Leo // 4 Months

October 8, 2015


Leo is 4 months old!

This month he has been hilarious! He smiles ALL the time, like way more than I ever remember Ivy smiling! He really is sweet. And he likes to talk too! If he’s anything like Ivy, this is going to be one non-stop chatter of a household!

He’s starting to roll on his side, in fact he sleeps like that sometimes, kinda scary, but it must be comfortable for him. And the sleep situation hasn’t changed. Still going to bed around 7-730, wakes up around 330, then again at 7ish. Not quite sleeping through the night. I have the feeling he might NEVER! EEEK!

Lately he LOVES to watch his sister Ivy! She takes care of him and is always looking out for him. They’re forming quite a bond, I love it! He watches her all day long. Can’t wait till they can actually play together!


Monthly stickers //Crib Sheet fabric then custom made by Iviebaby // Iguana tee // Sweatpants //  Jellycat Bashful Calf

He also LOVES his reflection! Always smiling at himself :)

Here are some other favorites from this month! Leo is quite smiley! We love you Leo John!

Leo 4 months

Top Left – Happy Camper (from Gap – sold out) // Sweatpants // Crib sheet

Middle – Onesie

Right – Brave the Wild onesie (from Gap – sold out) // Striped sweat pants // Booties

Bottom left – Pig onesie // Booties

Middle – Born Wild Tee (from Gap – sold out) // Blue pants

Right – Striped onesie // Blue pants // Green Booties

Here is Leo at 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months

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