Weekend Shenanigans

April 20, 2015

This weekend was full of parties and events! It seems that way lately, each weekend we have had has been so busy! Lots of fun with friends and kids for Ivy to play with.

Friday was so nice out! One last day before the cold came again, these 50’s are killin’ me! We met Grandma Keating (my mom) at the park for an hour before our dinner date with Dadda.

April18Weekend-12 April18Weekend-13

Weekend mornings are the best. I LOVE when Ivy wakes up and we go in to see her. She’s always so happy in the mornings and so damn cute with her bed head and holding on to her blankie or stuffed animal. The best is that she gets to STAY in her pjs! We all do! No rushing into our clothes to get to work! I LOVE keeping her in her pjs, so cuddly :)


We decided to head downtown for breakfast and coffee, or tea for me. I love our downtown! I like just being able to walk around and see the sights. We headed to Pappy’s, a new cafe and eatery for some delicious yogurt, breakfast, and coffee. Major props to their food and yogurt! SOOO good! Gourmet ingredients, yum! Then we I just HAD to have Josiah’s carmel roll, so we ventured a couple blocks to our next stop. Ivy says “walk, walk.” We can’t even hold her anymore! And she’s started RUNNING so this girl is a force to be reckoned with.

Downtown stroll

Our downtown has some really neat old historic features and the bridge is one of the coolest. Ivy strutted her stuff like she owned the place! Ivy in the City, there’s a show…

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I love this mural along the river too. Ivy made sure to point out the circles and sun! She loved all of the colors. This girl is getting so smart!

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After downtown, Ivy had Zoo Cub class so we headed out to the zoo. These classes are great! The class features a different sound each time and focuses on animals that make that sound. This time was “squeak” and they got to pet a live chinchilla! So hilarious! They also read a book, painted a zebra, and went to visit the monkeys.

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We continued with the zoo and had to go see the goats. I’ve been trying to get Ivy to be brave enough to feed the goats herself! She always makes me hold her arm up and put the food in her hand! Too scared still! Well this time after a little bit of that, she got brave enough to do it herself and she was HILARIOUS! I swear she was showing off for Dad. She had so much fun and I was just dying laughing. PROUD MOM MOMENT! You go girl! And she always likes to go on the camel, sooo… :)


Saturday night we had a Diapers and Keg party to attend for our friends. These are so much fun! It’s the second one we have been to and I love them. What a good idea for a couples party and we all know how many diapers you use! Might as well throw a party to get some. I was missing out on the keg, but Ivy was quite interested. That’s the Koch in her! EEEEK! She was obvs quite observant with how to work one! Thankfully, she never pushed it all the way down :) But she did enjoy drinking water out of her little shot glass. I mean, perfect size for her!!! Ha.

April18Weekend-33  April18Weekend-32

I still managed to use a red solo cup. I felt like I was in college again. Except with a goofy kid who kept giving herself hugs and kisses in the mirror : / WTF.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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