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Spring Stock with Solly Baby and Little Hip Squeaks

March 14, 2015

Spring Stock Other

SPRING HAS SPRUNG. This has been a big week for a couple of my FAVORITE shops!

On Wednesday, Solly Baby launched their much awaited for spring line with all sorts of new colors of wraps. I wasn’t much of a baby-wearer with Ivy, but I plan to get out and about a lot more with baby boy, so I knew I was going to be needing a wrap. Plus, it’s summer when baby is due, and that means it will be filled with boating, trips to the park, and being outside! Baby-wearing ALL DAY. I have heard so much about these Solly wraps, so I knew I just HAD to have one :) I decided on the butter color because it reminded me of summer! And I’ll be wearing it all summer! I loved the bright color. SOOO anxious to get this!

On Friday, Little Hip Squeaks launched their exciting new line of items. I love Little Hip Squeaks and everything the brand is – colorful and fun! In fact, their motto for spring was COLOR COLOR COLOR. Everything is bright and rad! I got the mint and coral dress for Ivy. She will be so cute in it! The mint will look beautiful with her eyes :) The headbands are so pretty too! Then for baby boy, I got the mint tally and anchor bodysuit for him to wear, and also the mustard blanket for him to snuggle in. SO EXCITED.

Check out these shops if you haven’t yet – inventory is already running low!

Ivy March 11-3

Ivy in her Little Hip Squeaks skirt // Floral Sweater // Leggings

Dear Portland, let me count the ways…

May 3, 2014

Portland, Oregon has always been on my bucket list. The lush green forests, the divine food, the craft brews, the hip culture, this city certainly was a city I HAD to visit sometime. My sister Catheryn and her new husband Michael moved out there last year from D.C. and needless to say, I WAS PUMPED. Even more reasons to visit now! Being it was Easter, they just eloped, and it was her birthday = a perfect time to visit. My other sister Jillian and her husband Brian also booked some tickets from Indianapolis to make it a family affair. Catheryn hadn’t met Ivy yet, so we HAD to bring her! Plus, I was excited for her to have her 2nd airplane ride (1st was to Scottsdale, AZ) and to see some new sights.



We started our journey hitting the town and ate at Tasty N Alder. DELICIOUS. We had a bloody mary and shared a bunch of brunch items. This was the best meal we had ALL weekend! As we chowed down, I got used to nursing in public, which is never the easiest, but Ivy took a little snooze as I was inhaling a fab meal.

Next, we dashed to some breweries – Rogue and Deschutes. We did a sampling of beer flights, and they were all so so good. We ended the night at a rooftop bar called Departure to soak in some views of the city.





The next day was our WINE TOUR of Willamette Valley. Jillian, AKA Master Planner, put together a list of wineries to go to and John and I were THRILLED. Ivy napped on the drive there so she was all rested and ready to have her “cracker tasting” at each winery :)

First up, was WillaKenzie. Pulling into the driveway of this winery was like a dream. The views were just majestic with lush green everywhere. So beautiful. This is a larger winery and I looooooved every wine we sampled. I took advantage of a firepit overlooking the vineyard and nursed Ivy. It was quite amazing. Usually nursing in public is in a corner of a bathroom or something, but this, this was a spot I could get used to. That fire, the trees, the vines, the grapes… take me baaaaaaack.






Proud Uncle Brian and Auntie Jillian! Lookin’ like naturals.


2nd stop, we hit Lenne, a beautiful building and scenery. Very intimate setting.

DSC_0050 DSC_0052 DSC_0054

3rd stop was Saffron Fields. This place had architecture that was just incredible!


Ivy enjoying her cracker tasting

4th stop was the BEST stop. Atticus Winery. This was a very unique experience because it was not a business location, we actually got to go to their home for a private tasting. Their home was SO neat. Rustic country with a view that was to die for. Vineyards in your back yard?! Yes please! I’ll take 2. The woman was so nice and we pretty much took over her house. We brought our lunch – meats, cheeses, crackers, dips – all from Trader Joe’s, paired with some delicious wine samples, and this was the best hour we had.

DSC_0074 DSC_0075DSC_0083Ivy finally got some playing time

After the wine tasting, we went outside to see the vineyard and it was just dreamy outside. We took advantage of the setting for some stunning family photos

IMG_0425_2 DSC_0105

The Keating Girls


Umb, could this be ANY more perfect. Eyes open, everybody’s looking, and everybody’s smiling, EVEN IVY.


Newly eloped!! Michael and Catheryn


The 3rd day we went to Irving Street Kitchen for lunch, then went for a stroll through Washington Park. The food was delectable and the sights were delightful. The park was extraordinary! Abundant trees and green, walking paths, and a rose garden (this would have been GORGEOUS if they had been in bloom) made for a sweet cruise through the park.


Only gourmet for baby ;)


Hey guys

IMG_0443_2 DSC_0109

Daddy slingin’ it

And that made the end of our trip, wine, beer, food, and family. Until next time Portland, xoxo.

Break needed

February 18, 2014

We just had our President’s Day break and thankfully, I got Thursday-Monday off. Lots of time with Ivy! We went to Yankton for the weekend and enjoyed some serious relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered. 
IMG_4115Dad bought Ivy her life-vest for this summer! Lots of boating and time at the Lewis and Clark lake beaches!


Love this picture of us. Cozy be the fire


Let’s hope she turns her head like this when the boys try and kiss her too :)


Ummmmb, who’s really the baby here?


 K is for Koch!


Ultimate Frisbee in the Ergo. A tad difficult

In loving memory – February 17, we want to remember Rebecca Elizabeth Koch Sweeney who passed away of cancer in 2013. John and I were happy to be together as a family on this difficult day. We still think about you Becca, and wish you were still here. Miss you and love you.

Soakin’ in the AZ sunshine

December 18, 2013

Family trips, ahhhh the memories. I remember the trips we took as children and how much fun they were. Being with Mommy and Daddy, my sisters (even though we were probably fighting), and enjoying our trips together were some great times. There is something about family bonding that just makes me all giddy inside. Maybe it’s partly because we were always somewhere fun and exciting, Disney World, the beach, grandma and grandpas house, but overall, it’s just a good family memory. When John and I booked our first family trip, we were quite excited for Ivy to take her first plan ride. I, of course had anxiety, reading every blog and article I could about how to NOT have a screaming baby on the plane, which I was terrified about, because I know I have been soooo annoyed with THAT screaming kid on the plane. But thankfully, Ivy wasn’t THAT baby, and we weren’t THOSE parents. We did JUST fine :) It made it a lot easier that it was a direct flight (best thing ever), straight from Sioux Falls to Phoenix. Little Ivy got some ooo’s and ahhhh’s because she did so well! Slept for most of it and then played for a while. Thank goodness. Fewf.

We stayed at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale. It was incredible. Pools, bars, 5 star restaurants, golf courses, walking trails, shops, everything in one place. We had a perfect location for our room, so while Ivy took her morning nap, John and I brought the monitor down to the pool and hottub with our Starbucks latte to soak in the water. SO NICE. We even brought Ivy down one morning to take a dip. Oops, she had to go in with her diaper, buuuut oh well. She wasn’t so sure about the water, it was funny!



The resort had a Christmas special so they had over a million lights around the resort and they even had a choo choo train to take peole around on the walking paths to see the lights at night. The kid in me HAD to do it. I LOVED it. Ivy loved it until it put her to sleep halfway :) Ha, but I really enjoyed it. We also got to meet Santa!

DSC_0096 DSC_0085IMG_3866

We had to go out and see the sights one day. We ended up hiking Camelback Mountain. With how inquisitive Ivy is, she LOVED looking at the views! We turned her facing forward halfway into the hike in the Baby Bjorn so she could see everything. John was a mountain man in that thing. He got some studly looks from other hikers as he was hiking with a baby. Way to go, dude.


Check out those views. Poor Ivy needed some sunglasses. Oops


DSC_0011Pit stop up at the top to nurse

We also did a bunch of shopping (too much to fit in our suitcases, of course), eating DELICIOUS food, and we had some nice nights around a fire at the resort with a bottle of wine. Pretttty relaxing. Goal met, check.


Enjoying a brewski under the heat lamp with Christmas Carols in the background at Bar North. Ivy just dooozed off under that nice warm heat lamp while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a beer, or two, or three, and a glass of wine :) Oh and they have THE BEST BRUSCHETTA – it had prosciutto and asparagus on it. To die for.

DSC_0026 DSC_0021 DSC_0020

This was maybe the best. It was raining out and somehow we scored this delightful spot – Real wood fire, snuggles with Daddy, and a bottle of wine. Amore, amore.

Ergobaby = lifesaver

November 12, 2013

Well, maaaaybe running throughout my pregnancy, (yes, I ran for all 40 weeks, eeeek), created a bit of a problem for Ivy wanting to be stationary. She is always wanting to be ON THE MOVE. At around 5:30 each night, of course when John gets home from work, she is just wanting to be held and walked, and walked, and walked. Insert Ergobaby here. Lifesaver. I love it because it’s hip enough for me to wear, and manly enough (I chose navy blue) for John to wear. He loves it! And I LOVE it because he just strolls around the house with her as she finally silences. It’s funny to see her little head poke out. We just laugh.


Off for a little cruise around Falls Park