Leo’s Birth Announcement

August 5, 2015


For Leo’s birth announcement, I wanted to go with a clean and crisp black and white look. When I found this one on Minted, I was so pumped! Exactly what I was looking for! It is called the “Urban Baby” birth announcement (view other ones here) and then I changed the font for the Leo John Koch. I really like how the black and white turned out. Especially when I’m usually such a color fanatic! And Minted has free recipient addressing and you can pick a cool design to go on your envelope, saves me a ton of time! Just import your addresses.

My little Leo… looking so sweet and teeny xoxo


Minted is my favorite for anything stationary, we always get our Christmas cards from there each year. They also have a ton of other baby and kids products, such as totally awesome nursery art, fun custom wrapping paper, and a bunch of cool customizable back to school essentials like labels for your kids and a lot of other great items! I even bought fabric from Minted to upholster chairs in Ivy’s playroom. So they have a ton of items, my favorite! And I’m a total stationary lover.

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