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Independence Day Craft

July 7, 2014

I love having friends that have their own unique qualities and passions. The kind of best buds that make you reflect on what you do as a mother and as a human being. The kind that influence you to be better than you are today and spark new interests that you didn’t know you even had. My friend Erin is one of those people that just always makes me THINK. Her charisma and enthusiasm for being a friend and a mom are very inspiring. She has this contagious holiday spirit that is so much fun. In fact, you walk in to her house around a holiday, and she has the front door all decked out with the holiday theme and decor all around the house to uplift you into the holiday spirit. She is SO good at that kind of stuff! Like, why don’t I think of doing that?! Even better now, she gets to do little kiddie crafts with her daughter Natalie to help with the holiday decor. This woman was meant to be a MOM! Her second calling is definitely a kindergarten teacher :) She is awesome at these kinds of things. So Ivy and I were quite excited to get the invite for the “4th of July craft.” We couldn’t wait! Jess and James joined us for the baby’s craft.

4th of July 2014-6

Pretty proud of her handprint flag!

4th of July 2014-5 4th of July 2014-1

Erin and Natalie making Natalie’s handprint for the flag

4th of July 2014-2

Here goes James – get your hand on that stamp pad!

4th of July 2014-3

James liked the activity! 
4th of July 2014-101

Behold… the finished product ;)

Swim, Swim Little Fishy

June 16, 2014

PROUD MOM moment! My little baby just got her first award! Completing swimming lessons! Well, it was more of a certificate (not to be downplayed at all), but it was pretty exciting receiving that and seeing her name on there. I was so proud of her! It made me remember all of the medals and certificates I received throughout my years and I fluttered into the future and envisioned Ivy getting all sorts of awards and certificates in her upcoming years for sports, academics, or whatever her teeny heart desires. Indeed, that first one was pretty special :)

We joined the “Ducks in Diapers” (the class is as cute as the name!) class at Swim America. The class focused on kicking and using their arms, which Ivy was WAY more interested in what was going on around her than to know to kick. But hey, she is only 8 months, it’s more just about getting them in the water. We were excited for this because if you’re a Koch, you are in or at water as often as possible. With our cabin by the lake/river in Yankton, and with John’s parent’s cabin at Lake Madison, Ivy is bound to be a little fishy all summer. In fact, John remembers skiing with his Dad at a very young age, holding on to the rope and standing on the skis, pretty talented for a little tyke. So, John can’t wait to get her in the water! Hold off for a couple years though, ok Daddy ;)

Ivy joined the class with her friends Natalie and James. It was so much fun to see the 3 of them together and I got some much needed social time with friends Erin and Jess. We were all brave and swished our babies underwater! It was funny to see their reactions!

Best part of all, BABIES IN SWIMSUITS :)

Swimming Lessons-51

Swimming Lessons-28

Swimming Lessons-1 Swimming Lessons-41

Natalie (6 months), Ivy (8 months), and James (5 months)

Swimming Lessons-34

BFF’s holding hands. SWOOOOON

Swimming Lessons-5 Swimming Lessons-15

Practicing holding on to the edge. Go James! He WANTS that turtle!

Swimming Lessons-13

Floating on their backs. They’re supposed to be practicing kicking here…

Swimming Lessons-7

Kick, kick, kick

Swimming Lessons-19

Swim through the hoop Ivy! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Swimming Lessons-30

Grandma Betsy even came to visit 2 of the days!

Swimming Lessons-56

 Haha, SO FUNNY. But very proud :) Go Ivy, xxoo

8 Months

June 1, 2014

Ivy is 8 months going on 18. Seriously, Ivy is like a crazy Tarzan monkey girl and into EVERYTHING. She is restless – needs this, needs that, wants to look at this, wants to look at that. I mean, I love it, because she’s so curious and inquisitive, but can I just CUDDLE my baby for one second? OH NO. Mom, I don’t cuddle. This gets me nervous, if 7 months was like a crazy drunk person (sorry for the analogy), what is 8 months going to be like? She’s even starting to throw little tantrums (which aren’t so cute anymore). Umb, excuse me? Are you 8 months or 18 with that crazy talk. Slow down Tarzan. Sloooooow dooooowwwnnn

Well this week was a HUGE week for her! As John described her, “she’s like South Dakota weather, changing every 30 seconds.”

1) Biggest change, she’s CRAWLING! Oh my goodness, I thought I had a crazy girl before, well now that she’s all over the place, umb, I can’t even take my eyes off of her! It’s pretty fun though, her cute little butt and chubby little thighs cruising along the floor, it’s pretty dang sweet. And SO cool. I mean, you were just BORN. Didn’t I just read that you were the size of a medium shrimp (which was SO weird to picture, btw)? But she’s LOVING it. She loves to go get a new toy or go crawl to Daddy (who happens to be bribing her with something because we all know she wants that toy, NOT to cuddle), so she’s enjoying seeing all new sights with her new proud talent. 

2) Obsessed this week with her sippy cup. She’s mastered to tip it up and she just CANNOT get enough of it. Is that water in there or Red Bull, because I have to check sometimes :/

3) Pulling herself up. Seriously. We JUST lowered the crib and now she’s already pulling herself up. Does that mean she walks soon? Isn’t it after they crawl it’s only a short time after that they walk? OMG. I’m not going to google that because I don’t even want to know. Ok lady, slow down… danger ahead…

4) #4 has to be 4 because now she has 4 teeth! She got her 2 upper teeth this week. Just pushed through the gums today. Little baby teeth are so cute. Those teeny bright white pearls just poking through. So sweet.

Well, I guess looking back at her 7 month saga, 8’s gotta be pretty good too. I say BRING IT ON.

DSC_0112 DSC_0037 DSC_0026

Thighs <3


Set up our baby pool for the summer! She LOVES it! And we start swimming lessons tomorrow!!

IMG_5065-3 IMG_5082-8

Ivy helping (or maybe trying to steal) Natalie with her bottle.


Jess and James and Erin and Natalie over for play time. AND I LOVE my Oh Joy for Target Beach Mat. Perfect for our patio and for the beach in Yankton. CUTEST colors! Even for James :) hehe


These three little fishies will be in swimming lessons together!


Sippy Cup ADDICT

DSC_0043 1

DSC_0029 2

Love her baby face in this one :)

First trip to the Great Plains Zoo!


Haha, uuuumb, ok, sit however you want. Ready for her bike ride with the Burley!


Ivy’s first track meet! State meet in Sioux Falls. She’s gotta lose those thunder thighs, but in a few years she will KILL IT.