April 22, 2018

Circus time!!!! I LOVE the Circus! The wild animals, the sloppy snow cones, the sticky (yet delicious) cotton candy, the death-defying acts, the crazy clowns, and all the flashing lights! It’s so much fun. Brings back such memories of being a kid and I love every second of it! This was the best year yet. All the acts were amazing!

Not sure Leo likes the clowns (haha), but Ivy does!!! :)

Leo CRACKS me up. He is so shy, or maybe scared, about these clowns! Too funny. Big tough spiderman then scared of the clowns! lol! Ivy is rockin’ it. She HAD to wear her Frozen dress because she knew she wanted frozen face paint! Too cute.

Gimme all the snow cones and cotton candy! Ivy had three snow cones! My gosh! That’s what happens when Grandma comes with, haha! Spoiled!

Ivy and Leo rode the horses during the intermission and were smiling and giggling the whole time! I’m still waiting for when they want to ride the Elephants! That’s WAY cooler! Each year they always say the horses! Either way, they loved to look at the camels and elephants! So cool to see the big animals.

See ya next year Circus!!!



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