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Kitchen Inspiration

August 29, 2018

Now that we have our kitchen design down, time for some inspiration to finish the look! I told John, I GET THE KITCHEN, because I’m the only one that cooks! 😆 So it’s been really fun (AND HARD!) dreaming up my dream kitchen and how to achieve a timeless/antique/modern/character filled kitchen. I initially thought – WHITE KITCHEN. I’ve always loved the timeless clean crisp look of white, but it really wasn’t calling me with how the house is so rich and bold. I have been loooooving the navy and dark kitchens lately. So I scoured the internet and Instagram for all the inspo and I’m loving how it’s going to turn out!

CABINET COLOR: I’m all about the bold and moody colors for this house! With the rich stained wood beams everywhere I want some bold colors in it to match! I chose Farrow and Ball Hague Blue for the entire kitchen. I was going to do two-toned with white uppers, but was kind of hating how it didn’t match. Plus we plan on doing very white counters and white walls so I think we will be okay with the rich deep bold blue color.

Here is Farrow and Ball Hague Blue: isn’t it dreamy!
(Go Willow Homes)

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Ivy the Helper

August 3, 2017

Three kids basically means you have your hands full at all times. There’s always someone that needs something at all times of the day. Since having Faye, it’s been tough to keep up with things around the house, being a stay-at-home Mom has never been harder! Recently though, I’ve been noticing that Ivy is asking to help more and more, her intuition that Mom needs help has definitely kicked in (thankfully!).

I’ve been having her put her laundry away and make her bed for about 6 months now, but that’s really the only chore I have made her do, besides the obvious ones such as picking up toys and dressing herself. I feel like I’ve totally deprived her of helping out and being independent! Not that any child really likes chores, but Ivy totally does! I plan on taking full advantage of that until she’s a teenager and hating it!  I think it’s the feeling of being involved and doing what Mom does.

Ivy has recently asked to help dust and empty the dishwasher, she’s all of a sudden such a big girl and such a big help! I feel bad that I haven’t had her help with those things for months! It took her to ask to help instead of me encouraging her to be a big girl and help out around the house. #momfail. I love that she’s independent and I know that having chores around the house will make her feel involved. Time to encourage all of that!

I looked up some other chores on this site and this site that are age appropriate and I couldn’t believe all the ones that I could be making her do! We’ve been doing the no-brainers, like pick up toys, get yourself dressed, put clothes away, etc., but the ones I never would have thought about are helping set the table (WHY didn’t I think of this! DUH!), scrape your own plate into the garbage, water the plants, clean the windows, put away groceries (obvi she knows where the snacks go! Haha), etc. I am excited to get her to try out some other chores around the house! Here’s another site that has great ideas too! I’m considering doing a chore chart. Looks like a fabulous way to stay organized and to encourage them doing their chores on their own.

The thing I have to get over, is that I know it probably won’t be done exactly how I would do it (I tend to be particular about some things!), and it will take longer than if I do it myself, but what a great opportunity to teach!!! And for her to learn! And hello, 4 hands are better than 2! It will take patience on both of our parts for sure, but she is to the age where I want her to feel her worth around the house and take pride in learning and helping out. And she is antsy to help! Time to take advantage of that before it’s gone! :)

What are some chores you have your toddlers do?

Shared Girl’s Room

May 29, 2017

Ivy and new baby are going to share a room! I can already imagine them staying up past their bedtime chatting about princesses and happy endings. Looking forward to that best friend and sister bond. But first we had to get through the process of redecorating! I opted for a pretty simple room and OF COURSE kept the pink wall (color is Amaryllis by Sherwin Williams) :)  The other three walls were a bluish gray that I haven’t liked since we moved in, so I finally got rid of it since I had to patch a bunch of holes to move around art anyways! I painted those three walls Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, looooove the soft crisp clean white. Ivy helped out with picking where she wanted things, except that she wanted the crib RIGHT next to her bed, I had to talk her out of that one, so cute, haha. She’s really excited to get baby in there! It’ll be a few months until the transition into sharing a room, but I’m happy to have it done already!

Starting with the baby’s crib corner. This is Ivy’s old crib. I love that Jenny Lind spindle style. So adorable. I chose to match Ivy and baby girl’s crib and twin sheet, love the pale pink and white. The swan adds just enough decoration to the pink wall!

bookcase // blanket


storage basket

Moving on to Ivy’s side of the room. Hers basically stayed the same, but she LOVED the flamingo animal head so had to have that! 

twin bed // mermaid quilt // bunny // twin sheets

lamp // side table (similar here) // OK to wake clock

Now to the dresser. I LOVE this dresser! It has tons of room, big drawers, and is actually a really great piece, for IKEA! The right half is new baby’s clothes and left half is Ivy’s. Plenty of room!

I had so much art work from before, so I wanted to reuse some of them. The shelves worked great to add the art and some other decor.

changing pad cover // storage bin (similar)

love is spoken here // lamb // swans // floral // tea // alice in wonderland // cat // love

Really happy with the way it turned out! Nice to be a little more minimal in there and thankfully her room is big so plenty of room for her baby! My favorite might be these animal heads! #targetdoesitagain

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

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Spring Style | Fashion + Home

March 20, 2017

Hello first day of Spring!!! LOVE that winter is over with and we can look forward to warmer temps, longer days, and (hopefully) no more snow! Transitioning to spring in the house and in the closet is THE BEST. I love to get rid of the dark colors of winter and launch into some pastels, brights, whites, or just basically, COLOR. Winter gets so boring! Already dreaming about the first flowers popping up, pretty tulips draping over the vase, and a new wardrobe filled with flowy tops and trendy jeans!

I updated my favorite room in our house last week, a little ahead of spring, I just couldn’t wait! So nice to get some color in this room!!

And, I’m proud to say that all of my indoor plants are STILL ALIVE! Wooo hoooo! I totally neglected them over the fall and winter, and somehow they made it. Pretty pumped about that because I love a little greenery around the house in the nice seasons!

Now to update some of my wardrobe! I looooove this stripe off the shoulder maternity dress – so beautiful! I can’t wait to get into some dresses that show off the bump. Sick of wearing jeans! But will never be sick of wearing leggings :)

Here are some of my favorite spring fashion and home styles

blanket | clutch | sunglasses | vase | top | espadrilles | sneakers | white pants | denim jeans

Toooootally loving the embroidered jeans trend! They’re everywhere right now! Some are super embroidered and I don’t think I can do that, but I thought the ones in the picture were just a touch enough. Plus I love the frayed hem on the skinny jean! Channeling my (wannabe) inner hippie for those!

Loving all the summer sandals too! Espadrilles are so pretty, but can never go wrong with my yoga pants and sneakers look :)

Gimme all the flouncy tops and flowy blouses! Love the wide ruffle look on the sleeves and the romantic off-the-shoulder look. Finally get to show a little skin with these warmer temps!

Shop this post for my favorite spring styles and home accessories!

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Happy Spring! Hope you had a fabulous first day!

Under the Stairs Dress Up Playroom

March 5, 2017

So excited to share this room! It’s been a really fun project – channeling my inner princess and making this as pink and girly girl as possible! I’m pretty jealous of Ivy on this, what little girl wouldn’t want her own little area for dress up and play! Pretty happy to utilize an area much better than storing junk in it!

This vision all started out one day as I opened this storage room door in the playroom downstairs to get out a baby pillow and bassinet. I then realized WHAT THE HELL is even in this room?! After recognizing that it’s all “junk,” I hauled it out to the garage and put it in my garage sale pile that’s seriously daunting, and started thinking of some inspiration… the fun part!

I thought about how much Ivy LOVES to dress up, but how much I HATE to clean it all up! I have all of her dress up clothes just in a big canvas storage bin, and she pulls out every single one until she finds the exact one she wants, which results in clothes ALL OVER THE PLACE. It bothers me every time! While she does pick them up, it’s still such a mess during the process. DING DING DING! I thought, how nice would it be to have all the dresses and costumes hanging up?! Immediately I knew, THAT is what I want this room to be! A place for Ivy to be her own little princess and dress up and put on pretend makeup and play and dream and sing Frozen “Let it Go” out loud! Her own little princess dress-up playroom. Ahhhh :)

I knew it had to be as girly as possible. Lots of pink and purple, her favorite colors! I took off the door because I thought a curtain would be really fun! And much more cute! She loves to keep it shut so “no boys” can get in, eh eh, Leo, even though he goes in there with her all the time! The curtain is really fun though, plus taking it off added more room for the mirror.

Next, I purchased a piece of wood from Home Depot cut to the size I needed along with pink and fuchsia glitter spray paint. I also purchased enough double hooks for all of her pretty dresses and costumes! I spray painted the wood pink and the hooks pink with the purple fuschia over it.

I thankfully already had the table (it’s a storage bench without the storage bins) and stools already, then I purchased this perfectly fitting storage organizer with these bins to hold essentials for dress up such as shoes, wands, purses, and crowns, of course :)

I also bought this mirror and spray painted it the same pink to go over the table so she can see herself dressing up and putting on her little girl makeup. I already had these pink and teal feather hooks and used them to hang her necklaces.

tiny bow wall decals

Furthermore, I had this cart and used these bins to organize her headbands, lip glosses, nail polishes, perfume (pretty sure I had those bottles since high school!!), hair brushes, dolls, etc. I keep finding new things in there everytime she’s in there!

Princess makeup kit

Princess mini lip gloss and nail polish

Lastly, I knew I needed a large mirror so she could see her whole dressed up princess self! I found this one on Craigslist for $20, so that was awesome! There’s also a super cute mini princess mirror that fits too! I used command strips to hang everything. They’re so easy! Pink garland I already had from her room to add a touch of pink, rug (similar here) I also already had, and voila!

princess mirror

Ivy is absolutely loving it! She goes down there to play all the time, by herself even! So that is amazing :) Plus the hooks are sooooo much better than the bin or hanging them by hangers! She can actually do it by herself and it’s so easy to take them on and off. Overall, now it’s just another play area, but organized! For now… :) haha

always wear your invisible crown wall art