Filling the Easter Baskets

March 24, 2016

The Easter bunny has hopped right over to our house and filled Ivy and Leo’s baskets! So much fun putting them together :) I had lots of ideas of what to get and ended up going totally random this year. I decided to shop local at our fabulous toy store in town, Child’s Play Toys, and support the small business. Ivy is obsessed with the toy store! She loves to go down there and play with all the toys everywhere! We also wandered over to Unglued (which is a totally rad store filled with regionally made items, like a local Etsy almost!) to pick Ivy out a hair bow (she HAD to have the cupcake one!!) and Leo a toy from Seedling toys, which are made in our very own Sioux Falls! Seriously talented people here! So it made out to be a fun shopping trip for us! The only thing not from a small business are the water cups – of course from Target ;) #becauseTarget

Ivy’s Easter Basket

bought at Unglued – cupcake hair bow // pink hair bow // felt ball necklace // bought at Child’s Play Toys but linked to Amazon – jump rope // markers (here or here) // hair brush // lamb pez // lamb // ice cream cone lip gloss // Target – water cup //

Kinda went with a lamb theme with Ivy’s basket. She carried that lamb around the whole time at the store, over all the bunnies! So I had to get it :) I’m pretty excited to give Ivy that jump rope! We have some older neighbor friends and she was trying to jump rope with them the other day and it was HILARIOUS! She’s definitely too small for it, but it’ll be fun to see her try :) Also, she’s totally into lip stuff right now AND ice cream, so ice cream lip stuff, cha-ching! Hairbrush – girl is getting some serious bed head lately! She will have fun combing her own with this yummy scented one. And the Pez – I can see her carrying that around for the next week. She is a candy-a-holic :)

Leo’s Easter Basket

bought at Unglued – rattle // bought at Child’s Play Toys but linked to Amazon – bunny // truck // musical egg // fox wobble toy // wiggle book // Target – water cup

Favorite – the wobble toy!! So cool! The wooden rattle is awesome also, and handmade right here in our hometown :) Leo loves anything that makes noise, so that egg shaker will be perfect for him. And the Wiggle book, he’ll have fun sticking his finger in there! Lastly, time for some boy toys around here, HONK HONK blue truck!!

Leo’s basket // Ivy’s basket

Leo the egg burglar!!!

Scored this gorgeous peony table runner! It’ll be lovely setting up for Easter!

And I’m SO excited for Ivy to wear this dress for Easter Sunday. It is from The Patchery (blog post about the brand here), which is a super cool brand where you can design your own clothes, then they make it for you! AMAZING! Ivy and I had tons of fun mixing and matching to create her ultimate dress. She loved when it arrived in the mail! And I could hardly take it off of her at night, then she asked for it on again in the morning, haha! So proud of her design skillzzzz :)

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