Big Fat Fail #pottytraining

August 7, 2015


First off, could she have that ipad ANY closer to her face? Ok, but getting to the point… we failed. A BIG, fat, no good, cleaning-up-a-ton-of-messes, I-need-ten-beers, FAIL. Read up on the “How to Potty Train in 3 Days” method that I went with from my last blog post (here).  Now here’s the story:

Day 1

As anticipated, Ivy was all excited to take off her diaper and be “potty trained,” as she started calling it, and Mom was just as eager as well. We started off the morning great, she peed on the potty right away in the morning, and then, accident, after accident, after accident. Basically, Day 1 was a riot. One highlight though, was when she realized she needed to poop and actually got up from playing and went to the potty and pooped! That gave me hope! But it didn’t last for long.

Day 2

Same as day one. Barely any progress at all. But she did wake up with a less wet diaper, so a little better. And she is actually realizing she’s peeing and walking to the potty, but not waiting to be ON the potty to pee. We went out for the one hour today and she peed on our walk around the neighborhood :/ Lots of accidents. Feeling discouraged. Sick of hanging out on the hardwood floors. Sick of cleaning up messes. Should I stop and not even bother? Eh, I’ll stick it out. But, I’m not one to just sit at home… so I’m dying.

Day 3

Basically, the same. When I put her diaper on for nap, she wasn’t happy about it. And it took her forever to fall asleep with it on. I went in there once to see what the heck she was doing, because sometimes she poops and won’t fall asleep, but she had just peed and wanted me to change it. I changed it, and straight to sleep. So at least she’s not enjoying her wet diaper anymore! Still just walking to the potty while peeing, not actually walking to the potty to pee. And on our two one hour departures, she peed both times. Humph. So ya, barely any progress.

Here is her potty chart – wow she pees a lot! And this doesn’t even count wet diapers at her nap and bedtime! Geesh! This chart is TMI. Mommy apologizes if you see this when you’re 13 Ivy :)


Well, it didn’t work. But she LOVED the potty chart! I’m glad I made one that was so simple and one that she could actually put the sticker on herself, she really enjoyed that. With going potty, she didn’t learn the sensation of needing to pee, she never really went to the potty to pee, just if she would happen to be sitting on it, we got lucky. Otherwise, I would say we had little progress. I guess we will try again in a couple months! I am ok with that! She’s only 22 months so I was hopeful, but in reality, she’s just too young still… which means she’s still a little baby… which I’m ok with :)


What to do from here

I think I’ll just kind of continue the naked trend. Practice makes perfect, am I right?! So anytime we are at home, I think I’ll just have her go commando and hope that one day she starts acknowledging that pee sensation. Then we will try the 3-day thing again in a month or two.

Meanwhile, I’m at Costco buying more paper towels : /

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