Pineapple Crush

April 19, 2015

Ok, so who else is totally into the tropical prints and pineapple trend right now? Have you seen Freshly Picked’s spring tropics line? THOSE BANANA BACKPACKS! And pineapples?! MMM, juicy, sweet, and delicious. CRAVING. The pineapple was big last summer and now this spring it’s all sorts of tropical fruits and prints. But the pineapple is still EVERYWHERE I look! Besides that it’s my favorite fruit and a symbol of hospitality and friendship (apparently… who knew?!), there are so many fun items out there! I’m jumping on this bandwagon trend and found some funky pineapple items to share. I am loving this trend! And I could really use a pina colada… anybody else?!

Pinapple Passion

hair clips // sunglasses //bag // girl’s swimsuit // towel // flip flops // boy’s swimsuit // cup // ice tray // facial scrub // phone case // girl’s tank // pink romper // overalls // good times tee // flats // women’s tank

I got Ivy that swimsuit and it’s SO cute on her! I love the little ruffles! Those hair clips would be darling with it. I can just see us sitting on that towel at the beach sipping on a virgin pina colada with that pineapple cup! I think she would have a lot of fun with that straw. I LOVE this pineapple bustier swimsuit top too. Super cute! I don’t dare buy anything like that until these pregnancy boobs have tamed down though! As if! It’s hard enough having a huge belly! Ugh! Moving on from the TMI…that Kiehl’s facial scrub has GOT to be amazing, isn’t everything Kiehl’s! Pineapple papaya?! Aya be buyin’! Tropical, fruity, invigorating… BOOM. Oh and for me, I am into this turquoise tropical print crop top – love those hibiscus flowers! Still diggin’ crop tops and a long tank with a baby belly! Who else is hopping on this trend?!

< Check out other fun pineapple items on my pinterest board >

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Who’s ready for the beach?!?! Swimsuit from Child’s Play Toys

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