10 Things to Love about Leo

June 18, 2015


Today marks 10 MARVELOUS days with our little Leo. It was supposed to be my due date and I’m so thankful that we have already gotten to have 10 days with him!

I admit. I wasn’t a newborn lover with Ivy. I loved when she hit a few months old and started interacting, smiling, giggling, and being silly. The whole just eat, sleep, poop thing wasn’t my thang. But I will have to say, this time around, I am totally smitten. Maybe I was too paranoid or cautious with Ivy that I didn’t take time to just enjoy it, but this time, ahhhh, everything! I’m loving it! There were so many things I forgot I loved about a newborn and am really taking in this time. I know how fast it goes!

10 things to LOVE about Leo

1. His newborn smell. There’s something about it. While they cuddle close to you, they have that sweet new smell. Totally pure and real. I love it.

2. His soft skin and long fingers and toes. I just love running my fingers along his soft arms! I’d give anything for that non-sun torched skin again. And his adorable little fingers and toes! Gah! I love how he holds my finger. 

3. His baby hair. That bleach blonde little hair all over his body! Adorable! Ivy’s was pretty dark it was so funny, but Leo’s is bleach blonde. So cute!

4. How he loves to snuggle. Oh this boy is a cuuuuudddler! He loves to be held extra close and tight. And I have no problem with that :)

5. His noises. Oh my gosh the noises this kid makes! Hilarious! Grunts galore. I just die. He sounds like he’s an old stiff man sometimes!

6. How he looks like his Daddy. Everyone says he looks like John and I couldn’t be happier :) Handsome husband = handsome boy!

7. How alert he is. He’s already looking all over! I remember Ivy was always taking everything in and Leo is no different. I love how they seem so curious at such a baby age.

8. How he’s such a good sleeper and eater. He’s been so good at nights! I often have to wake him up to eat still, not bad for this Mommy! And with Ivy, I didn’t get to breast feed her right away or even for the first couple days because of the NICU, so with Leo, I was AMAZED to see him latch on within the first few minutes of life. It was spectacular. Human/animal instincts are incredible. And he hasn’t stopped! He’s a boy alright.

9. How he just takes his sister’s antics. Ivy is ALL over him! Kissing, staring, trying to hold him, it’s great. And he just takes it from her. Tough guy! I’m sure someday he’ll hold his own :)

10. His name. Ok ok, I didn’t LOVE the name before, but now that I’m saying it and calling him my little Leo, I’m obsessed.


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