11 months

September 1, 2014

Ivy is 11 months old today. 1 month away from 1 year! Craaaazy. It’s all gone by so fast! But this month, her personality is shining, and she is the funnest little squirt to be around.

This month, she is getting soo close to walking! She is a pro at her walker, but she just won’t. let. go. of it! John always says, “she’s not an adrenaline junkie,” and he’s right with this whole walking thing. It’s just a matter of time until she lets go, stands on her own, and takes those first steps. It seems so funny to imagine this little teeny tiny person walking around our house. Haha, it will be fun to see. I can’t wait to witness it all!

Ivy is talking away! If she’s anything like her Dad, she will be a talker! She says mama, dada, and is trying hard to say cat and dog. It’s more like “ca,” and “da.” But it’s the cutest thing!

Another thing she loves right now, is READING. This makes me happy! She LOVES books and she is obsessed with crawling on the arm of the rocking chair and picking which book she wants to read off of the cart. It is so funny, she’s like a little monkey! Right now, she is loving her counting ducks book. She tries to say “duck,” it’s so darn cute.

Ivy is also obsessed with her blanket. OBSESSED.  It’s really cute. She likes to rub the soft blankie on her face. It’s so adorable.

This month she also had her first dentist appointment! Hilarious! She has 7 teeth now so we want to start with the brushing and dental hygiene. She loves to chew on her toothbrush! :) Ha

Just a month away until your birthday, little baby. This month better go by slow because I am not ready for you to be 1!!!

XOXO,                                                                                                                                                   Mommy

Ivy 11 months-67Ivy 11 months-70
Ivy 11 months-79 Ivy 11 months-78 Ivy 11 months-53 Ivy 11 months-29

loves to read

Ivy 11 months-32

loves her blankie

Ivy 11 months-26

Ivy 11 months-25

cheeks xoxo

Ivy 11 months-18

loves being on the boat and staring at the waves

Ivy 11 months-8

first dentist appointment!

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