Friday Finds 8.14.15

August 14, 2015

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OK, so I’m totally hoping on this blogger bandwagon, but I always love when my favorite bloggers like Little Baby Garvin and Tales of Me and My Husband post their favorite finds from the week. It is so fun to see what they pick out in fashion, beauty, kids stuff, news, and basically ANYTHING. I love the randomness about it and I’m always curious what’s out there in the world that I don’t know about yet. So I’m gonna hop on this train too! Sharing my favorite finds from the week… here we go!

100 years of fashion in under three minutes – so cool to see the progression! That denim jumpsuit in ’75, killin me!!! Love it!

If you follow Gisele Bundchen on Instagram, I know you’ve been inspired to work out! Just LOOK at her body!

Can I rock black leather pants? Kinda wanna try

Totally into this backpack trend – loving this one! AND here’s a cute one for your back-to-school kid! (15% off until Monday!) Or this fox one, gah!

Long live summer and babies in swimsuits <3

The Notebook becoming a TV series?! Whaaaat. Only if Ryan Gosling is in it, pretty please.

Family vacations – SHRIEK! They aren’t so easy, that’s for sure! But it could be worse… this family forgot their 3 year old at a rest stop! OMG. I am always afraid of something like this happening to me!!

Free Babes on Etsy released her fall line on Thursday! Bring on the bows!

Sooo, I’m just hearing about these overnight oats thing, and man do they sound delicious and easy!! These recipes look amazing! Totally going to try it out this weekend! Has anyone done this? WHY am I just hearing about it?!

What’s going on this weekend? I’m hearing about this balloon race and the downtown riverfest and might have to go to one of those. I’m solo with the kids this weekend so send a beer my way if you see me out! HELP!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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