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March 16, 2018

Easter is almost here! I’m hoping spring comes real soon! So windy and that chill in the air, ugh. I love when Easter is here with all the bright colors and pretty pastels! Perks me right up! And I’m in desperate need for some live flowers in my kitchen… tulips please!! :)

Yesterday, we browsed for what to wear to Easter mass for their Sunday best, and there are so many cute clothes out there! I cannot shop without Ivy. I used to, but I’d bring things home, things I thought she would like, and she would never wear them! I gave up, and now I always bring her with to shop, or I choose about 5 outfits or dresses online, then let her pick out her favorite. Ivy wants to match with Faye, so cute, and her favorite color is purple, so when I found this dress, I knew she would love it! Ivy is always so decisive, I’m envious, I have to look at like 29 different options before I pick one! She knew this one on the first look! They’ll be so cute together, can’t wait!

Here are some of our favorites for your kids’ Easter best! :)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 //

1 // This is from the new Sarah Jessica Parker line at Gap! Everything in her line is so cute!! I really wanted Ivy to pick this dress, but purple rules in her world! I love the bunny, birdie, and floral details and the hot pink is so pretty. Hope to see someone in this dress!!!

2 // Another from the SJP line, the sweater and embroidery detail is gorg! Perfect if it’s chilly!

3 // STUDVILLE for whichever boy pulls this off! :)

4 // Really wanted Faye to wear this adorable dress, but Ivy wanted her to match, and I actually did too. Close second!

5 // Tights are adorable! Perfect for under dresses.

6 // Gingham is too cool!

7 // Definitely have to have bunny ears! These glitter ones are pretty hip!

8 // Adorable little slippers for your wee one

– Here are some more of our favorites for Easter –
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Hope you have a Hoppy Easter!
Can’t wait to see everyone’s family pics!

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