Farewell, summer! Hello, fall!

September 23, 2015

Photo by Kathleen E Photography

It’s hard to believe the summer has come to an end! I always say summer goes by too fast, and this year was no exception! It is definitely a summer to remember… we had Leo, ON my 31st birthday, June 8th! That kicked off a BUSY summer filled with lots of cuddles with him, adjusting to two kids, attempting to potty train, celebrating my sister’s baby, and spending almost every weekend at the cabin. I am always sad to see summer end. I’ll miss those hot summer nights, boating on the sun-kissed lake, basking in the glorious sun, swimming in the warm waters, staying up past our bedtime to soak in the sun, bonfires to the magnificent sunsets, and all of those messy popsicles dripping down Ivy’s face.

Indeed, this summer was one to remember!

Summer 1 Summer 2 Summer 3

So, farewell, summer… and HELLO fall! A season of pumpkins and sweaters! And that will create many fun memories to savor as well. Already can’t wait for Halloween!!

Oh and PS – today is the “autumnal equinox,” which is Latin for equal between day and night. It is one of the two periods of the year when the sun crosses the equator and the days and nights are in equal length all over the earth. It’s where the sun sets exactly 12 hours after it rises all over the world. Pretty cool huh?!

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