Faye // 10 Months

April 13, 2018

Faye is 10 months old! Double digits! EEEEK! She had a well-check today and she is 21 lbs 4 oz (85th%), 29 inches long (87%), and head is 95%! Wowza!

She’s got so much personality and spunk lately. I love this age! She is so much fun right now and is a total goober with her weird noises! Ha!

Faye is E-VERY-WHERE. In to this, in to that, pulling this out, pulling that out… all over the place. She is a curious little rascal! :) She now opens cabinets too so no hiding anything! Ugh I remember this phase! LOL.

Faye has all sorts of tricks. She learned how to wave this month! It’s so cute how her fingers just move, no wrist action, haha. She can say nigh nigh, dada, mama, and dog, or “da” haha. She still growls all the time, it’s totally how she communicates and so weird! But so cute!

She really loves her walker. She’s been cruising on it all month and the little peg legs at first just get me! Now she’s good at it and all over the place! And also such a fast crawler! She walks along everything.

Faye loves to eat just about anything and I totally wish she’d stay like this! Ivy is so picky!! She LOVES spaghetti and yogurt and shovels really anything into her mouth. Still nursing just 3 times a day, morning when she wakes at 7am, at nap at 1, then bedtime at 6:45pm. Eats so much table food in between there! Almost done nursing, yes! Bittersweet, I guess. But I am looking forward to fully having my body back to myself!

She’s constantly getting wrestled with, squished, pushed, nudged, hugged, kissed, and loved on by all of us. Ivy and her are always playing. Ivy treats her like a little rag doll, wrestles and rolls around on the ground with her. Even picks her up and carries her around somehow. They talk together in the mornings when they wake up and it’s sooo cute. Love their girly sister bond!

Happy 10 months Faye Ophelia! We love you!





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