Celebrating Baby Fleming and John’s 36th!

August 6, 2015


This past weekend we had a very special celebration, my sister Jillian’s BABY SHOWER! We are THRILLED for baby Fleming and cannot WAIT for her arrival, due September 16! John and I and Ivy and Leo all hopped on a plane and flew to Indianapolis. The flight went very well, both ways, thankfully, and we arrived in Indy just in time for a fab bbq with all of our family. My aunt Teresa from California came, my sister Catheryn from Portland, and my Mom all made the trip for the celebration.

Jillbabyshowerindy-1 Jillbabyshowerindy-2

Jillian and our Mama

Jillbabyshowerindy-4 Jillbabyshowerindy-5

Jillian and her husband Brian, the ecstatic father-to-be!

Saturday was the shower, and I got to host it along with one of Jillian’s best friends Georgianne and my other sister Catheryn. This was the floral invite we used, so gorgeous! We put together a wonderful shower for her and all of Jillian’s best friends and family were there to celebrate. Happy Shower Jillian!
Jillbabyshowerindy-8 Jillbabyshowerindy-16

The guests played bingo (cards from this Etsy shop) while she opened presents, and played b-a-b-y s-h-o-w-e-r acronym which was a ton of fun! Each bag, spelling baby shower, had a corresponding gift and the guests had to guess what item was in each bag. Loved it!

Jillbabyshowerindy-9 Jillbabyshowerindy-12

And our babies were very well taken care of by Auntie Teresa and Grandma Caleen while I hosted :) xoxo, lots of snuggles!

Jillbabyshowerindy-13 Jillbabyshowerindy-14 Jillbabyshowerindy-15DSC_0099

The shower was a big success and Jillian has the BEST of friends that gave her some amazing gifts. Great shower for sure! I was jealous of the Solly swaddles she received! I want them!

That evening we went to an event called Symphony on the Prairie and it was AMAZING. The music was a cover band for “Genesis,” Phil Collins’ old band. It was fabulous music, an amazing evening, delicious food, and we even had a sunset ride in a hot air balloon!

Jillbabyshowerindy-18 Jillbabyshowerindy-20

Leo and his double chin, SMOOCH

Jillbabyshowerindy-19 Jillbabyshowerindy-23Jillbabyshowerindy-26 Jillbabyshowerindy-27


On Sunday, it was John’s 36th BIRTHDAY! Us ladies went out for brunch while the guys hung out before everyone flew back home. We went to a fabulous farm to table restaurant called Traderspoint Creamery.



After brunch, John decided to do something “family friendly,” which is amazing that he’s come so far! When I met him all he had was beer and ketchup in his fridge, so this previous bachelor is accepting his family fate! :) Ha! So we hit up the Indianapolis Zoo, I LOVE ZOOS! Very fun!

Jillbabyshowerindy-34 Jillbabyshowerindy-31 Jillbabyshowerindy-32Happy 36th Birthday Johnny!! We love you!

And next time we visit, this adorable nursery will be filled with a beautiful baby! So close Jillian!


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