Leo // 3 months

September 8, 2015


Leo is THREE months old today! He’s getting to be so fun and interactive, I’m loving it! He smiles a ton whenever you make eye contact with him and coos to tell you he loves you! :) He still really loves to be held and wants to face out all of the time now so he doesn’t miss out on any of the action. Especially watching his obnoxious sister Ivy!

He has really started loving his hands and he likes to suck on his fingers and not on a pacifier, hehe, even if he’s just been fed! He is not even close to sleeping through the night (AHHH!!!), unlike his sister that was sleeping 12 hours already at three months. So we have some work to do! I’m convinced that he’s just a big growing boy and really wants to see his mommy at night :) I’ll just keep telling myself that…

Leo has the most beautiful blue-gray eyes right now and I’m hoping they stay that way! His blond hair is growing and it’s the cutest little fuzz on top of his head. He is getting stronger and stronger and loves to try to stand up and to lift his head up. He still has a strong grip and he’s doing better at holding toys.

We love you Leo!


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Leo and his fingers!!!

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