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Vegas! With Kids!

May 23, 2018

I am on a whole nother stratosphere of crazy with this trip! But, I managed Vegas and airports and flying with 3 kids! And they had a TON OF FUN. The pools were incredible, the sun was shining, and the naps weren’t happening! :) It was an experience for sure!

My sister had a conference in Vegas, so my other sister and her two kids and our Mom all decided to join her last minute and booked a trip to Vegas! My sister’s husband and my husband were both on the same bachelor party trips, so we were solo anyways! What fun to meet up in Vegas – book the tickets and worry about everything later, right?! Basically!! EEEK!

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Girlfriends Weekend in Minneapolis!

May 6, 2018

Time for a girl’s trip! I hadn’t left Faye yet so I was so overdue for a getaway! I was so ready for a some time away with long-time girlfriends that make you laugh till you cry! And also excited to go shopping and actually try on clothes without kids and eat at some hip fun restaurants while devouring delicious food!

We have a group of 10 girls from high school (Sioux Falls Roosevelt!) that were besties and we’re all still close! We try to get together once a year for a girl’s trip and this year we did Minneapolis. Six of the girls still live in Sioux Falls, three in Minneapolis, and one in Chicago, so Minneapolis is a close pick!

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Black Hills Labor Day

September 5, 2017

We made the trek West River to head to the Black Hills for a family vacation last weekend! So much fun to be in a different environment and surrounded by the lush pine trees and historic towns. I love all of the history there and the buildings are so neat! John was out there for some work early, and the Grandparents offered to keep Leo, so off I went with Ivy and Faye. First stop, WALL DRUG!

Faye made it the whole 4 hours there without us having to stop! That was awesome. So we were all ready to get out and explore a bit and stretch our legs. So many quirky things to look at and do there. And we had to have a donut! Yum!

We finally made it to Daddy and we were so happy to join him!

The next day we drove to the Southern Hills to Hill City. Stopped and went for a little walk on the Mickelson Trail on the way down.

Hill City has the coolest little main street and I was sooo excited to try Miner Brewing Co. Last time we were here it was just getting built so I was anxious to see it and have a cold one (or 5!) I’m a sucker for a tasting flight and each of the beers were so good! We went back the next day for another one! The atmosphere and vibe is so cool, love the industrial rustic look they have going on.

Day 3 we went to Keystone. Neither of us had ever been there so it was fun to see a new town. We went to the Rushmore Tramway Adventure Park and rode the tramway! It was soo much fun! The slide back down was the best part! Even Faye liked it, haha :)

And up top there was a beautiful view of Mount Rushmore and the Hills. So pretty!

Our last day was spent in the coolest… Deadwood! This historic town has a special meaning to us, it’s where we got married! I love to stroll the streets where we took our photos and visit our reception place, the Deadwood Mountain Grand. So much to see in Deadwood. I always want to check out every place, they’re all so old and neat!

And lastly as the day heated up, we took off to Pactola Lake and enjoyed some beautiful scenery and fresh cool water! All the smoke from the wildfires in Montana blocked some of the view, but it was still gorgeous!

Can’t wait to go back for a winter adventure!

San Diego!

January 28, 2017

We were due for a family vacation. After Napa and Bahamas with just John and I, it was time for the kids to experience a new place! While Zika is still freaking me out, we chose to stay in the US and decided on San Diego as a fun place for kids and great weather! Unfortunately, our 6 day vacation hit 4 days of the worst rain SoCal has seen in years : / Flooding and cold ridiculous weather, it was such a bummer. But the two days of sun that we did get were beyond fabulous!

Photo overload!

We stayed at the Omni La Costa resort, which was incredibly beautiful! I chose this place because they had amazing kids pools, slides, a splash park, and a Kidtopia kids club where we could put the kids while enjoying an adults only infinity edge pool. However, with the rain and 50 degree weather, we only used the hot tub a couple mornings. Such a bummer!!

Since the weather wasn’t cooperating for pool time, we got out and about every day with the kids! There is sooooo much to do in San Diego! The first day of sunshine we got we headed to the San Diego Zoo which was SO much fun, I am a total animal and zoo lover! Ivy and Leo were growling like all of the animals and had a blast seeing the gorillas and lion.

We ended the zoo a little early and headed to Mission Beach which was gorgeous! There were huge waves to watch and Ivy and Leo LOVED to stick their feet in the sand and water. It was Leo’s first time to the ocean so that was extra special!

Back to the rainy days : / We spent another day at Sea World. This wasn’t planned, but it was either the Kids Museum or braving it and hitting Sea World, so we decided to brave it! Ivy and Leo had a great time feeding the sea lions, seeing the aquariums, and watching all of the shows with the dolphins and killer whales.

Lastly, what I was looking forward to the most was DISNEYLAND! I realized we were only an hour away from Anaheim/Disneyland, so I said we HAVE to do Disney! I am a total kid inside still and I could NOT WAIT for Ivy to see the princesses that she loves! It was our last day and finally sunny and beautiful! Perfect for Disneyland! Ivy made sure to pack her princess dress and it was super cute! Everyone at Disney called her Queen Elsa all day, they make it so special and magical!

The very first thing we saw was Minnie! She was so excited! Leo ran away with terror, it was hilarious!

Ivy about FREAKED when we saw the castle!

And she also FREAKED seeing all of her favorite princesses!

They had a blast on the rides too!

Gah, it was so much fun. Regardless of the rain, it was great to get in some quality family time, especially with Daddy because we never get him full time!

While vacation doesn’t really feel like a vacation when you bring kids, the memories I see in the photos and will have forever are so worth it! Seeing Leo growl like a lion and dip his toes in the sand, and seeing Ivy totally in love with the Princesses are memories that we will love forever!