Ok, Pinterest, lay off the pressure

August 26, 2014

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I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. On one side, it’s a lifesaver. I planned our entire wedding on there. Creating various boards about everything (literally, everything) wedding, from flowers, to stationary, to deserts, to dresses, to style, to hair, to beauty. There really IS everything on Pinterest. It made me feel this excitement and ambition that I could be a DIY bride. I could do this. The pins made it look so easy! DIY chalkboards, DIY burlap banners, DIY wedding signs, yada yada yada. Just type in DIY rustic wedding and you get about a million trillion pins. Ideas galore. I am not a DIY type person and I have about 1% creative ability, but Pinterest made me feel like I could do it.

I could DO IT.

And I did.

I created the rustic wedding of our dreams! We had a DIY rustic wedding. And it was fun. I felt creative, which I NEVER do. I copied peoples ideas and made them into my own. I LOVED Pinterest. It was my lifesaver and it became my obsession. All of a sudden, I was pinning EVERYTHING. There was an overwhelming amount of rustic wedding ideas out there. Each new pin I saw, I was like, “Oh, I want that at my wedding too, I want that, I want that.” (I know you’ve felt that too!!) Like, really. I had a million projects to do and every which one was something different. But I loved everything. And I had to have everything. I couldn’t stop. I basically married Pinterest. Basically.


Holy crap. Ivy turns 1 on October 1st. I haven’t even barely thought about the party! (Or her turning 1, because let’s be honest, that isn’t REALLY happening, is it?) Of course, I turn to Pinterest to plan, typing in, “girl 1st birthday.” OH MY GOSH. The ideas. The millions of ideas! And the millions of amazing and perfect parties that I envy. So, on the other side of my love/hate relationship, I have problems with Pinterest. I immediately felt an overwhelming amount of pressure. Pressure to be the Mom with a totally amazing and perfect birthday party. Pressure to be the Mom that did everything DIY for the party. Pressure to be creative. Pressure to plan. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. WHHHHHY, Pinterest, must you do this to us?! I’m pleaing! For all of us DIY wannabes and no-creative-ability mommas, can’t I like uncheck a box that says, “omit DIY stuff.” Am I right, or am I right?! I just don’t have time for this! I only want Pinterest to show me where on Etsy can I buy the decorations I need and then bada-bing. That’s it.

And that’s what I did.

I pinned some party ideas that sparked my interest (NO DIY) and went straight to Etsy to search. In about 30 minutes, I found and bought what I needed and moved on. Party done. So in a way, I thank you Pinterest, for giving me ideas and leads to the decorations and first birthday party glamour I was looking for. But on the other hand, shame on you Pinterest (now I really sound like a Mom), for making us Mommas with no time on our hands and no creative ability to feel this pressure. Feel like we aren’t as good as the other DIY mommas. Feel like we have to channel our 1% creative ability and have a DIY party or some super decorated party and make those fooffy tissue paper pom poms (like, how?). Feel like we just really aren’t that good.

But we are. Damnit.

We are just as good. Even though I purchased every single item for her birthday and didn’t put an ounce of love or sweat into it myself, it will be a spectacular 1st birthday party indeed. And perhaps people might ask, “Did you make this? How did you do that?!” And I will chuckle at the idea that they actually thought I created this and proudly say,”Nope, I bought it.” And really, does that matter? Does that make me less of a Mom?

Hell no.

My baby girl is getting a pink and gold (golden birthday, whoop whoop!) party and I can’t wait for her to wear her Little Blue Olive crown (that I bought) and shove that Sugar’s Baked Goods and Sweet Treats vanilla bean cake (that I bought) in her face and take pictures with the Studio Mucci and Pelemele decorations (that I bought) and post them all over the place. Because, for goodness sakes, buying is just as good as doing! So lay off the pressure next time Pinterest. And make a damn “Omit DIY” button, just to make me feel better.

Thank you.


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