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Napa with the Gal Pals!

July 28, 2018

This trip was SO MUCH FUN! Napa with girls was such a blast! Laughs and cries and eating and drinking all weekend long. So many fun memories with my gal pals! PLUS, indulged in ALL THE WINE AND FOOD. We ate and drank our way through Napa!

We started pretty easy after our arrival, with a couple glasses of wine at Jessup Cellars then devoured dinner at Ad Hoc, my favorite! I love the family feast style of dinner and everything was SO GOOD. Plus we had a Failla pinot noir, and that was one of my favorite wineries we visited last time I went to Napa (see that post here)!

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Vegas! With Kids!

May 23, 2018

I am on a whole nother stratosphere of crazy with this trip! But, I managed Vegas and airports and flying with 3 kids! And they had a TON OF FUN. The pools were incredible, the sun was shining, and the naps weren’t happening! :) It was an experience for sure!

My sister had a conference in Vegas, so my other sister and her two kids and our Mom all decided to join her last minute and booked a trip to Vegas! My sister’s husband and my husband were both on the same bachelor party trips, so we were solo anyways! What fun to meet up in Vegas – book the tickets and worry about everything later, right?! Basically!! EEEK!

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Girlfriends Weekend in Minneapolis!

May 6, 2018

Time for a girl’s trip! I hadn’t left Faye yet so I was so overdue for a getaway! I was so ready for a some time away with long-time girlfriends that make you laugh till you cry! And also excited to go shopping and actually try on clothes without kids and eat at some hip fun restaurants while devouring delicious food!

We have a group of 10 girls from high school (Sioux Falls Roosevelt!) that were besties and we’re all still close! We try to get together once a year for a girl’s trip and this year we did Minneapolis. Six of the girls still live in Sioux Falls, three in Minneapolis, and one in Chicago, so Minneapolis is a close pick!

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