Independence Day Craft

July 7, 2014

I love having friends that have their own unique qualities and passions. The kind of best buds that make you reflect on what you do as a mother and as a human being. The kind that influence you to be better than you are today and spark new interests that you didn’t know you even had. My friend Erin is one of those people that just always makes me THINK. Her charisma and enthusiasm for being a friend and a mom are very inspiring. She has this contagious holiday spirit that is so much fun. In fact, you walk in to her house around a holiday, and she has the front door all decked out with the holiday theme and decor all around the house to uplift you into the holiday spirit. She is SO good at that kind of stuff! Like, why don’t I think of doing that?! Even better now, she gets to do little kiddie crafts with her daughter Natalie to help with the holiday decor. This woman was meant to be a MOM! Her second calling is definitely a kindergarten teacher :) She is awesome at these kinds of things. So Ivy and I were quite excited to get the invite for the “4th of July craft.” We couldn’t wait! Jess and James joined us for the baby’s craft.

4th of July 2014-6

Pretty proud of her handprint flag!

4th of July 2014-5 4th of July 2014-1

Erin and Natalie making Natalie’s handprint for the flag

4th of July 2014-2

Here goes James – get your hand on that stamp pad!

4th of July 2014-3

James liked the activity! 
4th of July 2014-101

Behold… the finished product ;)

2 thoughts on “Independence Day Craft

  1. Natalie's Mommy

    You are TOO kind! So gracious with your words…thank you! This journey is so much MORE fun with your friendship!


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