Break needed

February 18, 2014

We just had our President’s Day break and thankfully, I got Thursday-Monday off. Lots of time with Ivy! We went to Yankton for the weekend and enjoyed some serious relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered. 
IMG_4115Dad bought Ivy her life-vest for this summer! Lots of boating and time at the Lewis and Clark lake beaches!


Love this picture of us. Cozy be the fire


Let’s hope she turns her head like this when the boys try and kiss her too :)


Ummmmb, who’s really the baby here?


 K is for Koch!


Ultimate Frisbee in the Ergo. A tad difficult

In loving memory – February 17, we want to remember Rebecca Elizabeth Koch Sweeney who passed away of cancer in 2013. John and I were happy to be together as a family on this difficult day. We still think about you Becca, and wish you were still here. Miss you and love you.

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