Baby Gender Awaits!

January 10, 2017

Really excited about today! We had our ultrasound and everything went spectacular! Baby is healthy and all good so that is a HUGE relief! Heart rate was 144, baby weighed 11oz, and was moving around a ton during the entire ultrasound. Super cute!

I am 19 weeks and 2 days and have been feeling the baby kick a lot lately! That’s the best part, love those lil jabs. It was so nice to see the baby and know that everything is going well. Huge relief. Still amazes me that us humans make these little babies! INSANE!

I have NO idea what the baby might be! This pregnancy has been exactly like Ivy and Leo’s, so I’ve had three exact same pregnancies! So weird! I thought for sure this one would be different. So with already having a boy and a girl and again having the same pregnancy, I have no clue what it will be! My mind wants to say girl, but I can’t quite spit that out, so maybe it will be a boy. Either way, very excited to know which lucky sibling will have a mini me! It’s currently sitting in an envelope on our counter just STARING AT ME!

With Ivy, we found out right in the ultrasound room and that was super boring, with Leo we had them put it in an envelope and John and I opened it later in the day (see his reveal here). We then had family over to celebrate so that was quite fun! Now with baby three, John and I are going to again put it in an envelope and open it together during our dinner date. I’m excited to freak out with excitement together about the gender, chat about the baby, and talk names with just us two and no kids to bother us! :)

Stay tuned for GENDER DETAILS! EEEEEK! Who is going to get a little mini me, sister Ivy or brother Leo?!?! Can’t wait! And so thankful for a healthy baby!



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