Ivy // 18 months

April 1, 2015

Weekend March 28-15A year and a half. Ivy is a year and a half. Inhaaaaale, exhaaaaale, big sigh. Am I really to the point where I can start calling her by the half years instead of months?! EEEEK! No no no, I’m still going to say 18 months because that sounds younger than a year and a half and I’m just not ready to go there. Ivy is 18 months, not a year and a half… well, you get my point.

This month has been some big changes! She’s starting to say “poo poo” and “pee pee” and even makes tooting noises already! Grandma Emmie has put her on the toilet a few times, HILARIOUS! I haven’t read a thing about potty training, but she is definitely showing signs! Could she really be on her way out of diapers before baby brother gets here in June?! Wouldn’t THAT be awesome! I bought her the Boon Smart Potty in turquoise. I like that it’s smaller and there are a ton of fun colors! It is hilarious! I think she could catch on pretty quick to this whole potty training thing because she already tells us poo poo when she’s gone or has to go most of the time. I’m already grossed out by cleaning out the potty though! YUCK. I guess not much different than a diaper, but for some reason it seems grosser to me! Let’s hope I don’t gag from this superwoman sense thing I have going on with my pregnancy. Anyways, I’m quite excited for this challenge! I’ve already searched some fun underwear, look at these, these, and these… GAH! I can’t imagine her running around in underwear! I’m sure I’m months away from that, but it is fun to imagine – no more diaper butt! I can see her real cute little big booty! (Oh come on! Baby butts are cute!) So ya, potty training has begun – send any tips my way! EEEEE!

Ivy 18 months-21-min

Also, she is now opening doors. Oh boy. My mom caught her in the garage today in her wagon after lunch! WHAT! She loves going outside so I’m getting a little worried she is just going to wander off to the neighbors to go on their slide or god knows where! Might need to start locking EVERYTHING! It’s begun… she’s already sneaking out #busted

She is such a big girl eating now! She is awesome at using her spoon! I got here these Oxo utensils, the spoon is nice and big for her to shovel the food in. Still working on the fork, but she’s getting it! Ivy loves to eat Kix in the morning, she begs for milk in it, but she won’t drink it at the end, or ever in fact, ugh, so weird. So she depends on water and some juices. I keep trying with the milk, but she just doesn’t like it. To keep up with her calcium I give her a yogurt or two everyday, she looooooves yogurt. Also, she’s in to having a sippy cup of water at night lately, I guess I would get thirsty if I was sleeping 12 hours too! Blessed with that! Let’s hope brother is the same :|

Ivy is loving the outdoors and going outside each day. I LOVE that she loves to be outside! We will have so much fun all summer with the nice weather and being at the lake and our cabin. I can’t wait for walks along the lake together this summer with baby boy!

Ivy 18 months-32-min

Got her some new kicks yesterday, these Merrell’s and these mary janes. I still had her in 4’s and she was a 5.5! OOOPS! She grows so fast!

Ivy 18 months-30-min

Still loving on baby “brotha.” I just love how she says it… hehehe. She is terrorizing his room nightly, going in and out of the crib, the bassinet, and the rocker. All over the place!

Ivy is a M A N I A C.

Ivy 18 months-24-min

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