Faye // 9 Months

March 13, 2018

Fay is 9 months old today! She’s getting to be a little ball of energy lately and I swear she might be as psycho as Ivy is at times! EEEK! We are going to have our work cut out for us keeping up with these two girls! They literally talk and giggle at each other at nights in their room until Faye eventually passes out. It’s the cutest thing. Happy 9 months Faye! You’re growing too fast right before our eyes!

This month is all the babble! She is saying “Da da” and “nigh nigh” and I’m trying so desperately to get her to say “Mama!” :) Love the babble phase and when they’re getting to know words. SO CUTE. Love hearing her voice.

She also popped another tooth! Her third one up top. Three on the bottom and three on the top now. Big girl! They’re coming in handy as she devours through everything I give her to eat! She literally INHALES spaghetti, and last night I made braised short ribs and I couldn’t even chop the meat up fast enough to feed her! Seriously, WHERE DOES THE FOOD GO? HOW DO YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR TINY BELLY. Always fathoms me! For little tiny babies they sure can eat! Or is it that they just don’t have an impulse to stop? Kind of like me sometimes when the meal is that delicious! Faye also loves yogurt, pancakes, eggs (which is amazing, Ivy and Leo HATE eggs!!!), peanut butter sandwiches, turkey, basically everything I give her. She’s still nursing 3-4 times a day, but is eating so much other food too!

Faye is pulling herself up on everything and is also walking around the table now. Just pops her head up to see what’s going on around her, so cute each time.

As far as sleeping, I finally decided to have her cry it out :( I really wasn’t minding going into her room once at night, it was peaceful and I loved to see her, plus, I liked that she would sleep in a little bit then! But, I was finally sick of the 4am feeding, so I had Ivy sleep with me last weekend when John was out of town, and Faye cried only for like 3 min the two nights in a row, and now hasn’t cried at all the last 2 nights! WHOOP! So that was not too heart-wrenching. Hate making them do that :(

Faye is into crinkling her nose right now and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. She’ll do it all the time, then smile! So adorable. She loves to giggle and be silly and is just the sweetest thing ever. Faye loves playtime and is always wanting Ivy and Leo’s toys, not her own!

She is getting obsessed with her blankie! I bought the same blankie that Ivy and Leo both have! I’ve had such good luck with it, and it washes so well and is soooo soft, that I got it for Faye too! Ha! Ivy ivory, Leo blue, Faye pink! I love how she’s started pulling the blankie up to her face when I lay her down to sleep, gah! ADORABLE. She also sucks her three fingers! Goodness, Leo all over again! : /

We love you sooooo much Faye! xoxo

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