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Under the Stairs Dress Up Playroom

March 5, 2017

So excited to share this room! It’s been a really fun project – channeling my inner princess and making this as pink and girly girl as possible! I’m pretty jealous of Ivy on this, what little girl wouldn’t want her own little area for dress up and play! Pretty happy to utilize an area much better than storing junk in it!

This vision all started out one day as I opened this storage room door in the playroom downstairs to get out a baby pillow and bassinet. I then realized WHAT THE HELL is even in this room?! After recognizing that it’s all “junk,” I hauled it out to the garage and put it in my garage sale pile that’s seriously daunting, and started thinking of some inspiration… the fun part!

I thought about how much Ivy LOVES to dress up, but how much I HATE to clean it all up! I have all of her dress up clothes just in a big canvas storage bin, and she pulls out every single one until she finds the exact one she wants, which results in clothes ALL OVER THE PLACE. It bothers me every time! While she does pick them up, it’s still such a mess during the process. DING DING DING! I thought, how nice would it be to have all the dresses and costumes hanging up?! Immediately I knew, THAT is what I want this room to be! A place for Ivy to be her own little princess and dress up and put on pretend makeup and play and dream and sing Frozen “Let it Go” out loud! Her own little princess dress-up playroom. Ahhhh :)

I knew it had to be as girly as possible. Lots of pink and purple, her favorite colors! I took off the door because I thought a curtain would be really fun! And much more cute! She loves to keep it shut so “no boys” can get in, eh eh, Leo, even though he goes in there with her all the time! The curtain is really fun though, plus taking it off added more room for the mirror.

Next, I purchased a piece of wood from Home Depot cut to the size I needed along with pink and fuchsia glitter spray paint. I also purchased enough double hooks for all of her pretty dresses and costumes! I spray painted the wood pink and the hooks pink with the purple fuschia over it.

I thankfully already had the table (it’s a storage bench without the storage bins) and stools already, then I purchased this perfectly fitting storage organizer with these bins to hold essentials for dress up such as shoes, wands, purses, and crowns, of course :)

I also bought this mirror and spray painted it the same pink to go over the table so she can see herself dressing up and putting on her little girl makeup. I already had these pink and teal feather hooks and used them to hang her necklaces.

tiny bow wall decals

Furthermore, I had this cart and used these bins to organize her headbands, lip glosses, nail polishes, perfume (pretty sure I had those bottles since high school!!), hair brushes, dolls, etc. I keep finding new things in there everytime she’s in there!

Princess makeup kit

Princess mini lip gloss and nail polish

Lastly, I knew I needed a large mirror so she could see her whole dressed up princess self! I found this one on Craigslist for $20, so that was awesome! There’s also a super cute mini princess mirror that fits too! I used command strips to hang everything. They’re so easy! Pink garland I already had from her room to add a touch of pink, rug (similar here) I also already had, and voila!

princess mirror

Ivy is absolutely loving it! She goes down there to play all the time, by herself even! So that is amazing :) Plus the hooks are sooooo much better than the bin or hanging them by hangers! She can actually do it by herself and it’s so easy to take them on and off. Overall, now it’s just another play area, but organized! For now… :) haha

always wear your invisible crown wall art



Ikea Latt Table hack

January 20, 2015

Ikea Latt Hack copy

I browsed and browsed for the perfect children’s table for the playroom. I of course wanted this Land of Nod table because I’m obsessed with Land of Nod, but could not get myself to pay that price, then also have to buy the chairs. I also found this KidKraft table that was white and had four fun bright colored chairs that came with it, but I didn’t LOVE the chair colors. Well then I found the Ikea Latt children’s table and BINGO. For $20 for the table and two chairs, I knew I could work with this. And there are a TON of ways to spruce up the table (just google “Ikea Latt hack”).

I found two online tutorials (here and here) that provided my lack of DIY talent just enough confidence to try this out on my own – to paint the table white and add seat cushions. I couldn’t wait to get started!

Here is the table before – I actually debated on not doing anything to it once I saw it together! It really matched her kitchen nicely, buuuut, I decided to go for it and paint it white.

Playroom-1 Playroom-5

Let’s get started painting!

Playroom-6 Playroom-7


Playroom-12 Playroom-22

Much better :)

Next, I wanted to add the seat cushions. I bought the fabric from Minted – they have a ton of really cute ones, it was so hard to decide! I eventually went with this handdrawn scalloped fabric in the blue and pink. I love it!


Again, follow these tutorials to get the cushions on, they are really helpful and easy to follow (here and here)

Playroom-13 Playroom-14 Playroom-16Playroom-19 Playroom-20Playroom-21

Ta da!


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Playroom Reveal

January 18, 2015

Our toy situation in our living room was getting O U T OF H A N D. We have a great basement and I knew eventually I would want to turn it into a playroom. The time has come, and I couldn’t wait to put it all together!

Playroom-8 Playroom-30Playroom-31 Playroom-32 Playroom-33 Playroom-35Playroom-28 Playroom-27 Playroom-29 Playroom-56Overall, I’m LOVING having all of the toys in one spot. Especially for the big ones! I kept a couple baskets, one of books and one of a few toys, in our living room, and Ivy is having fun going back and forth between the two. Most of all, we love the kitchen! I have fun in there too :)

Playroom Furniture

1// Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Charlize rug

2// Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Circle Dot rug

3// Land of Nod Teepee

4// KidKraft Uptown Kitchen

5// Ikea Latt Children’s Table – I painted this table white and added seat cushions, stay tuned for the DIY!

6// Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit

7// Ikea Drona Storage Box – These are LARGE. Very nice for a ton of toys

8// Ikea Stuva Bench – I also have the Ikea Mala paper roll – this will be a perfect art table when she starts drawing. It’s a great size. Instead of using this as a bench, you can also input the Stuva Storage Bench if you want to use it as a toy box. And there is even a cute Vissla bench pad that sits on it. Lots of options with this bench!

9// Ikea Mammut Stool – obsessed with this. It’s very light and easy for Ivy to carry around from her bench to the kids table. And I love the color!

Other Decorations:

(I dislike our wall color in our basement so I tried to hide it with some cute wall decals instead of painting the entire basement)

— The Lovely Wall bunting banner wall decals

— Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow gold dot wall decals

— Urban Outfitters Walls Need Love paisley birds on a wire wall decals

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