Friday Finds 9.11.15

September 11, 2015


Hello! This week FLEW by after Labor Day! First off, remembering 9/11 today… I still remember walking into my astronomy class my senior year of high school and seeing it on the screen. Where were you when it happened? Hats off to all of the people who served during that day and a moment of silence for all of the victims. Can’t believe it was 14 years ago.

Anyways! There’s so much to do this weekend! Sidewalk Arts Festival, German Fest, and John and I are ready to take our title back at the Bormann Olympics! It’s an outdoor games event that our friends put on that John and I have won for a few years! We didn’t play last year so we are ready to get in there and whoop some a**!

Have a good weekend!

Fashion Finds

Can’t wait to see Ivy wear this crown for her birthday!

These herringbone boots for men

7 things to buy for fall like this A-line skirt

Loving this combo for fall –  zig zag sweater and suede skirt

This is a pretty rad onesie for boys

Faux fur vest (this one or this one) for little girls, GAH <3

Links I Love

This groom just put every guy to shame with his lip sync vows

Food subscription services… have you tried one? I kind of want to

Big Sur on my bucket list

Ivy would love this blankie book

24 selfies of the week. Poor Adam Levine!

Stainless steel is out, copper is in

News on the Net

Honest Beauty launched on Thursday! Heck ya

I just really gotta get to Vegas for Brit Brit

Because I’m from South Dakota – Full Throttle Saloon burned down :(

9/11 – 14 year anniversary

Apple Pencil humor

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds 9.11.15

  1. Elizabeth

    Amazon mom has a subscribe and save that I use that for pantry staples like oatmeal and hubby’s protein powder. I also get stuff like diapers, wipes, stuff I use to make my lotions, vitamins, and dog supplies. Apparently I’ve been ‘in’ for a long time :). I’ve had copper cookware, stainless steal, and le cruset since we first got married 9 years ago. The local shop Plums cooking has some awesome high end cookware so we got them a piece at a time over the first few months we were married.

    1. Apple of My Ivy

      I love Amazon Mom! Love how the diapers show up right when needed! Lifesaver! I use Amazon prime a little too much probably :) I need some copper cookware! I loved the copper vase too. Plums is one of my favorite stores! DTSF has got some gems


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