Leo turns THREE!

June 12, 2018

Leo man is THREE! What a young little boy he’s turned into! Can’t believe how much he’s grown up! So fun to share our birthdays together on June 8!! (yes we have the same birthday! Birth story here!)

Leo is ALL BOY!! Obsessed with trucks and cars! He has some sort of monster truck or construction vehicle in his hand at all times and sleeps with one too! He hardly shows interest in anything else BUT trucks! Especially ones that make noise! My Mom and Dad got him a Power Wheels truck that he has rode non-stop since his birthday!

He is a really sweet boy, he’s the first to say ‘thank you’ and can be such a sweet boy. But also at the same time can turn crazy too! If he wants something, he wants it NOW, and he makes his mind up about something in an instant! He can be stubborn but I love his little spark :)

He of COURSE had to have a Monster Truck cake! :)

Cake by Bakologie

He grew up so much this year! Leo got potty trained AND moved into a big boy bed this year! Getting to be such a little man. He talks and talks and talks and loves to laugh at himself and make others laugh. He reeeeeeally loves to make Faye laugh, super cute! He also had his first year of preschool at Kids Day Out at Memorial Lutheran! Go Leo! Learned so much!

He still loves his blankie, sucks his two fingers to sleep, and is finally almost done having his hands down his pants as comfort too!!! AHHHHH! We literally had to tell him and threaten him we would cut it off if he kept touching it, haha, and it worked!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Leo! You’re on heck of a little kid and we love you so much! Here he is at birth, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years!

My buddy, xoxo




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