Easter Basket Goodies

March 17, 2016

Last year I had so much fun filling cute Easter baskets with a bunch of fun goodies for my little bunny Ivy. This year, Leo gets to join in the fun and so I have to think of some boy items too!

I always love to pick out a good book that goes along with the holiday so Ivy and Leo learn about the holiday and all of the traditions that go along with it. Last year we read Llama Llama Easter Egg, and she’s still loving it now. She’s obsessed with the Llama books! I think a pair of pajamas is fun too! Ivy would die over these Princess bunny pjs! And these bunny pjs are hip for Leo too. I love getting them an Easter bunny stuffed animal too!

I am anxious for the Easter Egg hunt too this year! I’m going to fill some of the eggs with a hairbow for Ivy, she’ll FLIP when she opens it! These, these, and these, are adorable.

Oh and LOOK AT THESE BUNNY DRESSES!! I wish they weren’t all sold out! : / Bummer!

Easter Basket2

Girl – bunny dress up kit // bunny headband // glitter crayons // water bottle // bunny // wooden doll // book // rain boots // toothbrush // bunny plate // pink bunny toy //

Boy – bunny // bunny rattle // chalk // book // race car // rain boots // teether // sippy cup // blue bunny toy // sunglasses // toothbrush

 More ideas for filling the Easter basket are play-doh, fun shoes for Spring like these in pink and navy, nail polish, stickers, sand play toys, and of course, bubbles!!! We can’t get enough bubbles around here in the summer. Hope this has given you a little inspiration!

And Target has some really cute festive Easter baskets and eggs. They’re so trendy and cool now! Those plastic eggs have come a long ways! :)

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