Swim, Swim Little Fishy

June 16, 2014

PROUD MOM moment! My little baby just got her first award! Completing swimming lessons! Well, it was more of a certificate (not to be downplayed at all), but it was pretty exciting receiving that and seeing her name on there. I was so proud of her! It made me remember all of the medals and certificates I received throughout my years and I fluttered into the future and envisioned Ivy getting all sorts of awards and certificates in her upcoming years for sports, academics, or whatever her teeny heart desires. Indeed, that first one was pretty special :)

We joined the “Ducks in Diapers” (the class is as cute as the name!) class at Swim America. The class focused on kicking and using their arms, which Ivy was WAY more interested in what was going on around her than to know to kick. But hey, she is only 8 months, it’s more just about getting them in the water. We were excited for this because if you’re a Koch, you are in or at water as often as possible. With our cabin by the lake/river in Yankton, and with John’s parent’s cabin at Lake Madison, Ivy is bound to be a little fishy all summer. In fact, John remembers skiing with his Dad at a very young age, holding on to the rope and standing on the skis, pretty talented for a little tyke. So, John can’t wait to get her in the water! Hold off for a couple years though, ok Daddy ;)

Ivy joined the class with her friends Natalie and James. It was so much fun to see the 3 of them together and I got some much needed social time with friends Erin and Jess. We were all brave and swished our babies underwater! It was funny to see their reactions!

Best part of all, BABIES IN SWIMSUITS :)

Swimming Lessons-51

Swimming Lessons-28

Swimming Lessons-1 Swimming Lessons-41

Natalie (6 months), Ivy (8 months), and James (5 months)

Swimming Lessons-34

BFF’s holding hands. SWOOOOON

Swimming Lessons-5 Swimming Lessons-15

Practicing holding on to the edge. Go James! He WANTS that turtle!

Swimming Lessons-13

Floating on their backs. They’re supposed to be practicing kicking here…

Swimming Lessons-7

Kick, kick, kick

Swimming Lessons-19

Swim through the hoop Ivy! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Swimming Lessons-30

Grandma Betsy even came to visit 2 of the days!

Swimming Lessons-56

 Haha, SO FUNNY. But very proud :) Go Ivy, xxoo

One thought on “Swim, Swim Little Fishy

  1. Natalie's Mommy

    This was so much fun! Ivy keep blowing your AWESOME bubbles! Look forward to many upcoming afternoons poolside!


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