Leo’s Big Boy Bed!

April 16, 2018

Leo has really hit some milestones these past couple months! First potty trained (whoop!!) and now a big boy bed! And an almost three year old (June 8 – we share birthdays!)! Our little man is really growing up!

He has never complained about his crib, nor tried to escape. He is perfectly happy at bedtime each night and really, he just lays in there waking up a bit before calling for us to come get him. I think he really loved his crib, oooor, actually, the kid just really loves to sleep – he still takes 2.5 – 3.5 hour naps and still goes to bed between 7:30-8pm! Amazing. So needless to say, I haven’t even thought up switching up to a big boy bed. But goodness gracious, the kid is almost three, he’s potty trained, and it felt kind of weird putting him in a crib lately, haha! Therefore, time to upgrade!

I knew it had to be trucks. The kid is OBSESSED. So when I saw the Crate and Kids (old Land of Nod – switched over to their mother brand Crate and Barrel) construction bedding, I knew it was a must-have! I was so excited to get him something I knew he would LOVE. We went with the whole set, the sheets, quilt and shams, and throw pillows. So perfect!

Leo had a white crib before, but I looked around his room and he had a lot of black and black metal decor, we even had a black metal nightstand already (similar here), so I decided to go with black instead of white.  I found a perfect black metal bed to match at Target! We went with a full size since his room is pretty big and won’t have to share. Boy sleepovers! :) Haha

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Leo is TOTALLY loving it! He FREAKED when we surprised him with the bed! He had to go through and name all the trucks on the bed, he knew them all! Sometimes he even wants to sleep on the bulldozer pillow, haha. Not sure how that is comfortable! But okay! :)

Plus, on Saturdays we let Ivy spend the night in there with him, and they love it! So cute. He looks so teeny in that bed! He doesn’t move an inch, just like in his crib. And he hasn’t tried to get out or anything, thankfully a smooth transition.

Such a good boy :) The kid sure loves his sleep! Love ya Leo!



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