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Last Day of Preschool 2017/2018

May 18, 2018

Last day of schoooooooool!!! Ivy is SO excited about summer and so am I! This year flew by and Ivy and Leo grew leaps and bounds! Leo’s last day was actually last Wednesday, but Ivy’s last day is today!

Here’s the first day of school in September (that post here)! Leo’s hair is sooo blond and long! Cutie! And oh gosh, I remember Ivy wearing two different shoes all the time! Had totally forgotten about that! So funny.

And here’s the last day of school!

Leo grew up a ton!! So cute! His hair is turning so much darker! And he’s so much taller! Ivy hasn’t changed too much. Both cuties!

Leo had his first year at Kids Day Out at Memorial Lutheran and he loved it! It was just two days a week from 9-1130. Just enough time to give me some time with Faye and Leo to have some fun play time. He went into school at the beginning of the year, hardly talking! Now he’s full on sentences and talks non-stop! I can tell he learned some great manners and ways to play and how to share with friends and listen to teachers. He can even count to 20 and knows all his colors! Go Leo! So proud of how much he’s grown this year! I loved the program, great for 2 year olds.

Ivy had her second year of preschool at Central as a Busy Beaver.  She LOVED Miss Debbie and Miss Mary and also grew so much this year! She learned how to write her name, can recognize many of the letters in the alphabet, and knows all of her numbers by sight! So awesome! She really excelled this year and I’m so proud of her! Excited to work with her more this summer, total teacher in me!!! :)

I asked Ivy and Leo a few questions this morning to see how their answers changed as they went through the school year. I did this with Ivy last year (see that post here) and her answers were cute and funny!

First day of school answers on the top, last day of school answers on the bottom

What’s your name?
Ivy: Ivy

Leo: Yeo (Can’t quite say his L’s too good yet, haha)
Leo: Leo! (Yay!!! Got his L!!!)

How old are you?
Ivy: 3, but almost 4!! (October 1st, same birthday as her teacher!)
Ivy: Four and a half!

Leo: 2
Leo: 2 and a half!

What’s your favorite food?
Ivy: Chicken strips
Ivy: Chicken strips and a burger

Leo: Daddy’s cereal (He loves Daddy’s Wheaties!!!)
Leo: Mac and cheese and french fries and chicken nuggets (yup, real healthy!!!)

What’s your favorite color?
Ivy: Pink and purple and golden and silver
Ivy: Pink and purple and golden and silver (WOW! Even said it in the same order! HAHA!)

Leo: Blue!
Leo: Green!

What’s your favorite toy to play with?
Ivy: My lamby (she said this last year too and she did love it, but this year she just found it last night after all summer not playing with it and now is loving it again, so weird… I swear she probably just remembers these questions and remembers her response from last year! This girl doesn’t forget!)
Ivy: Lamby and my dolls (Seriously! The lamby again! She hasn’t touched it ALL YEAR!!!! Too funny. Definitely just remembers her responses from last year! LOL!)

Leo: Dump truck!
Leo: (farting mouth noise, ugh!) Dump trucks!!!! Yay!!!

What do you love the most?
Ivy: Faye (OMG, so cute)
Ivy: Ummmmmmmb. Mommy and Faye (Well ooooooh kay, swoon)

Leo: Trucks
Leo: Diggers and dump trucks

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ivy: A dentist
Ivy: Belle with magic powers and long hair (Oh wow, okay, definite switch in career goals, haha!)

Leo: A mouse (Not quite sure he understood that career lesson that he hasn’t had yet, haha)
Leo: A fireman! And you can be a fire truck. And Ivy, you can be a fireman with me! (Too cute!) Or wait, no, I wanna be a monster truck! I’m gonna be Iron Man! (Then rambled about monster trucks!)

Too funny. I love seeing how they’ve changed.

Faye // 11 Months

May 14, 2018

Faye is 11 months old!!! Good grief, almost a 1 year old, EEEEEK! I simply cannot believe it. It’s gone by so fast! She’s such a sweet bundle of joy and we love her so much.

Faye is getting goofier and goofier every day! She’s really coming into her personality and I love to see what is new with her each day. Her favorite thing to do right now is make tooting noises with her lips and mouth, she does it all day! Then Leo joins in, then Ivy joins in, and then there’s so much spit all over the place! It’s pretty funny though :)

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Faye // 9 Months

March 13, 2018

Fay is 9 months old today! She’s getting to be a little ball of energy lately and I swear she might be as psycho as Ivy is at times! EEEK! We are going to have our work cut out for us keeping up with these two girls! They literally talk and giggle at each other at nights in their room until Faye eventually passes out. It’s the cutest thing. Happy 9 months Faye! You’re growing too fast right before our eyes!

This month is all the babble! She is saying “Da da” and “nigh nigh” and I’m trying so desperately to get her to say “Mama!” :) Love the babble phase and when they’re getting to know words. SO CUTE. Love hearing her voice.

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Faye // 8 Months

February 13, 2018

Faye is 8 months old!!! I just can’t handle it. After my last post (read here) all about having that one last baby to soak in all the last firsts, I’ve been super clingy to Faye! This Mom thing saps me up sometimes and I get so emotional about it all! Tearing up writing this post thinking how fast it has gone and what a big month of growing this was for Faye – crawling, pulling herself up, and clapping! All the Mom feels!!!!

Faye’s biggest accomplishment this month – CRAWLING!!! She basically sat up for, like, a week, then started crawling! Such a big girl! Already trying so hard to keep up with her sister and brother. She is EVERYWHERE already. Mostly ends up under the table for some reason, but can crawl her cute little tush everywhere.

She also pulls herself up on everything! This is one of my FAVORITE stages when you walk into their room and see them standing there in their crib waiting for you! For some reason that just makes me swoon each time! It’s so cute!

Faye also loves to clap! She started that this month too and it’s sooooo adorable. Her big chunky hands and wrists meeting together and her smiling and giggling. So cute!

She’s being such a good eater too – LOVES yogurt! Her favorite! I do baby led weaning, so she’s been eating whatever we eat. Still nursing but mostly she loves her food.

Faye sprouted two more teeth this month – so she has two on the top and three on the bottom. She can literally rip steak pieces out of the strip of steak I give her!

Still not quite sleeping 12 hours. She’ll have about one day a week where she will sleep from 630pm-630am, but otherwise, mostly makes it till 4am, nurses, then goes back to sleep. I don’t want her waking up Ivy! So I go in there to nurse, don’t know if I’ll ever be able to just make her cry it out!! #lastbaby

She also moved in with IVY!!! Woo hoo!! I finally got the courage (read that post here). It’s been going well. I wasn’t sure if Ivy was a hard sleeper or not so I was really nervous, but she’s toooootally a hard sleeper. She doesn’t move a muscle as Faye is crying at night, so that’s good!! Ivy loves to go in her crib in the mornings to play together, soooo cute!

Sweet Baby Faye! We love you so much and you bring us all so much joy!!! I want to go squeeze her right now while she naps!!! Totally obsessed with her!