Earth-friendly baby products

April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! Time to bring out your inner hippie tree-hugging self and join the party on earth-friendly baby products! Every mom wants what’s best for her baby, and for some women that means going green with products that are natural or organic. I hopped on this train and love some of the eco-conscious products that help out our earth by using natural ingredients. This way, I know they’re safe for my baby and my home. Here are various Earth-friendly  products that you should give a try on this lovely Earth Day! Help ensure a greener, happier future for our planet and our babies!

Earth Friendly Baby Products

LotionBurt’s Bees Calming, Aveeno Baby, Honest

DiaperErbaviva diaper cream, Zoe Organics diaper balm, Honest Diapers, Honest Wipes

MamaHonest nipple cream, Earth Mama Baby Angel nipple butter, Zoe Organics belly butter, Zoe Organics belly oil, Earth Mama Baby Angel stretch oil

CleaningDapple bottle and dish soap, Honest hand sanitizer, Babyganics surface spray

BathEarth Friendly Baby calming lavender bubble bath, Honest shampoo and body wash, Honest bubble bath, Johnson’s body wash, Aveeno shampoo and body wash

LaundryBabyganics stain remover, Babyganics detergent

 – These brands have TONS of other items! Check them out! –

Brand Websites – Zoe Organics, Babyganics, Honest Company, Dapple, Burt’s Bees Baby, Aveeno Baby, Earth Mama Baby Angel, Erbaviva, Earth Friendly Baby, Johnson’s Baby

Burt’s Bees – Earth Day Special! For every order placed on their site, they are planting a tree!

– Other sites to visit –

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Earth Day: 4 Eco-Friendly Celebrity Moms


image via Zoe Organics

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