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Faye // 9 Months

March 13, 2018

Fay is 9 months old today! She’s getting to be a little ball of energy lately and I swear she might be as psycho as Ivy is at times! EEEK! We are going to have our work cut out for us keeping up with these two girls! They literally talk and giggle at each other at nights in their room until Faye eventually passes out. It’s the cutest thing. Happy 9 months Faye! You’re growing too fast right before our eyes!

This month is all the babble! She is saying “Da da” and “nigh nigh” and I’m trying so desperately to get her to say “Mama!” :) Love the babble phase and when they’re getting to know words. SO CUTE. Love hearing her voice.

She also popped another tooth! Her third one up top. Three on the bottom and three on the top now. Big girl! They’re coming in handy as she devours through everything I give her to eat! She literally INHALES spaghetti, and last night I made braised short ribs and I couldn’t even chop the meat up fast enough to feed her! Seriously, WHERE DOES THE FOOD GO? HOW DO YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR TINY BELLY. Always fathoms me! For little tiny babies they sure can eat! Or is it that they just don’t have an impulse to stop? Kind of like me sometimes when the meal is that delicious! Faye also loves yogurt, pancakes, eggs (which is amazing, Ivy and Leo HATE eggs!!!), peanut butter sandwiches, turkey, basically everything I give her. She’s still nursing 3-4 times a day, but is eating so much other food too!

Faye is pulling herself up on everything and is also walking around the table now. Just pops her head up to see what’s going on around her, so cute each time.

As far as sleeping, I finally decided to have her cry it out :( I really wasn’t minding going into her room once at night, it was peaceful and I loved to see her, plus, I liked that she would sleep in a little bit then! But, I was finally sick of the 4am feeding, so I had Ivy sleep with me last weekend when John was out of town, and Faye cried only for like 3 min the two nights in a row, and now hasn’t cried at all the last 2 nights! WHOOP! So that was not too heart-wrenching. Hate making them do that :(

Faye is into crinkling her nose right now and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. She’ll do it all the time, then smile! So adorable. She loves to giggle and be silly and is just the sweetest thing ever. Faye loves playtime and is always wanting Ivy and Leo’s toys, not her own!

She is getting obsessed with her blankie! I bought the same blankie that Ivy and Leo both have! I’ve had such good luck with it, and it washes so well and is soooo soft, that I got it for Faye too! Ha! Ivy ivory, Leo blue, Faye pink! I love how she’s started pulling the blankie up to her face when I lay her down to sleep, gah! ADORABLE. She also sucks her three fingers! Goodness, Leo all over again! : /

We love you sooooo much Faye! xoxo

Faye // 8 Months

February 13, 2018

Faye is 8 months old!!! I just can’t handle it. After my last post (read here) all about having that one last baby to soak in all the last firsts, I’ve been super clingy to Faye! This Mom thing saps me up sometimes and I get so emotional about it all! Tearing up writing this post thinking how fast it has gone and what a big month of growing this was for Faye – crawling, pulling herself up, and clapping! All the Mom feels!!!!

Faye’s biggest accomplishment this month – CRAWLING!!! She basically sat up for, like, a week, then started crawling! Such a big girl! Already trying so hard to keep up with her sister and brother. She is EVERYWHERE already. Mostly ends up under the table for some reason, but can crawl her cute little tush everywhere.

She also pulls herself up on everything! This is one of my FAVORITE stages when you walk into their room and see them standing there in their crib waiting for you! For some reason that just makes me swoon each time! It’s so cute!

Faye also loves to clap! She started that this month too and it’s sooooo adorable. Her big chunky hands and wrists meeting together and her smiling and giggling. So cute!

She’s being such a good eater too – LOVES yogurt! Her favorite! I do baby led weaning, so she’s been eating whatever we eat. Still nursing but mostly she loves her food.

Faye sprouted two more teeth this month – so she has two on the top and three on the bottom. She can literally rip steak pieces out of the strip of steak I give her!

Still not quite sleeping 12 hours. She’ll have about one day a week where she will sleep from 630pm-630am, but otherwise, mostly makes it till 4am, nurses, then goes back to sleep. I don’t want her waking up Ivy! So I go in there to nurse, don’t know if I’ll ever be able to just make her cry it out!! #lastbaby

She also moved in with IVY!!! Woo hoo!! I finally got the courage (read that post here). It’s been going well. I wasn’t sure if Ivy was a hard sleeper or not so I was really nervous, but she’s toooootally a hard sleeper. She doesn’t move a muscle as Faye is crying at night, so that’s good!! Ivy loves to go in her crib in the mornings to play together, soooo cute!

Sweet Baby Faye! We love you so much and you bring us all so much joy!!! I want to go squeeze her right now while she naps!!! Totally obsessed with her!



February 11, 2018

Three kids was our magic number. Three wonderful kids. We’re so thankful for our children and it’s hard to admit we are done, but three is our biggest adventure.

John and I wavered between two and three for a long while. On one hand, we were very content with the two we had. We had fears of adding another – outnumbered, more money, harder to go anywhere, table of five, how do we even begin to fit in a car, more money, do I need to get a minivan, how the heck do we travel, did I mention more money??? ugh … so many fears pulling us backwards to stay at two. The older Leo got the easier it was to just keep the cruise control going from there.

On the other hand, we didn’t go into our pregnancy with our second child thinking this was our last. I didn’t savor the last little baby kicks I’d ever feel, or those baby hiccups rocking your belly, or the miraculous birthing experience to see what the body is fully capable of,  seeing your baby – the baby you and your husband created – for the first time, or the first sweet latch to make mama cry, or even the first gummy smile or adorable giggle that completely melts your heart. I needed to experience it all again knowing these were the last firsts.

We went for it, throwing our fears and wallets out the window and went for it. Three. We’d have three.

And I am so happy we did. Experiencing the pregnancy to really savor each and every moment was such a gift. I yearned for each ache and pain and kick and hiccup, knowing it was the last I’d ever feel. I yearned to have another birth story to share and compare. Mostly, I yearned for just one more baby, to smell the sweet newborn smell, to snuggle and cuddle and immerse my love in her fully and completely.

Knowing it was our last baby has even changed me as a mother. Really enjoying each cry or meltdown or hug or kiss has made me patient and 10x more loving (if that’s even possible) than with my other two. So much of taking care of babies for me was going through the motions, I never really liked the baby phase. I couldn’t wait till they were walking, more independent, talking, more personality… but here in this day, in each moment with Faye, I’m wishing she’d stay little, wishing for one more gummy grin, wishing for her to stop growing up so fast, cuddling her so sweet when she cries. It’s made me so aware of how fast time flies right by us. How did we even get to THREE? And now here I am, snuggling our last baby with every ounce of me given up to her.

So if you’re at all on the fence… do it (literally and figuratively). Going into a pregnancy (or adopting or whatever means to have a baby!!!) and having a baby KNOWING IT WILL BE YOUR LAST, was the best thing for my heart and soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul sh** right there). Like a gift from GOD each and every moment.

Three was our magic number.

Accepting Change

January 23, 2018

Finally. At 7 months and 10 days. Finally. Finally got Faye into Ivy’s room. Only took me what felt like a million years, I just couldn’t do it! Mustered up the courage after battling Ivy over her nap and just did it. Whew.

I am the kind of Mom that gets the baby out of our room as soon as possible, def not a co-sleeper. Ivy at 3 months, Leo at 2 months – they were shipped off across the hall faster than I could say goodnight into their own bedroom and into their crib. I was never good at having them next to me, it caused me to have restless sleep and I couldn’t tell my husband to ‘shhhhhhh’ anymore.

Faye, has totally gotten spoiled. I more so “followed the rules” with her (can you believe the new recommendation is to have your baby in your room for the first 12 months!?), sort of, I made it much farther than the other two! But that’s solely because Ivy and her were going to share a room. Something Ivy and I were totally excited about (all the future girl talk!!!), but also led me to be terrified as well. I consider myself pretty good at change, but when it comes to routines, I am a stickler! And getting Faye into Ivy’s room was going to disrupt everything.

Ivy has transitioned out of naps for the past few months, maybe takes one every once in a while, if I lay with her and make her close her eyes and sit still (I think I’ve said “close your eyes” like 5 thousand times). Even though she’s done with naps, I still make her take quiet time in her bed. So, my problem was, if Ivy takes quiet time and Faye is trying to sleep, that doesn’t work. Yeah, she could take quiet time in my bedroom, or downstairs, or wherever, ugh, at this point, I was just not accepting change. We were in a good routine.

Plus, Faye goes to bed for the night at 630, Ivy 7/730 if she doesn’t nap. Sneaking her in and not waking Faye up seemed impossible. Plus, Leo, Ivy, and I always read books in Ivy’s bed before naps and nighttime, so what then? I know there’s always other places in the house, but… total routine Mom!!!

Ivy was just begging to get Faye into her room since day one. I was totally stripping her of that fun time between her and her sister, sleepovers!!! But it all gave me so much anxiety… not reading a book in her bed, gave me anxiety, Leo getting ready for bed being loud with “smashing my trucks!!!” in his bedroom next door possibly waking up Faye, gave me anxiety. Faye waking up in the middle of the night or morning and waking Ivy up, gave me anxiety. Ivy waking up in the morning and waking Faye up, gave me anxiety. Ugh, basically it was everything I didn’t want to tackle and mess up. Not accepting change.

But ya know, what finally tripped my trigger, was Ivy not falling asleep for her nap yesterday when I knew she was totally exhausted and if I would have laid with her she would’ve fallen asleep in two seconds, but I didn’t want to lay with her… I wanted to work out on the treadmill, I needed to clean the kitchen after lunch,  I wanted to pick up from the morning… things to do. I finally just gave up and realized not everything goes my way, or ever will.

I try to control situations, all for (what I think is) the well-being of my family and protecting the kids. Call it “hyper parenting” (google that, eeek). Always wanting them to eat (“eat, eat eat, take a bit, eat, start eating, one more bite, one BIG bite, eat, eat” – literally a million times, ugh, def need to stop that), always wanting them to have good manners (“say please, say thank you, be nice, share, don’t do that, don’t hit”), always wanting them to get good sleep (“go to sleep, stay in your room, lay down, close your eyes, go to bed”) — thinking I know best about every situation (such a Mom thing!!!) and being totally nagging!

Well, good to just say “the heck with it” sometimes and march forward to a new beat. Change is scary, change is good, change is needed. Hoping over that barrier of anxiety and getting Faye into Ivy’s room will definitely rock our world for a while, but seeing Ivy sneak into the room last night with her flashlight, and hearing Ivy sing to Faye this morning through the monitor as they both woke up, were probably the two cutest things I’ve ever seen. And in those moments, I knew we would all be okay. Kids are so resilient, us parents need to remember to be too.

Faye // 7 Months

January 13, 2018

Faye is 7 months old today! She is such a bundle of joy and I pretty much just squeeze her all day! I could tooootally see how the baby of the family is spoiled… not speaking from experience or anything ;) I just love her so much!

Faye loves to play with toys! She is constantly grabbing at everything and playing with anything in sight. She is in that stage where she isn’t quite crawling, but is able to scoot her cute chubby butt all of the room. She was actually under our coffee table the other day, like, WHAT! Whoops! :) Another fact about the baby of the family, you tend to not have your eyes on them as often!

Faye hit the milestone of sitting and she also goes from laying to sitting. I love this stage where they just plomp their little tushes everywhere! She even started pulling herself up on things. Not all the way, but the girl is strong and gets herself up part way up the crib! I feel like she’ll start crawling any day! She rocks back and forth and scoots around everywhere. Even did the army crawl/downward dog position all this week!

Butt off the ground!

Faye LOVES to eat! She inhales any food  I give her, especially loves yogurt and avocado. We have done baby-led weaning with the other two kids and am doing it again. Thankfully she has an excellent pincer grip for picking up all the foods we give her that we eat too. She loves strips of steak to such the juices out! Even uses her bottom lil teethers to strip little pieces of steak off.

Still loves to suck her 3 fingers! Haha. Leo was a 2-finger sucker and now Faye is a 3-finger sucker! EEEEK! Love a self soother, but Leo still does it and he’s 2 and a half!

Faye is maaaaajorly teething this last week. She’s getting her two on top and one more on the bottom all at the same time. Tylenol all day err day a few days ago, poor little girl had a low-grade fever and wouldn’t let me put her down. The bottom one finally popped through today but the top one still won’t budge!

She’s still so curious about her siblings, always wanting to watch them and try to take their toys away from them. She’s almost always laughing at Leo because he always wants to make her laugh. Ivy is completely obsessed still and loves to hold her and read her books before naptime. Sibling bond is the best! So blessed with three healthy fun kids. We love you Faye, happy 7 seven months!