Shop Spotlight: The Patchery

March 10, 2016


I am SO glad I found The Patchery. This company is brilliant. It’s for all of us folks that wish we knew how to sew so we could be cool and sew our own clothes, but we’re not, so we end up buying them from somewhere that’s cooler than us. INSERT The Patchery. This is a company based out of Minneapolis (Midwest love!!), where you can design your kids’ own clothes, then they make it for you! Brilliant!


There are so many different clothing items to make! Several different kinds of pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, one-pieces, hats… the list goes on! There are tons of different styles to match whatever you like. My favorite is the romper jumpsuit for the boy (exactly what Leo is wearing) and the pleats and pockets dress for the girl! Ivy is wearing the Kimono dress.


Right now, they have five different fabric collections ranging from 6-9 different fabrics in each collection. My favorite is the “Revive Remix!” It’s springy and fresh and so cute! There are tons of choices to mix and match fabrics from each collection to suit your personal taste. And the fabric is SO soft!



Hehe, Leo’s ear :)Patch(9of31)

 AND! They’re getting ready to launch a new collection of fabrics for the Spring on March 20! The little piggys are so cute!!    

Leo and Ivy are both wearing clothes from the new collection. Aren’t they cute! I love the color on Leo, it looked so good on him!


And it totally matched Ivy’s green eyes! It was perfect for her. Patch(28of31)

I couldn’t wait to try designing something for the kids! I chose to make the pleats and pockets dress for Ivy! She loved that it has pockets because she usually has to carry some small toy or bow around with her :) We chose the “Revive Remix” fabric collection that has six different fabrics. And then we let the fun begin! You can mix and match fabrics ALL over the dress! From the collar, to the front and back, to the sleeves and even the sleeve bands…It was mix and match heaven. Ivy had so much fun choosing what went where. She was a little cray cray, but I kind of honed her in to make the dress kind of cute ;) I can’t wait to get it!


And don’t worry. There are idea starters to help you if you want some inspiration!

Patch(14of31) It takes about 3 weeks to create your masterpiece. I am so anxious to get it! It should be here in time for Easter :)

So go fulfill your designing side and get to work on The Patchery!

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