Leo // 2 months

August 8, 2015


Leo turns TWO months today!

Leo is the best baby! He is soooo sweet and only wants to be held and cuddled and close to anyone who wants to hold him. It’s so precious! He has been smiling a lot and has started cooing which is absolutely adorable. He slept eight hours straight the other night which was amazing!

He’s getting to be such a big boy and unfortunately for him, he’ll have to squeeze into this last shipment of Amazon Mom size one diapers I got him before the first of the month and he gets into his size two! Sorry buddy!

He’s also so strong!!! He held his head up the day he was born… like WHAAAT? And now he does it all the time easily. He’s “all boy!” like my Mom says :)

He is so much fun to be around and loves to be in the action. He takes his sister’s shenanigans quite well and I am anxious for him to dish it back to her! Watch out Ivy!


And those SMILES! #meltsmyheart


Monthly Stickers // Crib Sheet fabric then custom made by Iviebaby // Striped tank romper from Gap sold out (similar here and really cute one here too)

Leotwomonths-25Bah! And had to include this one! Ivy kept saying “too tight, too tight mommy!” I guess she didn’t want to be THAT close to her brother ;) And Leo’s little smirk, hahaha!

Favorite Leo pictures from the month… smooch and smack!


Top – Red Henley Onesie // Red and White Striped Onesie

Middle – Black and White Striped Blanket // Anchor Onesie from June and January sold out (similar here) // Crab Outfit

Bottom – Boppy Pillow Cover // Blue Henley Onesie

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