Every day she comes home singing a new riddle or song. I love that she is interacting with other kids and adults, learning responsibility and independence, and learning how to behave in different settings. I’m a total school nerd (ex teacher here), so I love that she is involved in education at a young age. She’s also in gymnastics and is suuuuuper flexible and LOVES to bound all over the place! She is quite coordinated, yay!


This girl has SO MUCH ENERGY. She could do 10 million different things in a day and still be all over the place. Although, she does love to relax and watch a show, that doesn’t last long then she’s on to the next thing! She’s so spunky and hilarious and totally psycho sometimes! Haha :) She is still into anything Frozen, she wants to be Anna and Elsa for Halloween and requested Leo be Olaf, so that’s cute :) She’s totally girl still and always wanting to wear a dress!

Ivy is getting to be much more independent, which is sooo nice, and she absolutely LOVES Leo. Always looking after him and helping him. She’s his voice and it’s super cute.

doctor doctor

With Doctor Shannon Ashbaugh! Ivy loves to play Doctor, minus the real shots! ;)


height | 3ft 2 in (38 inches) – 80 %

weight | 31 lb 11.2 oz – 61%

Leo || 16 months

My sweet Leeeeeeeoooo. Love this boy so much. He’s so sensitive and sweet and cuddly, but can also be outright feisty at times. He literally throws himself on the ground and puts his head on his hands if he’s upset with something. It’s so cute and funny at the same time! Although he’s trying to send a message/throwing a tantrum, I can’t help but pick him up and squeeze him when he does it. It’s too adorable! Leo is still sucking his two fingers, like, pretty sure that’s never going to stop. Teeth are moving and all that, so that’s awesome. I’ll stop that habit someday, but he’s just a sweet little baaaaaby still so you go ahead and use that as comfort Leo!


He is really trying to be a big kid! He wants to be doing whatever Ivy is doing and is so good at playing independently. He can just play and play by himself, so nice. Leo is in to anything that makes noise and moves. He especially loves when airplanes fly overhead when we’re outside, he always points up to the sky. Loves his cars and things that go!

carLeo is such an easy going kid. He just lays down on your shoulder, cuddles, never obnoxious or naughty. Just a plain ole good sweet kid. He’s learning quickly lately, has a new word almost every week – mama, dada, dog, nigh nigh, baby, mooo, are some of his favorites. Love this kid. He’s really too good to be true.


Poor lil guy here. He had his well check but also wasn’t feeling good. So sad for this lil fella! Oh and he not only LOVES his two fingers, but he’s got this new thing going on where he puts his hands down his pants! Sometimes pulls his diaper down so far to reach his you know what that then he pees outside of his diaper! UGH! Oh and he also loves putting his hand down shirts to reach nipples, and I mean anyones. Mine, John’s, anybody who is holding him. Super weird and uncomfortable! Such a guy!!!! :) Haha


height | 2ft 8 in (32 inches) – 81 %

weight | 24 lb 0.1 oz – 63 %

head| 78%
He used to be 98%! So he’s finally growing into his head. Yay!

Ivy’s Mermaid Inspired 3rd Birthday!

October 4, 2016

Ivy turned THREE last weekend! I can’t believe our first born is THREE! Whew! We had a such a fun weekend throwing her a little party and celebrating our newly three year old!

She is totally into Ariel and Little Mermaid (also my FAVORITE Disney movie!!!) lately so she had asked for a mermaid party. I couldn’t wait to throw her an Under the Sea party with mermaids, sea creatures, and lots of blue and purple! Most of all, I couldn’t WAIT for her to dress like a mermaid in her surprise outfit from Carken Design! She was sooooo adorable in it and wore it ALL DAY LONG. Loved it! And almost all of her girlfriends showed up in mermaid costumes too, it was SO FREAKING CUTE!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday PartyMermaid Inspired Birthday Party Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

I was really excited about this theme because there are so many great ideas out there and who doesn’t love mermaids?! I knew I wanted an arch like this birthday party had, and thankfully, Queen City Balloon Bar reached out to me and wanted to make it for me! He did AMAZING and it turned out so great! Ivy couldn’t believe her eyes when she came downstairs in the morning! The arch was the main centerpiece for the party and I really didn’t need much else for decorations after that. Just some good food to fill the table!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday PartyMermaid Inspired Birthday Party

I decided to make Pioneer Woman’s chicken salad and it was SUCH A DELICIOUS RECIPE. Some chicken salads are so mayonnaisy, but this one was equal parts mayonnaise, sour cream, and half and half, which made it so good! I bought a star shaped cookie cutter to turn them into starfish chicken salad sandwiches. Super cute! I made shells and cheese for the kids, and we had some salads and chips and dips too. For desserts, we had seaweed (sour belts), gummy sharks, and cupcakes with mermaid fins on them made of ice cream cones and mermaid fin cupcake toppers! Loved those! So with the theme! I just cut a little bit of the top of end of the cone to fit part of the fin down there. Easy! And can’t forget about the most delicious cakes in Sioux Falls! From Sugar’s Baked Goods and Sweet Treats, plain vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting, mmmm mmmmm. Overall, everything was delicious!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

candy jar | cake stand | tassel garland | mermaid fin cupcake topperMermaid Inspired Birthday Party Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

plates | turquoise snack platesMermaid Inspired Birthday Party

We put together some goodie bags for the kids to use during the party and they turned out so cute! I went pretty generic and did the Little Mermaid surplus with lots of fun toys and girly items like necklaces, bracelets, and hair bows to wear!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

sequin silver tableclothwelcome sign| bags

And the invitations were equally as perfect!!! And you could choose between a blond haired mermaid, red haired mermaid, or a brunette mermaid! Cute!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

Invitation | Cake Topper 

For the craft during the party, I found this fun and easy “Ocean in a bottle” activity on Pinterest, but totally amped it up! I bought sea creatures and big seashells and mini seashells for the kids to add to their bottles, and I had leftover glitter from Ivy’s party last year, so we added that in there as well!  The kids had so much fun making theirs and it was super easy for everyone to do! And thank goodness the mess was outside! :)

Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

And look at all these cute girls (and Leo, hehe!!) in their costumes! Ivy had so much fun with all of her girlfriends!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday

At the very end of the party, we surprised her with a motorized Jeep! She freaked and has basically been in it ever since, running into EVERYTHING! Hopefully she gets the hang of it eventually! Leo’s too scared to ride with her! :) Haha!

Mermaid Inspired Birthday Party

Such a fun mermaid inspired theme! Lots of fun to decorate! Hope you had a fabulous birthday Ivy! We love you! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ivy!

October 1, 2016

Mermaid inspired birthdayIvy turns three today! October 1, whew! Can’t believe it was already three years ago! (See birth story here) It went by so fast, but at the same time it feels like I’ve had kids forever!

Looking back at her 2nd birthday post (here), it’s so funny to see her walking around so little, and look at Leo in the video, teeny! She was so proud singing her ABC’s! And to think of her now, saying all her letters so well, talking NON-STOP about everything, using her imagination more than ever, going to preschool, wow, really hits ya how much she’s changed in a year.

Couldn’t be happier with how she’s growing up (well ok, minus the telling me “no” and running away lately), Ivy, you’re too smart for your own good, and we love your spunk! I’m so proud of you and how you are always looking after your brother. You are certainly sweet and spicy, more spicy than sweet, but those few sweet moments where you actually want a hug and kiss make them that much better! We love you and all your rambunctiousness! Happy 3rd birthday Ivy! XOXO

Mermaid inspired birthday

Mermaid skirt // peplum mermaid top // balloons // tassel banner

More on her mermaid inspired birthday party later this week! Isn’t this outfit to die for?! She was so freaking cute in it!!!!

Here’s the time machine to look back at how she’s grown from birth, year 1, year 2, and now year 3! Besides longer hair, she doesn’t look too different from year 2 to 3. Same little devilish smirk! :)


A video about Ivy. She’s improved a lot on her ABC’s from last year! See last year’s video here. I feel like her favorite colors will ALWAYS be “pink and purple!” She’s so funny.

Love you Ivy! Happy 3rd birthday!