Vegas! With Kids!

May 23, 2018

I am on a whole nother stratosphere of crazy with this trip! But, I managed Vegas and airports and flying with 3 kids! And they had a TON OF FUN. The pools were incredible, the sun was shining, and the naps weren’t happening! :) It was an experience for sure!

My sister had a conference in Vegas, so my other sister and her two kids and our Mom all decided to join her last minute and booked a trip to Vegas! My sister’s husband and my husband were both on the same bachelor party trips, so we were solo anyways! What fun to meet up in Vegas – book the tickets and worry about everything later, right?! Basically!! EEEK!

We stayed at the MGM Grand, which was a HUGE hotel! You would never really even need to leave there with all of the restaurants and entertainment. Which, we barely did leave! Was kind of nice. We somehow squeezed into my sister’s one room, 4 adults and 5 kids! EEEEK! There were NO other rooms available! With the Electric Daisy Carnival (fishnet tights EVERYWHERE!!! It actually looks pretty cool, kinda wishing we would have gone! Look at their Instagram!) and the Billboard Music Awards there on Sunday, everything was sold out! We had a little kids blow up mattress for Ivy and Alexandra each and two cribs for the babies, then Leo and I shared a bed with my Mom. We somehow all fit! But trying to deal with bedtimes and naps was a challenge! WHEW! There were all so exhausted they just passed out each night.

The MGM had AMAZING pools. Like, 6 of them! There was one large pool that was 6 inches deep all around, so that was perfect for the kids and Faye could just crawl around. The lazy river was long and the kids LOVED to swim that around and around. We pretty much just stayed at the pool for three days straight! We splurged on a cabana pod on the last day and Ivy and Leo even took their naps in it! WHICH WAS AMAZING! Faye was napping in her stroller and I had about 3 margaritas in peace and quiet! WHOOP! The kids LOVED the pools. I would go there again just to be at the pool all day!

One night we used Artsy Nannies Daycare and dropped the kids off for a dinner out at a French Bistro called Mon Ami Gabi. It was right in front of the fountains and a fun scenery and patio! Seafood platter, mmmmmm.

So many kids!!! 


Other than that, we ate at the hotel restaurants or food court each meal until the last night we ventured out on the strip! The strip is basically AWFUL with a stroller. SOOOO many people and escalators to go up and over streets and blah, it was tough. But, the kids loved to see the Strip and all the commotion, action, and flashing lights! We devoured burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace then passed out later from food coma and exhaustion!

We got up bright and early for our flight back to Sioux Falls and all 3 kids had 4 hour naps when we got home! INSANITY! I can tell they’re still exhausted!

So, Vegas was fun. Insane with kids. There really weren’t many other toddlers around. Maybe only 4-6 others at the pool. But there were hundreds of drunk twenty somethings, haha. I hear that Mandalay Bay is the place to go with kids! MGM was definitely a party hotel! I can’t say I would do Vegas again with toddlers due to dealing with nap, strollers, and early bedtimes. But the kids all rolled with everything pretty darn good I would say! Was definitely an experience! The kids would go back in a second though! :) Pools were life savers!


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